One of Suzzy's costars found the talisman, knows her secret, and is subtly using it to turn Sue into Suzzy permanently

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Marvel Mind Control
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Amanda Hall was an attractive late twenties young woman. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was of average height and on the slim side in build. Her breasts were a little on the large side, but that had turned out to be a plus for her current career. Once upon a time she had wanted to be a pyschiatrist, she'd even gone to college to earn a degree, but she needed money to pay for the school. She'd taken an offer to do some porn in order to pay for her schooling. She had in fact been a terrific student top of her year and on the path to graduating with honors. That is until another student, who happened to be a sorority snob, had found out about how she was paying for school and decided to report her to the administration. The school had quietly asked her to leave before she had her degree and also made sure she couldn't transfer her credits to another school. This left her no other options for her future other than the porn films she had been participating in to pay for her schooling. She was kind of bitter about the way the school and others treated her, oh she was never really interested in revenge on either the school or the little twit that reported her though she would be lying if she said it didn't influence her current actions.

She absently played with the little figurine in the palm of her hand. Such a insignificant looking thing, yet it was the key to her current amusement. A few months ago she had been working on yet another film, this one by a hack of a director who claimed this project was going to be big. He'd brought in a new talent that he claimed was a look alike of a well known heroine, Susan Richards. At least that is what he told everyone on set. Amanda had the fortune of being assigned to help the woman with her makeup so spent more time looking at her up close and personal and also spoken with her enough to notice the upper class accent and vocabulary showing . Being trained to analyze behaviour she had realized he woman really was Susan Richards and further was under some kind of mind control. Fearing a villain was hiding around and the rest of the Fantastic Four would burst in sometime and not wanting to get caught in the crossfire she hadn't done anything about it until a few weeks later when the director died and Suzzy seemed to shake off the mind control.

She'd eavesdropped on the meeting between Suzzy and the films producer Megan and gotten confirmation that she was right about Susan being the real deal and under mind control. She also heard Megan's argument that she couldn't afford to not make this movie and would try to enfore the contract Susan had signed. While it likely that Susan could win a court case, if nothing else the Richards had the money to outlast the film producer, even going to court over this would be a scandal of immense proportions.

Knowing that the old director had been the one controling her Amanda had searched his old office before all his stuff was thrown out. Given what it did you would think that the little talisman would be in a safe or some other hiding place to keep it safe yet Amanda had found it in a desk drawer. Though it had a lock she had picked it with a paperclip as it was a little cheap model. Once she had the talisman she at first hadn't known what to do with it. Until she had the idea of turning Mrs. Susan Storm Richards into a porn star.

It would be a perfect way to show that just because you did porn didn't make you something to scrape off the bottom of your shoe. She would turn Susan Richards into a porn star and whether she would reveal that to the world she would leave up to Sue herself. She used the talisman to direct Sue to come up with a disguise and negotiate with Megan to do more than one movie in return for destroying the film where she was identifiable and also the old contract. She was absolutely amazed with the disquise that Sue came up with. Although she had nothing to do with the 5 films deal Amanda was pleased at the outcome. She would turn Susan into Suzzy for real. She started with having Suzzy acquire real ID and a background for Suzanne Sanford, aka Suzzy Sapphire. If anyone did a background check on her they would get results back as if she had always existed. She even had Suzzy open a bank account to deposit her pay from the films and file taxes listing her job as actress, she'd laughed her seld silly over that one. Suzzy even invested her money responisbly for retirement.

She directed Suzzy in ways that made her friends on set, the control talisman was very helpful with this type of subtle control. The idiot director had been so hamfisted with the thing. It was really amazingly subtle in the the method of control, if you didn't do anything outside of normal the person wouldn't even realize that they were under control due to the human minds ability to rationalize things. For instance if you directed a person to get a drink of water, there mind would rationalize the action as their having been thirsty, the same with food. The same with sex the person would simply rationalize they were horny, the problem came if for example they were married and they cheated on their spouse to obey the control. They would seek to know why they cheated. Sudden drastic changes would make the person suspicious of their own behaviour. As long as she kept the changes to Suzzy small and gradually built things up she should be fine. And so that is what she did. For behaviour she built upon Susan Richards well known generosity and helpfulness. Directing her to always volunteer to help others out and so Suzzy made a name for herself as a helpful person on set, always willing ot lend a hand with setting up lighting or props. She'd almost laughed herself sick early in the filming of Suzzy's second film when the actress 'volunteered' to take one of the fluffers positions for a week while the girl was out sick. The sight of the disguised heroine on her knees before the well hung porn actor using her mouth and hands to keep the actor 'up' for his job had broken through her control, thankfully she had passed it off as a coughing fit and went off to get some water to clear her throat (and laugh).

It was also during the filming of the second movie that a noticeable change came over Susan in that she started enjoying her work as Suzzy. It showed in the quality of her work as well in that her third movie was actually nominated for several awards. The change was even more apparent to Amanda since had a method of monitoring Suzzy. Towards the end of the filming of the first movie Amanda had realized that she needed a method of monitoring Suzzy's behaviour closely to know what changes to direct with her control. She hit upon the idea of having Suzzy keep a diary (and regularly update it) and further to prevent her family from discovery of it she kept it in her dressing room at the studio. She further directed her where to hide it so that she didn't have to look through the entire room for the thing. Amanda routinely checked it to see how Suzzy was doing and if she needed any new orders.

As she continued to play with the little figurine she idly wondered if Suzzy would win any of those awards at the AVN awards she was attending that night. She only had two more movies to make after which she would be free of the contract with Megan. At least that is what Suzzy thought, in reality Amanda had every intention of having her sign a new contract after the present one ended. Maybe she should see about including more clauses for appearances and merchandising in this one. Possibly set up a website for her? Oh well she had plenty of time to think over Suzzy's future. Afterall she still hadn't made a decision about whether to change Susan permanently into Suzzy. Part of her thought it would be amusing to have her undergo surgery to make her really Suzzy and wear the disguise to pretend to be the old Susan Richards.

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