Huge Big Breasted PornStar

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter Susan is alone in the Baxter Building

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As Susan stepped from the perception filter she was a changed woman. Hair that was once shoulder length golden blond had transformed to a thick curly mane of platinum blond that hung half-way down her back. The face that had once seemed holsome now seemed to scream sinful delights topped off with luscious lips that begged to be kissed. The sky blue eyes seemed to have been exchanged for sapphires that sparkled with . The body this face now topped looked as if it was designed for a porn star, which indeed it had been, featuring an F-cup rack which Sue liked to refer to as the Fantastic Rack in her more whimsical moments. Below those moutainous breasts was a slim waist flaring out to curvy wide hips and a nicely padded ass atop long and well toned legs enhanced beyond perfection by a pair of platfrom high heels. Said sinful body was currently wrapped in a red low cut gown with a slit up the side so high that it was questionable if she could wear underwear without it showing.

A quick glance into a mirror to check her appearance showed Sue not the form of the Invisible Woman Susan Richards but the well known porn star Suzzy Sapphire, as she carefully checked her appearance she briefly recalled the events that lead her to living this second secret life. It had started almost two years ago that some shady porn director somehow got hold of one of puppetmasters little talismans of control and taken control of her. The sleaze had been very careful in picking a time when the rest of the Fantastic Four were away from Earth. He'd wanted her to star in one of his films and had used puppetmasters talisman to get her to sign a contract to make the film and then started making the film. Halfway through filming the low budget cliche ridden script the stupid bastard decided to sample Sue for himself and had a heart attack mid orgasm.

Sue thought she would be free but hadn't counted on the talisman control still effecting her with previously given orders, those orders being to make the porn film. Sue talked to the films producer who was an ex-porn actress herself and while she was sympathetic to Sue's problem she was in the hole financially and her studio such as it was needed this film to be a success to stay in business and keep her people employed. She stated she was prepared to legally force Sue to complete her contracted job regardless of why she signed the contract. Sue knew she couldn't fight a legal battle, it would be just as scandalous as the releasing of the porn movie. She worried and fretted for the next several days until she had her brain storm. She remembered one of Reed's inventions that could help her. A way to make a fool proof disguise that would enable her to star in a porn film and no one recognize her.

The producer was skeptical at first and to be honest the biggest draw for this film was that it would star the famous Susan Richards. But after seeing Sue's porn form she was open to negotiations. She agreed to hand over to Sue all existing film of her and the old contract in return for a new contract to star in five films produced by her company (of course the handover would be after Sue finished her part). Sue had attempted to argue it down from 5, but was forced to concede that the extras were to make up for the lost filming, which was going to put the company further in the hole, and also not being able to use Susan Richards name but rather an unknown actress called Suzzy Sapphire. Susan set up a new identity as Suzanne Sanford, aka Suzzy Sapphire and signed the new contract. She later learned that the five movies also included sub clauses for photo shoots, interviews and other appearances to promote the films.

The weird thing was that part way into filming the second movie on her contract Susan realized that she really enjoyed the work she did as Suzzy. Oh it bothered her at first to be cheating on her husband but after awhile it just became a part of her job. A job she enjoyed because it gave her a chance to be creative and for the first time in her life she was being acknowledged for something alone, not as a member of a team or family. During the second film she really got into working to make the film the best it could be. Susan contributed more time to helping with scenes and even lent the production some of Reed's minor inventions to help with special effects.

None of her family knew of her secret life of course, though she had almost laughed herself sick when she found one of her movies in Johnny's room. Thankfully the guys assumed the dificulty she had talking was fury instead of humor. She hurried off to be alone before she broke down laughing.

Finished checking her appearance in the mirror Suzzy picked up her purse and made her way to the secret elevator that would take her to the emergency tunnel that came out a few blocks over from the Baxter Building in an alley. From there the car she had arranged would meet her and take her to the AVN awards. She had been nominated for her last movie(number 3 of the 5 contracted).

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