The cop takes her up on her offer

by secondchance
Storyline Wonder Woman: Vice Becomes Her
Previous Chapter Dina fights her compulsions, but the more she works the more she becomes the loyal hooker Tina demands

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Dina/Wonder Woman's mind raced with conflicting thoughts. After performing over 30 tricks, her body was like an furnace of lust. Every erogenous zone burned with deeply carnal desire and the more sex she got, the more she wanted. The whore looked over the tasty treat before her and even though he was a cop, there was no doubt he couldn't resist her.  As her wandering eyes looked the horny man over, she noticed the wedding ring on his hand and the heroine inside thought in horror "No, I didn't mean to seduce a policeman... a MARRIED policeman!  I'm a heroine! I can't do this!!"

The trapped heroine's mind echoed with the deeply sexy laughter of her own voice as Dina's thoughts replied "You WERE a heroine, bitch.  Now WE are one fine assed, super slutty, wicked proud ho!" Dina pulled the beat cop into a passionate embrace and heroine within swooned in erotic delight.  As the cop freely explored the former Amazon Champion's body, Dina's mental musing continued "MMMMMM, that's right babe. It's so fuckin' good bein' bad and we're soooo... nasty fuckin' sluts, right?  You always knew that no man could fuck us without becomin' obedient sex puppies... Unless they had damn near superhuman will.  This pig ain't no Batman so his ass'll be ours! Our first friend on the force to introduce us to other cops we can fuck into submission. Maybe he'll led us to DAs and judges too. Won't that be nice so we can do what we want to do, were MEANT to do, without the slightest interference?" What was left of the heroine was too lost in the tidal wave of lusty pleasure to respond, but it didn't matter... That part of the ho would soon be lost and gone forever.

As Dina slowly pulled back from the kiss, she guided her prey into an alley. Before he knew it, they were deep enough in that no one would see them from the street. As the cop opened his eyes he was greeted with the vision of the hot slut popping her EE sized tits out in the evening air.  Her perfect nipples stood proudly at attention as his delighted hands reached for her heavenly globes.  Dina cooed in devilish delight "Come on, baby, you know you want to play with my fun bags. Give them a good feel.  Massage 'em, squeeze 'em, lick 'em, kiss 'em, motorboat 'em... Their ready to play, hon!"

As the cop took full advantage of the offered treasures, deep within the slut, a heroine screamed! Poor Diana's trapped mind reeled with the pounding assault of lust and pleasure to the point that she couldn't tell if the scream was of unbridled erotic rapture or of soul shredding horror but one thing was certain; it was definitely driven from the deepest passions of her soul. She looked at the already sex addled man as he lovingly worshipped her huge perfect tits and smiled. It felt so good to make someone that tried to push her around into a mewling addict for her attentions.  As his hand  moved from her glorious ass to her sopping wet pussy she chuckled to her self "That's it baby, take us to the promised land.  Put that nice married cock where it belongs... In my very rentable cunt! Make yourself my sex slave. From now on, I'll be gettin' more of your paychecks than your family!"
 As her new lover hastily undid his pants, the heroine within Dina was shocked to full attention.  Those last thoughts were her's, not the false personality Mistress Tina had imposed!  She was a hair's width from becoming Dina for real and, much as she fought it, the Amazon princess *wanted* to be Dina more than anything she had ever imagined! Still she had responsibilities and duties that must be upheld. That is what snapped her back this one last time. In a herculean effort, the slutty Amazon pushed the cop away before he could put his throbbing dick in her.
 The horny man rebounded of the wall like a rag doll.  He starred daggers at the vixen before him as he growled "What the fuck, bitch?" It took all Wonder Woman's will to keep the Dina personality at bay as she stood there against the wall with her hands on her hips.  The cop looked her over as if he was looking for weakness as he drank in the vixen's erotic visage.  Her 6" stilettos pushed her ass and tits out so much that the pose was far more erotic than threatening.  Her expression still wore the sizzling hot look of her deep erotic need as she smiled seductively at the man.  As he looked at her huge glorious boobs proudly exposed before him, his anger quickly faded and as he looked her gorgeous body over he noticed the slut's own cum starting to run down her leg.  She wanted him as badly as he wanted her but then why did she push him away?  Suddenly it dawned on him and knew what he had to do.  He quickly pulled his wallet out of his pocket as he rose and declared "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I shouldn't have tried to take advantage.  I get it... On pay, no play!  Here, I have $200.  Take it.  Take anything, but I need to fuck you.  Please..."

Dina laughed as she took the money and spread her legs for her new regular customer. As he plunged his hard cock deeply into her heavenly pussy she gave the man the fuck of a lifetime.  After all, it was her rebirth day and she needed to celebrate.  The heroine was now fully the immoral whore she wanted so badly to be and she couldn't be happier.  Bless Mistress Tina for showing her the way!

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