Dina fights her compulsions, but the more she works the more she becomes the loyal hooker Tina demands

by secondchance
Storyline Wonder Woman: Vice Becomes Her
Previous Chapter Tina Tells It Like It Is

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The woman in the salon chair was a powder keg of giddy energy as Derrick, the primer stylist of the Glory Drive, prepared to unveil his latest masterpiece. Already her makeup painted the picture of a ferally seductive vixen on the prowl while her fetish-wear black leather corset pushed up her extraordinary breasts into an awe inspiring rack with cavernous cleavage and lovely areolae peaking sexily above the deeply plunging neckline.  Her red leather micro miniskirt covered her delightfully curved ass, if nothing else, while her delightfully unladylike open kneed sitting position showed her uncovered and now very rentable pussy with the brazen pride of a sleazy whore. As Derrick unveiled the alluring cascade of alternating platinum and black curls of her glorious mane, Dina D cooed with delight "Oh, FUCK yeah, baby! Now. THAT'S how a fine piece of FUCKMEAT outta look!"

As Tina chuckled behind her, Dina and Derrick reveled in the tramp's new look but that wasn't the only person there.  Deep inside Dina, an Amazon raged! Gone were her values and morals.  So too was her elegant speech and regal demeanor.  Wonder Woman was forced by her own lasso to truly be the raunchy ho that Tina had forced on her, but still she hung on to her rage and used the deeply burning fire to keep the last shreds of her identity together. This small part of the former heroine's soul was her last chance at escape and if it faltered then the heroine would be lost forever!

Dina D wasn't sure what commands Tina had used after her captor put her to sleep, but it was clear that she had done at least one thing that no one before her had thought to do.  Tina had ordered the Amazon to react to her as if she were the Golden Lasso itself.  The bitch's voice and touch had the same affect on Dina as being firmly rapped in the lasso itself now.  Wonder Woman felt her now twisted delight as she turned to her stylist when he boasted "Now your a grade A Wonder Whore, bitch and I bet you love it, don't you Dina?"

It fueled the heroine's ire as Dina responded in genuine delight "Sure thing, stud!  You did a great job putting some hot slut on this hooker's bod."  She rubbed the man's crotch invitingly as she continued "You ready for your tip, baby?"

Derrick held up a $1 bill as he replied "Oh HELL yeah, slut, but I'll just take a heavy discount.  I want it real clear that I'm the great Wonder Woman's first trick.  Now get to your knee's, bitch and start sucking!"

Much to Wonder Woman's chagrin, Dina gladly took the dollar and stuffed in in the waist of her tight miniskirt as she promptly dropped to her knees to undo her client's zipper.  As the long hard cock entered her eager mouth, Wonder Woman thought "It's happening... I accepted money for sex. I'm a prostitute now!"  An orgasm shook her to her core as she began blowing the stylist in earnest. An irresistible feeling of giddy delight pushed the building lustful passion higher and higher as she thought "Gods, I never knew it could feel so... wonderful! No.. its forced... artificial!"  Deep inside she could tell where the lasso born compulsions ended and her own desires began and while how she got here was forced by the lasso, her enjoyment was purely a reaction to sex without shame.  As humiliating as it was, the heroine had to admit that a deeply repressed part of her actually was enjoying this.

As Dina/Wonder Woman pleasured the stylist, Tina lassoed him and purred "Remember the deal Derrick.  You will never speak or even think of Wonder Woman's transformation.  In fact you can't even remember what heroine she use to be.  From now on, it is purely the pleasure of being Dina D's first trick that you will brag about.  That and I am now your silent partner but as long as you keep sending me 10% of your take we will be all good, right baby?"

Derrick growled, more due to the royal reaming the ho was giving him than any issue with being lassoed "Yeah, got it.  I'll always know but never be able to let anyone else know, not even in my thoughts. It's so worth it!"

As Tina put her lasso away, Jonah, another stylist came it.  Dina, true to her new character, began wiggling her ass excitedly at the presence of another potential client.  The sexy she-pimp cooed "You're just in time stud.  Looks like my new girl is ready for a two way.  Twenty bucks gets your cock up her fine twat... What do ya say, sport?"

With the Amazon's sweet pussy in sight, it was a no brainer what he choose and soon Dina's second john was pounding her pussy for all he was worth.  The Amazon could feel Derrick tense up, but she only pulled he dick head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it until he popped his cork.  How sticky cum filled the Amazon's mouth almost quicker than she could swallow but she was surprised at how much she really loved the flavor the man's spunk and dick in her mouth.  In a fluid motion, the rookie slut turned to face Johan she grabbed Derrick's cock and jammed it up her ass.  Dina cooed "Ohhh, so... GOOD!" and, God help her, Diana had to agree, but still she hung on to her anger. The two hair dressers fucked the willing whore for a good 10 minutes until the finally had to release their seed deep in her hot holes.  When they were done, they took a picture of the delighted strumpet with her arms around them and her first dollar held high.

Wonder Woman's head was spinning with conflicting emotions as she struggled to hang onto her anger and focus. After that glorious fuckfest, it was clear that she would not be able to hold out for long working the street, but she still had hope. This was a heavily policed area. If she could get arrested, then she would be locked up.  A couple weeks off the street would be enough for her to break the lasso's spell on her and allow her to escape but it had to be soon; before she committed to this life and even removing the effects of the lasso might be academic. Tina slapped her bitch's ass and purred "OK, Dina, go make us some money!  Lets see some of that heroine 'protect and serve'... Protect my interests and serve anyone that will pay you, got it?"

Dina smiled wickedly as she cooed back "Yes m'am, Mistress Tina.  Time to pedal my fine ass."  With that, Dina began her shift.  It was 4:00 and she worked that neighborhood like she owned it.  She scored four to six johns and hour and each trick felt better and better.  By 8:00, she had almost forgot her plan and that little part of her that remained a heroine was barely a glimmer of a thought, but it was still there.

She was actually disappointed when she finally heard a man growl from behind her "Let me guess, you're waiting for a bus to a costume party... dressed like a hooker, right?" The hot tramp turned to see a large man in blues of the city's finest impatiently waiting for a response, but before she could reply his jaw dropped in shock and he said "Holy shit! Now you're the best looking girl on the street here babe.  Almost a shame to throw ya in the clink."

Dina strode sexily toward him as she smiled invitingly. This was her chance. All it would take was a wise crack or even a soft punch to his gut to be carted off and the more she thought about what he said, the more she found the conviction to act.  As she got close to the clearly aroused man she purred "Baby, why don't you let Dina show you how good a girl she really is."  She ran a hand down his rapidly hardening crotch as she continued "I surely do love a man in blue!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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