The Guard hasn't forgotten her gesture of rebellion

by TBLardmaster
Storyline Prison for Meta-Powered Women
Previous Chapter Supey discovers more capabilities of her control collar

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As he spoke, two the guard's colleagues unclasped her wrists from her shackles. With these now taking all of her newly increased weight, the former maiden of might instantly toppled forward; overbalancing against her drastically raised centre of gravity, her hobbled ankles failed to arrest her fall and she emanated a falling tree. She flung her arms in front of herself to try to soften her landing, but to absolutely no avail; her numbed arms could have barely slowed her original form, let alone her new one. Her mighty cantaloupes took her fall weight, squishing with a mighty crash against the rough floor. Her super-sensitized teats were tormented both with the impact, and with renewed unwelcome contact. She howled in distress and renewed pain.

Her tormenters, laughing at her distress, promptly released her ankle cuffs and continued to goad her.
"Aw, is the mighty SuperBimbo finding it all a bit too much?" chuckled the chief. "Does she need a little nap?"

Outraged as much by their sneers as her predicament, Supergirl determined that whatever else she did, she was going to make them regret freeing her from her shackles. By a force of will that she wasn't sure that she still possessed, she managed to climb on to her knees, scraping and inflaming her ridiculous funbags in the process. Leaning heavily on the wall, inch by hesitant and painful inch, sweat pouring from pores that she didn't know existed,  she wobbled to her feet, her chest swinging unfettered as she did so, creating sensations, that she didn't dare countenance.

How she longed to grab them and soothe them somehow! If only she had her powers! Shrinking them back to normal size and sensitivity would be just he first step of setting right all that was wrong in this place. But for now that was just a pipe-dream. For now, she could only play with the cards that she had been dealt.

And gloriously and ridiculously, she ignored the swollen mounds of pain and pleasure that were now her constant companions, hesitantly put her enfeebled hands on each of naked hips, straightened her back as far as her top-heavy form now could, and tried to remember what it was to be a heroine.

"C-come on then", she gasped painfully. "Give it your best shot, worms. Whatever you've done to me, I can still make you may. Come on, are none of you man enough for me?" Even Supergirl realised by now that speed was not her advantage; her abomination of a body simply would not allow her any sudden movements; but if this time they were stupid enough to come at her one at a time, just maybe she might be able to make the first one regret it. If only they didn't use those stun batons, she new how agonizing they could be, and she now had tempting new targets that she couldn't begin to protect.

"Oh, SuperBarbie, how stupid do you think we are?" the chief smirked again. "I can give you a perfectly good shot from here!"

With a click of his remote her accursed collar activated once again. Desperately she tried to cover the distance, to try grab the controller that meant she could no longer control her own body let alone her own destiny. She made barely two stuttering steps, this time her transformation was even more aggressive than before; she would have her needed her full gamut of powers just to keep upright.

Betrayed once more by her own body, two flesh-coloured space hoppers the weight of medicine balls hurtled into the ground, her exhausted frame following them a fraction of a second later. A cacophony on agonies! She helplessly howled in despair, it just wasn't fair!  

She tried with all she had to raise herself once again but this time there was no denying it - Supergirl couldn't get up! She could still just reach the floor with her arms, but any attempt at pushing herself up was completely out of the question. Straining with all she had, with both knees locked in place and her hands gaining the best grip she could manage, she could just about manage to raise one lift one of her breasts at a time; but only for a few millimetres and a fraction of a second, and the other one one remained firmly in place.

Never had Supergirl been so helpless. Stripped to her birthday suit in the depths of a brutal prison whose regime had removed all of the powers on which she had come to rely; now they had deformed her so horrifically that she could not even stand. Who knew what humiliations would be inflicted on her next?

And meanwhile the guards just watched and snickered.
And the prisoners watched and impatiently awaited their turn.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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