Sue sticks to stripping...for now

by CJ
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Marvel Corruption
Previous Chapter Suzanne's next job for Ralph.

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Sue quickly got control over herself knowing that to stop dancing would draw attention to her. Sue continued her dance on the top of the coffee table with only a minor falter in her step. She was uncomfortable about the drugs and sex, but firmly reminded herself that she had seen drug deals at the club several times and hadn't done anything about it. She was Suzanne the stripper; not Susan Richards the Invisible Woman tonight. The sex was a little harder to ignore, sure she was aware several of the other dancers at the club supplemented their income with 'side business' as they called it, but it was never as in her face as tonight.

She had experience from the club turning down drug offers and knew it wouldn't really be a problem not to indulge. Usually the person reacted with a view that you didn't know what you were missing and it meant more for them so it was all good. On that front she was more worried about possible police raids of the party, but figured she would just use the plan she had developed for if anything like that happened at the club which was to use the confusion and go invisible.

She was a lot more worried about the sex, it wasn't as easy to turn someone down without offense as it was with the drugs. And if someone got really insistant and she was forced to use her powers it could be a lot of trouble for her. She absently continued her dance routine; now down to just her skimpy panties and half-cup bra as she bent to thrust her ass out before straighting up while running her hands up her flat abs to cup her breasts. She quickly thought up a plan and as she started to teasingly take off the bra she called out that she needed to visit the lady's room before hopping off the table and strutting towards where she knew the bathroom was. She all but danced across the floor pausing several times to allow men to get in a grope as she rubbed up against them. Normally she would never act like this but she knew very well that men didn't react very well when you tried to end the party abruptly on them. A little groping and a promise of being back soon meant no one tried to stop her.

As she walked by the hall table she grabbed her large purse that she had brought for this job. Not much in it except for some makeup, her Suzanne phone, fake ID for Suzanne and some money for emergency cab fare if necessary.

Once inside the bathroom she locked the door and pulled out her phone. She found Ralph in her contacts and hit dial. She heard the ring twice before Ralph picked up. "Suzanne???....are you done already, it's kind of early isn't it." Ralph's voice questioned as it came from the tiny speaker. "What kind of party did you send me to Ralph. There is coke all over the place and the other dancers are turning tricks at the party. You told me that this would be a clean party...." Sue sharply spoke into the phone trying not to raise her voice.

"What!...woah, woah I was assured it was a clean party, Fluff Daddy G wanted to throw an impromtu celebration over signing the new record deal with Star Entertainment, I don't know anything about any coke or the dancers giving extras." Ralph quickly spit out.

"Well there is coke and at least one dancer was giving a blowjob before I got away to make this call." Suzanne explained a little less sharply.

"It might be best for you to get out of there, if the police raid the place it would be very bad. I haven't spent the payment yet, we can just give them a refund and apologies that their party went outside your boundaries." Sue felt a surge of pleasure and gratitude that Ralph was looking out for her interests and not just making a buck off exploiting her.

"That sounds..." knock knock interrupted her before a female voice called out "I'm coming in". The door opened to reveal Mandy in just the white stockings, heels, and headpeice of her festish nurse's uniform holding her own purse and a couple bottles of water.

"I'll call you back in a minute to tell you what I decide." Sue quickly spoke before hanging up the phone.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but I saw you coming this way and thought I would check on you. You looked a little shocked for a moment when you were dancing on the table so I wanted to be sure everything was okay."

"Yeah, I am fine. The drugs and Trixx took me a little by surprise, my agent assured me this would be a clean party."

"Oh, it was planned that way, but apparently one of the guests brought his own supply and was generous enough to share. Honestly it happens quite often at these rap parties. The boys want to show off their wealth to everyone so they bring large quantities of drugs, or expensive booze, etc... to show everyone how well they are doing. As for the sex...look I don't know what your circumstances are but me a Trixx use these parties to supplement our income. I have two children I have to support and Trixx is putting herself through school by herself." Mandy explained to her as she held out the hand holding the bottles of water while the other placed her purse on the counter.

"Water?" Mandy asked. Sue politely took the water bottle and unscrewed the sealed cap before taking a sip. Mandy took the other one and opened it and took a sip before putting it on the counter next to her purse. She then reached into the purse and pulled out a makeup kit and began to do touchups to her face. Mandy continued her explanation "I'm sorry about causing you to be uncomfortable, usually use dancers talk before a joint job like this so there are no surprises but Cindy cancelled last minute and you were brought in. Me and Trixx have heard your reputation at Club Inferno and from what I saw it was well deserved as you are a great dancer. If the extras make you uncomfortable me and Trixx will keep the guys distracted from you." Sue had been sipping at the bottle for the entire explanation as she suddenly realized how thirsty she was from her earlier dancing and the anxiety from her situation.

Sue felt oddly sympathetic to Mandy at the mention of her children. Sue thought of her own children and the lengths she had and would go to for them. She could also sympathize with Trixx somewhat, she had been lucky in that her family was comfortable enough to pay for her schooling even if schools hadn't been lining up around the block to get a prodigy enrolled at their institution. She took another swallow of the water before making her decision.

"Well okay, if you ladies can keep the boys off me I shouldn't have any problems tonight. I'll just direct anyone who wants extras to you two." Sue voiced with far more confidence than she honestly felt at the plan. She truly had been enjoying dancing at this party before the surprise and this talk with Mandy had calmed her down nicely.

She quickly finished her water, then checked her appearance in the mirror adn picked up her phone to text Ralph that she had decided to stay at the party. Then walked out of the bathroom with a bounce in her step that left her tits swaying

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