Maria Hill is introduced to Honeypott

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Maria Hill Pepper Potts
Category Bimboization M/F Marvel
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As Mr. Fink basked in his machinations and Osborne reaped the delights of Vicky Handjobs’ talented tongue and Ms. Marvel embraced her debasement with perverse enthusiasm; a furious Maria Hill stewed quietly to herself. She had a desperate urge to hurt, to unleash the full force of her S.H.I.E.L.D training and burn Bimbotech to the ground.  But she was bound tight in something similar to a Dentist’s chair: restraints across her wrists and ankles and straps stretched tight over her torso.  Maria had tested them when she first came to, testing their strength and finding plenty.  There was also something around her head, a helmet Maria supposed, that came down to the top of her eyes.  It limited her field of view and the ability to move her head.  It also tingled, like there was small electric current running through it, Maria could feel it humming at the back of her skull. Whatever it was (and she knew it wasn’t good) Maria could be certain of one thing: she wasn’t getting out of it any time soon.

Unable to indulge her instinct for violent reprisal, Maria Hill quietly bided her time and allowed the wheels of her mind to turn.  Other than revenge fantasies she re-examined the mission ‘What the hell went wrong?’  The entire thing was a blur; she clearly remembered sending in Potts and Hand; Romanov breaking into action and calling down Danvers. After that, everything was a blur—

‘A soft pink blur….’

Maria’s body shivered involuntarily at the memory of the pink and to her embarrassment she felt her vagina moisten.  “The fuck” she whispered.  Angrily she thought ‘Where’s S.H.I.E.L.D?  Fury?’   And more grimly ‘Hand? Romanov? Danvers? Potts?’  Despite her reputation around S.H.I.E.L.D as a cold-hearted bitch Maria Hill was truly concerned about her teammates.  Especially Pepper Potts ‘Stark’s personal assistant had no place in this.’

Maria Hill really wanted to hurt someone.

A door opened behind her and Maria snapped to attention, steeling herself for whatever was about to happen.  She heard the shuffling sounds of heavy footfalls ‘Big guys, at least two’ and a click-clack-click-clack ‘heels?’   Someone giggled, a female, in high pitched breathy tones.  A male voice grunted in disproval and there was the sound of a slap; the female voice moan appreciatively.   Maria saw movement and a splash of color out of the corner of her eyes, her new ‘friends’ were coming around her right side.  ‘Alright you bastards, let’s see what you got.’

Maria Hill saw what they ‘got’—‘A Pornstar’—it wasn’t what she expected---‘A fucking PORNSTAR’---not in a million years.

The Pornstar wasn’t alone, two men were with her.  Both heavy with muscle and bigger than line backers. They  wore matching outfits; white pants and white t-shirts that had stenciled on their right breast the insignia of a pink silhouetted kneeling large breasted woman.  There were words written under the lewd symbol that Maria couldn’t read, but didn’t really want to.  The duo positioned themselves behind the Pornstar, one on her right and one on her left. Righty had a square head and dumbo-ish ears, exacerbated by his severe buzz cut.  His partner had a curly black hair that crowned a long narrow face dominated by a large crooked nose.  The men said nothing, they only grinned at Maria in a manner that reminded her of a wolf ogling a lame doe.

The Pornstar smiled at Maria as well, not the outwardly sinister smiles of her companions; it was broad and vapid looking.  The Pornstar giggled and posed herself, arching her huge chest towards the S.H.I.E.D. agent.  Her body was a perfect hourglass shape; that from bottom up started with two long shapely legs.  Her backside was a plump apple and Zeppelin sized boobs jutting from her chest.  She had fat pillow like lips and heavily stylized hair bright pink in color that reached down her back.  She was clad in shiny black arched pumps and sheer white stockings that went to the top of her thigh.   She wore a tight light red mini-skirt that reached just below the curve of her butt and a form fitting button down blue dress shirt with short sleeves.  The dress shirt was almost sensible if not for the fact it was left mostly unbutton, giving ample view of the Pornstars’ deep cleavage.

In spite of or maybe because of it, Maria Hill did not know what to make of this.  ‘The fuck?’  Then the Pornstar spoke, in a girly voice high in pitch and excitement, but very familiar.

“Hi-Yah MARIA!”

‘Oh God.’

Maria Hill knew the moment she heard the voice.  Realization struck her like a terrible bolt of lightning.  She could see pass the inflated sex doll body with huge breasts; the dumb smile and eyes now empty of the intelligence they once held.  The Pornstar was—

“Pepper Potts.”

“OH MY GAWD!” squealed Pepper, “ISN’T BIMBOTECH LIKE THE MOST AWESOMENESS!?” Pepper giggled excitingly, shaking her huge breasts.  They threaten to pop out, but somehow the thin fabric of her blouse held strong. Pepper quieted and with great sincerity said “but just so you know stuff and like, my name isn’t Pepper.  That’s so boring.  I’m Honey Pott.”  She straightened herself, pointed at her crotch and squealed again.  “HONEY POTT!”

The cool facade of Maria Hill began to crack.  ‘What is this….what is this?’

“Honey Pott?” said Maria, the words crawling out of her mouth like unwanted pests.  “Honey Pott” that name “they did this to you?  Bimbotech turned you into this?”

“YOU BET!”  Honey Pott giggled then gripped the front of her shirt with both hands and ripped it open freeing her now basketball sized boobs.  “LOOK AT THEM!  They’re so sexy!  And Bimbotech gave them to me.”  She giggled. “You should see them wrapped around cock!”  Honey Pott began to slowly massage her breasts and started moaning in pleasure. “So good, sooooo good.”  Honey Potts’ eyes glazed over in lust and her head lolled to the side.

Honey Potts’ two companions chuckled amongst themselves,   both stepped up and laid a hand on her shoulder.  Honey Pott gasped, looked over at buzz cut than to curly hair; she licked her lips and smiled wickedly.  She backed up a little, removed her hands from her boobs and placed them flat on their stomachs.  Honey Pott slowly slid her hands down till they cupped the front of their pants; she began to rub their members through the thin fabric of their pants.  Buzz cut and Curly hair grunted in approval.

“I’m sorry Pepper.”Maria stated in a flat voice.

“Honey Pott.” She replied. “And like what’s wrong?  Bimbotech isn’t bad.  They made me happy.  They make silly boring girls happy!  They empty their brains of boring stuff and sexy up their bodies!  So they can look hot and get all their slutty holes fucked with cock!”

Suddenly Buzz Cut swatted Honey Potts’ hand away and in one swift motion unzipped his fly and freed his erect penis.  A look of awe overcame Honey Potts’ face, reverently she caressed the shaft with the tips of her fingers.  Even though her attention was now focusing onto Buzz Cut’s, Honey Pott said to Maria:

“Like Manute.  That sexy Black Dude.  His cock is so big.  He shot so much cum down my throat,” Honey Pott shivered in delight, “He said I should like visit it you so you’ll see how happy Bimbotech makes you!  Bimbo---“

If Honey Pott had anything else to say to Maria Hill, the words drained from her mouth, as it became apparent the Bimbo wanted to replace them with something with more substance.  Honey Pott turned away from Maria and faced Buzz Cut directly.  She gracefully dropped to her knees and took Buzz Cuts iron rod hard member with both hands.  She kissed the tip, then slowly enveloped the head with her fat, pillow like lips.  Then she took to it, like a fish to water,her head bobbing up and down with pneumatic perfection.  Buzz cut gasped in pleasure, he placed his hands on his side and stuck out his pelvis. Curly hair for his part wasn’t going to abstain from Honey Pott, he freed his own rock hard erection. Snickering he stepped closer and pocked Honey Pott in the cheek.  Without breaking rhythm the Bimbo took Curly Hair’s dick with her left hand and jerked it up open and down.  She took a firmer hold of Buzz Cuts shaft with her right, pulled her mouth from it and turned her attention to Curly Hair.  She alternated between the two,stroking and sucking and sucking and stroking.

The sum total of the former Pepper Potts whole existence was now two fat cocks in hand.

Maria Hill for her part was so overwhelmed and taken back by the carnal display that had suddenly broken out in front of her, she barely noticed the chair she was held in had begun to vibrate.  The moment she did---the Conversion Chair roared to life and Maria Hill’s mind exploded.

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