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“Harder Harder…….Ummmmmmmmm thank you doctor…..”

“Wonderful as always Nori, Ill be back in a few minutes, keep an eye on the merchandise”

Licking her lips Nori came down from yet another orgasm, being Dr. Stone’s assistant was the absolute bestest job ever.  She got paid to look hot, constantly have sex and to keep other Bimbo’s in line which made her so wet! Bimbotech was such an awesome company, she couldn't’t even remember why people were so mad when they came to Utopia, the guys clearly liked the results, though they seemed to follow Magik and Mistress Mindfuck like way more than they used to.  She couldn't wait for another round with the Doc (No one made her feel sooooo good like he did) but she had to make sure Mr. Fink’s order was ready.  Pixie had like been sold to a Yakuza member who had a fetish for magic-anime girls and Nori just giggled at how easily Bimbotech had turned her into such a hot little winged witch. She would make Mr. Fink happy and by extension Dr.Stone by watching her like a hawk until they got here.

Giggle  “And he even promised me a special reward if I keep on doing a good job.” Giggle


“She’s almost there” Dr.Kinky had long since dropped the lap coat and was openly playing with her tits with one hand and the happy gas switch in the other. She and the Cuckoos mind blasts had been blasting Ms.Marvel for half an hour and the heroine had long since stopped struggling and was withering in pleasure in her restraints.

“What do you love Ms.Happy?” A small part of Carol Danvers tried to fight the command but a final dose of happy gas and the sensual telepathy of the Cuckoos sent her over the edge.



Vicky Handjobs was utterly debasing herself for her new Boss Norman Osborn. Her styled hair was now an overly teased and slutty raven and red streak parody of her previous professional due. Her clothing, a matching porn-star version of her black business suit. Her tongue lavishing over every inch of her man’s member.

“Well Mr. Osborn sure looks happy” Mr. Fink turned as Dr.Stone approached.

“Please tell me you good news over the latest Bimbos, its been a rough day so far.” Fink was still troubled by Dr.Doom, everything they worked on could come crashing down if Squirrel Girl wasn’t found.

“Titty has located the target but refuses to hand in the report until its as perfect as he can make it. I don’t know what you told her but shes absolutely focused on making you happy.”

Fink smiled, once again changing the policy to keep certain bimbos intelligence mostly intact had such a wonderful side effect.  Bimbos with some brains were such dutiful workers who would do almost anything for a reward. “And the latest creation for shipment?”

“Magic Megan is ready to be shipped to Japan, Nori has taken special care to instill Japanese etiquette into the girl, and overseas sales will skyrocket when they see the results. It’s an absolute delight to watch”

Fink found his trademark grin returning, things were quickly turning around, nothing like the thought a gorgeous bimbo to turn his mood into a happy one.

“X-23 and Dust will soon be processed for Project HBSM,their sessions in the happy chairs fitting the preferred profile for Bimbotech employment. Their mutations will take time to work through in the modification tanks, but I am sure you will enjoy the results.”

That last bit of news really put a smile on Fink’s face, HBSM (Hard Bodies, Soft Minds) was the logical outcome of converting so many super-powered woman into Bimbo’s.  Most would be processed for clients or to serve Bimbotech in some capacity but certain ladies with unique or rare abilities were to be processed to work for the main branch directly.  Mistress Mindfuck and Magik were prime examples. In general those in HBSM were the ones who retained their intelligence though many were little more than dumb sluts, but importantly also had their pleasure tied to doing a good job. It was a wonderfully effective pavlovian technique.

“Very good Doctor Stone, you may leave.”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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