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Storyline Amazing Woman: From Countess to Queen.
Characters Amazing Woman
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Oasis Resort…off the Coast of Italy.

“Ooooooooh” Susu moaned once again, Timothy was absolutely masterful with his hands…..and divine with his tongue.

“More Wonderboy More!” Feeling herself coming close to climax, Susu couldn't help but let her eyes wander to her mother and B. Her and Timothy must have gotten them hot and bothered  apparently, they had been masturbating in clear view for a while now, Timmy so aroused he didn't even notice. And her mom was glorious….sweat glistening over porcelain skin, soft raven hair, soft pink lips  (a change from her usual glossy red) and B making sure to give attention to ever inch. The thought of them joining in put her over the edge.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Coming down from yet another orgasm from her husband Susu switched positions with her lover. Taking his member into her mouth, she made sure he was staring right at the sensual acts of their companions.

Mom and B looked soooooo good, maybe if Timmy likes the view….we can experiment?

Back in Metro City, in the alleys outside of the Pink Pussy Strip club.

“Giggle” So like what now Captain ‘Giggle.” Amazing Woman was anything but at the moment, even with the bikini removed and her brain in recovery ‘Black Candy’ was still very much present, a black miniskirt and green tank top had been the most he could convince her to wear.

Captain Justice realized very quickly they were at a disadvantage in striking at the dual powers of Countess Rei and her daughter Susu.  Amazing Woman was all brawn and little brain at this point. For at least a couple of days she was only good for fighting, complex tactics would require more time for her mind to recover. That brought him to the second problem, she was extremely susceptible to mind control with her mind already so weakened, and he would not be able to leave her alone. Captain Justice calmed himself, tactics always overcame power.

Attacking Susu is suicide, between her husband, mother and her loyal servant/lover Bikinibot we would be crushed……the only good thing about them being together on the honeymoon is that I do not have to deal with beguiling bio-droid, our encounters never end well.

Yes, Countess Rei‘s knights were the only target they had a chance against…which was only mildly less suicidal. The Police and the criminals of the city are firmly under her control and the populace has long since been subtlety drugged by the pollen of Bloom. There had to be a weak point….think man….whom had proven the least capable…..VCR!

For having an extremely potent superpower, VCR was actually quite weak. Her entire fighting style was surprise and ambush and Amazing Woman had remembered she never dared approach her without considerable back-up. She was easily dealt with one hard punch in their last engagement. She would be the key to start fighting back. The other knights would prove far more difficult.

Hound was a considerably dangerous fighter in and of herself, but her pack (including the recently converted Jenny Powers) meant she could sacrifice dozens of foot soldiers to capitalize on openings for days on end. He had never seen her true form, in fact he only gathered she was Caucasian and auburn haired by Amazing Woman just now, leaving her civilian identity secret.

Nadiya Rani "Bloom" was actually a tempting target but her Flowers made fighting her very dangerous.  His time in the pod had shown him their creation, three young girls conditioned over a period of months, no shred of their original self’s remained. They would fight for every inch of their Madame and Mistresses lives. Bloom was dangerous if she attacked first but was frankly no stronger than an average woman without her plants to back her up. An ambush may work but not well a bit of pollen could turn Amazing Woman against him.

Jane Park "Akainu" was invincible for now. The Brazilian beauty was the lead anchor of the news by day, heinous hypnotist by night. She was in charge of kidnapping and conditioning troubled young girls and runaways and molding them into seductive and deadly kunoichi. With Jasmine Knight brainwashed once again into Ebony, she had a dangerous 2nd in command that would cause problems if her sister fought her now.

Which left them with one target. VCR.

“Come on Martha, we need to find a hotel for the night."

Slinking up to him and expertly removing his belt, Martha Knight whispered “I didn't know you were so forward Captain.”

Captain Justice steeled himself….this would be harder then he thought.

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