"Sounds delicious. Where do I sign up?"

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter After Carl finishes with her, Sue is trying to regain some control

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Mephisto cackled in glee at the vision before him in the scrying portal.  On the other side of the mystic window Susan Storm Richards, in her high tech stripper disguise, drank in her new found perversity with greedy abandon as she reveled in the vast lusty elation of her new outlook.  The Hell Lord pounded his succubus slave's ass mightily as he growled "Oh, yes... the Seed of Sin has already found purchase in your fertile soul, mortal.  Precious little can save you from your richly deserved fate now!"

His demonic lover was no less enthused as she purred in a voice dripping with unearthly lust "Ohhh YESSSS, my Master! As it did with me, so shall this harlot be delightfully damned!"  Mephisto looked at the demonic babe and smiled as he remembered her fall over 600 years ago.  Once she was Sister Lucinda, a nun of great purity as to be as deserving of sainthood as any ever born.  All it took was the Master of Lies appearing to her at a Christmas festival as the one man she ever lusted after; a priest she had not seen in over a year.  A piece of Mistletoe and some time alone was all it took to breach her well guarded defenses and in that kiss Mephisto infected the chaste woman with the Seed of Sin. Within a fortnight Lucinda was defrocked and openly practicing her new trade as a whore.  Within two she was the Hell Lord's devout worshipper.

Mephisto looked forward to seeing this heroine's fall with great relish. He patted his slave's head as he replied "Oh, I am sure that you are correct, dear Lustae; however these heroes unusually good fortune at avoiding the inevitable.  Of course, her scientist husband is always a danger, but fortunately magic is not his strong suit.  No, the likes of Dr. Strange and Victor Von Doom are far more likely to be effective in interfering with my plans here."

Lustae the succubus rose as her master pulled his huge dick out of her ass and growled "Then I will deal with the shaman and the dictator.  They will worship me or die in my clawed hands!"

The Hell Lord cooed "Oh, that will not be necessary my dear.  In fact, engaging them is tantamount to inviting interference.  As Strange has been deposed as Sorcerer Supreme, he is currently in the Himalayas on retreat and his replacement, Doctor Voodoo, is currently engaged in a small war with the forces of the thrice cursed Satannish in New Orleans so there is little help to be gained from them.  As for Von Doom, I have long hoped to gather his dark soul! If he interferes here, I shall gladly collect on that debt, but let us look at those closest to your new sister to be.  First there is her devoted husband, but as I have said he is well out of his element in mystic adventures. Even so, it will be best to keep him occupied.  I believe I have a muse that owes me much who could keep him locked in his lab inventing for many weeks.  Then there is the self involved brother, Human Torch, and the self loathing friend, the Thing.  I believe you would be best used in diverting the fool, Johnny Storm.  In your arms he would forget about his sister forever.  Ben Grimm is most vulnerable through his love of Alicia Masters.  Perhaps I should influence a contest such that she wins a cruise around the world for two.  That should keep him busy long enough.  That leaves the biggest threat for last... her annoying children.  One with so much power and the other with matchless intellect.  I will have to be most cunning around them...


Sue smiled wickedly at Carl as she thought about his wonderful idea.  Under the influence of the Seed of Sin, she was more than just Sue's dark side.  She was what Sue Storm would have been if she never had a good side. There were no morals or rules to hold back her desires.  Thanks to the Seed, while the purest part of her soul was completely restrained within the deepest recesses of her mind, all it could do was observe the actions, feelings, and intentions of her dark self with full knowledge that it was Sue Storm making the choices with free will and full intent.  The Seed would rule her until after the heroine slept; growing wildly with every immoral act and delicious sin.  Best yet, when Sue awakes, the seed will grow just as much feeding off her guilt, shame, and fear of what she is becoming.  The more wicked things she does and the more guilt and shame her pure side feels, the stronger the Seed of Sin roots to her soul until there is no purity left. Of course, long before that the Seed will germinate within the heroine and make it possible for Sue to infect others with it's dark blessing. But for now the Seed gave Sue's dark side unfettered reign and would even have influence on Sue when her pure side is in charge;all the better to torment her. Sue/Suzette purred to her boss "Mmmmm... Sounds delicious. Where do I sign up?"

Carl roared with joy "Oh FUCK yeah!  you have no idea how many guys have been asking if you were a pay for play kinda doll!  So you *finally* want to be a whore?  For real??"

Sue cupped his face lightly as she replied "Oh, it will do.. for a start.  You see, I am *so* already a whore... I can't wait to go pro! This will be fun... Until, something better turns up.  This will build my rep for now and I can always move on to porn or being a hooker full time later... There is just *so* much to try."  While Sue Strom was still completely subjected to the Curse of Agreement, the Seed of Sin was not and could help it's victim revel in all the sin they could imagine.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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