Sue tries to turn Carl down, but the curse won't have it

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Susan Storm's Secret Life
Previous Chapter A Curse of Agreement

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Susan's head was swimming.  Sure, the coke was already starting to kick in, but that wasn't it.  This is the first time she had ever done anything illegal.  The stripping was slutty and would have been considered as immoral by most of her friends and fans, but as damaging as the disclosure of her little guilty pleasure, her breaking the law to do an illegal drug would really derail her super-heroine career; yet this was so much nastier and she loved it!

As Sue savored the feeling, Carl's last question rolled about her fragile mind like a loose wrecking ball. Carl had said "Since you’re feeling so agreeable tonight, how about giving me that fuck I’ve been asking for since you started here?" She almost chuckled at the man's expense but was able to hold it back.  The poor bastard had been drooling over her hot bod since he laid eyes on her.  As if!! This was only a fantasy; her live action guilty pleasure! She had a real life where she was super-heroine.. A devoted wife... a loving mother... the idol of millions of modern feminist women everywhere... Of course she was wouldn't fuck Carl! She would never betray Reed like that! Sue looked her part time boos directly into his lusting eyes and gave him a sneer laced with deeply dark humor as she prepared a cutting refusal as she had for the hundred times before, but what came from her lips surprised them both "Sure thing, baby... I'll fuck you so long and hard you'll be crying for mommy!"

Sue felt panic as she realized what she had just said.  It was almost like being under the influence of the Puppet Master as she slinked over to the ecstatic prick. This was so much worse than the indiscretions of her secret guilty pleasures! It was shockingly immoral.  It was a deep betrayal of the man she loved. It was turning her back on everything she believed in, but God help her it was really hot and she couldn't deny she wanted it badly!  Sue looked the leering lech over.  He was a filthy sex obsessed misanthrope of the worst kind.  He was a pig, but right now she was getting so hot looking at the man that would soon be fucking her.  No... That wasn't right... *She* will be fucking *him*!'

Carl was oblivious to the turmoil in Susan's mind.  All he could see was'Suzanne' jumping on him like a wild tigress as she began to undo his pants.  As hard as she tried to resist, the cursed heroine's every motion was exactly what Carl had dreamed this would be like, but before she got far he hollered "Whoa, babe, WHOA!  Slow down a bit.  Make it nice and sexy."  The club manager pulled the stripper in to a long passionate kiss as he malled her world class tits with expert attentions.  Sue couldn't help but purr like a kitten as he availed himself to every square inch of her luscious body. She hated him for doing this to her and she hated herself more for her compliance, but this was better than the coke and stripping combined.  She loved being an adulterous slut, damn it, but still she tried to resist.  As Carl pulled back he growled "Oh, HELL Yeah!  Now, for a little foreplay... Get on your knees bitch and give me your best blowjob!"

Suzanne/Sue smiled evilly as she slowly moved down the bastard's torso.  She never took her hungry eyes off Carl's as she found her place on her knees and finished undoing his pants.  Her mind was in a swirling tornado of conflicting emotions.  Desire fought revulsion. Unbearable pleasure fought unyielding duty. Wild hedonistic lust wrestled with guilt and shame.  If there wasn't an active force propelling her toward the inevitable outcome of this psychic battle she would have stood a chance; she probably would have won handily, but that was not to be. To the outside world, there wasn't the slightest evidence that this wasn't the best moment of the woman's life or that she had the remotest desire to do anything else. Soon Carl's throbbing cock was exactly where it belonged... in her hot slutty mouth!  Sue gave fantastic head and she was now giving the performance of a lifetime.  This what she was always meant to be doing and it was the most delightfully fulfilling thing she had ever done, but still her mind fought. For several minutes the heroine bobbed up and down the long hard cock, savoring ever taste and feeling.  This was so wickedly wonderful. She was lost in the moment now as she felt Carl's prick begin to spasm as he shot hot cum in her mouth and throat.  Her resistance, for the moment was spent as she purred "Mmmm, sweet, but enough play.  Time for the main event!"

Sue placed her hot cunt over Carl's throbbing dick and gyrated her wet folds over his dickhead.  She bit her lip she purred "Mmmm, Mama likes!" as she slowly lowered herself on his 9" pole.  As he groaned in pleasure she smiled wickedly and growled "That's it baby... That cock is mine now and I am gonna make you beg for more!"

Carl gave the hot slut every ounce of his powerful love hammer as he fucked the vixen for all he was worth.  Now that the heroine within was defeated, the curse had free reign to play with her perceptions. She had no concept of coercion.  She wanted to fuck Carl.  She loved being an adulterous slut and she would do anything for this man that gave her the opportunity to continue to be what she was always meant to be... Cock candy that was his to order and his to rent to others.  All was perfect now.

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