Dr. Psycho and Eye Candy have some fun before the main event

by Creme
Storyline The magic zipper
Previous Chapter Diana barges off to the site immediately. Is it a trap?

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It was a few hours before Wonder Woman woke up, only to find herself in some type of cage, and chained up and spread-eagled onto the floor. Looking up she saw her own reflection in a mirror that was installed onto the ceiling. That’s when she noticed she was all cleaned up and had all of her accessories back. Quickly she tugged at her restraints, and soon broke free of them.

Standing up she immediately felt woozy.

“Oh….my head!”

The sound of a female sobbing gets her attention, and in the dim light she sees a woman tied to a chair outside of her cell. Immediately she runs to the cell door and pries it open before rushing to the bound female.

“Oh Wonder Woman, I’m so glad you’re here….look….look what they did…”

“Shhhh don’t talk…Who are you, by the way?”

Suddenly the lights turn on. Dr. Psycho, now looking like a model from Victoria’s Secret and Eye Candy are only a few feet away.

“Who are you people?” Wonder Woman asks.

“Doesn’t really matter does it. After all you’re here right…right where I want you” replies Dr. Psycho.

“Yeah you stupid whore. Not so smart now are you?” adds Eye Candy.

“What have you done to Steve Trevor?”

“Steve Trevor? He’s sitting right here, aren’t you Stevie…or is it Stephanie?” replies Dr. Psycho.

Wonder Woman looks in Stephanie’s direction in total shock as the bound woman starts crying.

“But I thought it was just movie editing…how in the hell did you manage that?”

“Do you want to know? Do you really want to know?”

Wonder Woman furrowed her eyebrows as she glared at the two villains.

“I don’t care. You are to change him back to his prior self…I mean her…or else…”

“Or else what? You’re not in any position to dictate anything to us. After all do you think we will tell you what we did and how we did it? I don’t think so.”

Eye Candy backed away as Wonder Woman hauled Dr. Psycho up by the neck.

“Don’t push your luck. I can break your neck if you don’t do as I say…”

“Temper-Temper, Wonder Woman. I suggest you get it under control before something even more bad happens to your boyfriend…or shall we say girl friend.”

An audible click makes the heroine turn around. To her horror Eye Candy has just installed an explosive collar around Stephanie’s neck.

“You fiends” cries Wonder Woman.

“That’s right Wonder Woman. It’s a collar bomb, and it will explode if you don’t do what I say. Now it’s your choice…”

Wonder Woman hesitantly drops Dr. Psycho to the floor. Meanwhile Eye Candy starts kissing Stephanie.

“What is it that you want me to do?”

Eye Candy grabs Wonder Woman from behind. The heroine is about to throw her off but is motioned not to by Dr Psycho, who closes up towards her. Diana isn’t impressed and is revolted at the two villains groping her body.

“What I want you to do is to relax for starters. Then…”

Dr. Psycho pulls down the “WW” breastplate, exposing Wonder Woman’s huge breasts. Eye Candy quickly gropes them, making the heroine groan. Dr Psycho then reaches in through her satin tights and fingers her clit, while Eye Candy kicks Wonder Woman’s boots outwards.

Wonder Woman is getting overwhelmed with the sensations going through her body, and try as she might, her body starts betraying her. They take her down onto the floor whereby Eye Candy puts the heroine onto her hands and knees while she pulls down the satin tights exposing the amazon’s lovely big ass.

“No…No…this is wrong….It’s wrong…must…”

Wonder Woman began to shake herself out of it, but it was too late. Dr Psycho  gently pushed into her vagina with a strap on, then began pumping her.

“You must endure this if you want your Stevie back. You do want him back don’t you?”

Wonder Woman didn’t say a word as Dr. Psycho steadily began pumping her harder and harder, not realizing that during the time she was unconscious they injected her with a large dose of a aphrodisiac that was designed to lay dormant until activated by sexual urges, whereupon it increased libido by many factors of magnitude.

Eye Candy then grabbed Wonder Woman’s head and shoved her pussy into the amazon’s face. The heroine, her mind only thinking about sex, obliged by eating the villain out with expert skill. While that happened Dr. Psycho rammed the strap on dildo into Wonder Woman’s tight ass, causing her to shudder and buckle for a moment before settling down.

Dr Psycho and Eye Candy looked up at the cameras and smiled as they recorded the event. They swapped ends and did Wonder Woman over and over again until she was fucked into near unconsciousness. They then heaved the heroine off the ground then had her stand before another camera.

At that point in time the aphrodisiac was wearing off and Wonder Woman began to come to her senses. She glared at the two villains who stood behind the camera.

“Is that it? Is that what you wanted from me? Making me a star in your private porn movie collection? What kind of villains are you? You’re pathetic.”

“So are you Wonder Woman. You allowed yourself to get caught and to get fucked over again and again and again. You liked it didn’t you?” said Dr. Psycho.

“What are you talking about you disgusting animals. You told me you’ll reverse everything that you’ve done to Steve.” Replied Wonder Woman.

“And you believed me? I mean how stupid can you be Wonder Woman? But let’s be honest here. You loved what we did to you, didn’t you?”

“I…I didn’t…I…”

Dr. Psycho and Eye Candy laugh their heads off. Wonder Woman stands there initially feeling guilty, and then furrowing her eyebrows.

“You’ll pay for this. I mean it. If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do…”

“No it isn’t. There’s just one more thing that needs doing, then we are done here.”

“No…it’s over. I’m taking Steve out of here but I will make sure you change him first.”

“I’ll change him. But you need to do this one thing for me and I swear to you on my word of honor I will change him back and set him free. You would like that wouldn’t you Wonder Woman?”

Wonder Woman glances over at Steve. Resigning herself to the villains demands she then takes a deep breath.

“Okay...tell me…what do you want me to do?”

Dr. Psycho looks through the camera.

“Just a brief photoshoot if you don’t mind?”

“What? Haven’t you got enough footage, you creeps?”

“This will only take a minute…now what I want you to do is to stand there with your hands on hips, like you normally do, with that heroic pose of yours.”

Wonder Woman, initially confused, slowly complies. She puts her hands on her hips then spreads her feet apart in her world-famous heroine pose. Her face however is set in a look of extreme disapproval.

“Well now smile Wonder Woman…this wont look good if you don’t smile.” Says Dr. Psycho.

Lights flash as Wonder Woman reluctantly smiles for the camera. After a few shots Dr. Psycho glances at Eye Candy.

“Eye Candy, jump over next to Wonder Woman will you. I want to jazz up these pictures.”

“Sure thing, Boss!” replies Eye Candy, who runs to be with the heroine in front of the camera.

Wonder Woman held her pose despite her predicament and the humiliating poses Eye Candy was doing at every snap shot. In one pose she leaned sensually next to the heroine, while in another she was at her feet. In subsequent snapshots Eye Candy made mocking poses towards the amazon, who still held her pose as she was told. The last shot involved the ditzy girl waving a “V” behind Wonder Woman.

“Is that it now?” asked Wonder Woman.

“Yes…well no, actually there is one more shot I need to take.”

“Well hurry up about it will you. You’ve had your way with me. Now change him back!”

“Eye Candy, Wonder Woman seems so eager to meet her demise. Now if you please…”

“What?” asked a confused Wonder Woman.

At that point Eye Candy sticks the magic zipper at the small of the heroine’s back, and immediately Wonder Woman stands there, paralysed in her heroic stance, unable to move her muscle. The zipper begins climbing upwards on her back as Dr. Psycho walks up to her.

“My-my how the mighty have fallen Wonder Woman. I have always dreamed of this…ever since you locked me up in that miserable jail cell in Arkham Asylum I have always dreamed of finally beating you…and now I have.”

“What…have…you done…to…me?”

“I’m helping you shed your old skin Wonder Woman. For too long you’ve been such a goodie two-shoes, and for too long the world has admired you, worshipped you…even treated you like a God…but to me you’re just like any other bitch who needs to be put in their place…”

As he says this the zipper crawls up to the top of Wonder Woman’s head, then starts down from her forehead, nose, lips, chin and neck and so-on. Eye Candy stands on her left side while Dr. Psycho stands on her right.

“…I’m going to reveal to the world your true self, Diana…and unfortunately for you there will be no going back…”

Wonder Woman wants to scream but can’t, and it is when the zipper stops at her crotch, just above one of the stars covering her womanhood, that the changes start to take even more effect.

Wonder Woman begins to feel hot and sweaty but doesn’t show it. Her physique loses shape and form and her skin and costume and accessories seem to have merged and turned leathery. Stephanie then walks behind Wonder Woman, with a smile on her face.

“I know what you’re thinking Wonder Woman, but don’t worry. You’re going to love your new life. I do!” whispers Stephanie.

“You’ve been living on borrowed time, but you never knew it, Amazon. You thought you were so invincible you thought you could beat everyone. But it’s over now. All because of your cockiness and arrogance. You were sloppy, and now you are about to pay the ultimate price for it. Do savor the last seconds of your existence because it really is the end for you Wonder Woman…. For all intents and purposes you are destroyed” says Dr. Psycho.

Wonder Woman could only stand there, unable to react on the outside, but on the inside the agony of her defeat hurt very deeply.  As Stephanie tugged on the zipper, the heroine’s mind began to cloud over. Memories, thoughts and emotions began to fade away as her whole being was ceasing to be, and steadily replaced, as if a child was about to be born out of its mother’s womb. Finally the zipper reached its destination just above the star on the former Wonder Woman’s satin tights.

”Out with the old. In with the new…Eye Candy, Stephanie, let’s do it.”

They tugged at the leather “body bag” from each side then pulled it down, revealing Dr. Psycho’s latest twisted creation.  Stephanie then packed away the leather bag in a case with Wonder Woman’s insignia on it, thereby consigning Wonder Woman to history.

Dr Psycho walks around the new being. Who or what is it?


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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