Diana barges off to the site immediately. Is it a trap?

by Creme
Storyline The magic zipper
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Wonder Woman soared over Virginia searching for the house. As she crossed over a hill she found it. It was a two storey house that looked plain as jane in a quiet neighborhood. She dove down towards it.

Touching down on the grassy backyard she stood in place and scanned the house.


Back in the basement, Dr. Psycho and Eye Candy laughed quietly to each other as they watched Wonder Woman approach the backdoor via hidden camera.

"Let's give her a hell of a welcome shall we?"

Dr. Psycho pressed a few buttons on his computer.


Wonder Woman slowly entered through the unlocked door to the kitchen, and carefully made her way through the house.

"Hello? Is anyone in here?"

Finding nothing untoward on the bottom floor she climbed the stairs leading to the upper floor. Every step of her red boots causes an creaking sound regardless of the superheroine's attempts to keep quiet. She goes though all the rooms then enters a kids playroom.

Inside the playroom she finds all sorts of stuffed animals, balls, a dollhouse and other kids toys. In the middle of the room is a doll of a USAF Officer that moves around helplessly and repeats the words 'Help me'. Wonder Woman bends down, then picks it up and inspects it.

"Where are you Steve?"

Suddenly something pokes out from the doll's pants. It's a dick.

"Suck it, Wonder Woman!"

Immediately after the doll says those words, the dick sprays a fine mist onto a startled Wonder Woman's face. She begins coughing, her nose runs and her eyes water. She drops the doll and reaches for her eyes, at the same time looking unsteady on her feet.

"My eyes....burning can't see...can't breathe."

Laughter echos through the now-animated stuffed toys and dolls that now surround the stricken amazon in a circle.

"You are such a dumb bitch, Wonder Woman. I don't know how you managed to survive for this long, but I'm about to remedy that."

"Who...Whoever you are, come out...and fight me."

"As you wish, but first, I think you need some softening up."

At that moment a blast hits the small of her back, sending her lurching forward...only to meet with another blast to her stomach. And still she couldn't see a damn thing. And what she couldn't see was the glowing eyes of the stuffed animals and dolls all looking at her.

Rays shot out of their eyes at irregular intervals, hitting the Amazon all over her body. Try as she might to deflect their beams of pain, her blurred vision did not give her the opportunity to use her bracelets effectively.


In front of the computer, Dr. Psycho and Eye candy laughed as they watched Wonder Woman stumble around like some punch-drunk boxer from the beam-blasts against her.

"What child's play this has become. The great Wonder Woman unable to defend herself against the most harmless of my creations!"

"But why do we have to do this, Boss? Can't we just put the zipper on and get it over and done with?"

"Wonder Woman is a formidable super heroine. We can't take her on when she's at 100%. We need to prepare her first. Besides, I want her end to be extra painful and humiliating."


Wonder Woman looked like she was dancing in one spot as the toys increased their beam-blasts. What she didn't know was that a doll was approaching her with a baseball bat.

"Oh Gaea, give me strength."

The doll swung hard and swept the heroine off her feet and onto the floor with a thud. The doll swung again and hit her mid-section causing her to curl upwards. More dolls grabbed her wrists and ankles as the stuffed toys jumped onto her and started landing blows of their own. One doll held Wonder Woman's head while a teddy bear began pummeling her face. Yet more dolls came into the fray, armed with crayons and pens.

The blows were not so much painful but the chemical that was sprayed on Wonder Woman's face helped magnify their effect. However she clearly had enough. Slowly she gained the upper hand, and one by one she broke the holds on her ankles and wrists, then kicked and swiped all the stuffed toys from her body.

She used her new found freedom to burst through a wall into the bathroom. Picking herself off the tiles she found herself looking at the mirror, and got a shock.

"Great hera. What did those things do to me?"

All sorts of messages were scrawled all over her battered and bruised body and torn costume. Aside from a cut lip, broken nose and a black eye she found the word 'loser' written on her forehead where her tiara had been...

"My tiara!"

She then noticed her lasso missing.

"My lasso!"

She turned around only to find the stuffed toys and dolls slowly advance towards her. She fails to realize one stuffed toy clinging onto her back. It undoes her magic belt then runs off with it.

"My belt! Oh Hera, what are these things? I've got to get out of here."

They start firing at her again. Despite the pain of being hit, she continues to stumble on and into the bedroom. Unfortunately her right boot steps on a roller skate, and she tumbles onto her back again. She rocks back and forth, kicks her legs out and writhes around as the toys now surround her, firing almost continuously.

"Kill-Kill-Kill-Kill-Kill...." chanted the damned toys.

"It can't end like this. I am Wonder Woman, damnit!"

The depowered Wonder Woman summons all of her remaining strength and starts bellycrawling but the toys don't let up. She's almost at the door when some dolls make a bookshelf fall onto her.

Wonder Woman is trapped. The only things of her body that are exposed are her flat booted feet. Some of the toys and dolls waste no time and firmly hold each of them in place, while the others blast them continuously, without mercy. Soon the soles of her twitching feet begin smoking and glowing.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGH! My feet.....feels like they're on fire. Can't...take...anymore...of this...."

Wonder Woman cries out and grits her teeth. She knows she has to break free from what's on top of her. They were killing her slowly, and she needed to act....now.

"Must...break....free...or they will....finish...me off....for sure...UGH!"

Finally Wonder Woman grits her teeth and pushes herself sideways, out of the bookshelf, which hits the floor. She breaks the hold of the toys then pulls herself up by the door frame. She winces from every step of her aching feet as she stumbles out into the corridor, then turns around, finding all the toys waving her goodbye. She raises her bracelets.

"C'mon you little bastards. Who wants some?"

One doll pulls out what looks like a remote control. Instantly an explosion ensues and the floor beneath her red boots breaks away. She crashes onto the bottom floor. Covered with sweat and dust and plaster, she just lays there, all sprawled out and groaning. Above her the toys surround the hole, then look at her.

Suddenly she hears a dull voice. Someone is shouting from behind a door that's in front of her.

"Wonder Woman, help me! It's Steve...I'm down here...Help!"

"Steve...Steve! I...I'm coming. Hang on!"

The weakened Wonder Woman slowly gets up and opens the door, only to be greeted by complete darkness.

"Down here. Quickly...You've got to get me out of here."

She stumbles forward then reaches for the light switch.

A surge of electricity rips into her body and holds her in place. Try as she might, she can only elicit grunting noises as her hair began to stand up off her scalp. Her face was contorted in immense pain and her eyes start rolling up into her head.

After a few seconds the electricity stops flowing, and she falls unconscious towards a slide, which takes her down into the depths of the basement and at the feet of the waiting Dr. Psycho and Eye Candy.

"Time to have some fun." quips Dr. Psycho.

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