On the other end of the city Mystique, Poison Ivy and Scream have formed a breed gang of their own.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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While the three power babes had their way with Logan, on the other side of town a similar situation was occuring. Inside a dirty biker bar late into the night the sounds of moaning and screaming echoed out over the blarring rock music within.

Mystique was riding the cock of one of the few remaining bikers left concious after she and her new compatriots Poison Ivy and Scream claimed them for the night. Both were riding their own 'prey' to climax, moaning and gasping before the men below them grimaced before slumping back down.

Originally the three women had met up to make a robbery and chose the seedy bar to make their plans. But after getting a few drinks the trio felt... Hot. At first it was like a mild fever, a flush of heat in their chests and faces but after looking around and noticing each of the burly bike riders having drinks and doing arm wrestles at their tables it made them hot in a different way. Getting a wink from Pam she blew out a red mist from her hand out into the crowd of men. Her mind controlling plant spores filled the air and one by one the men in the bar grew numb and still.

Standing up and walking over to one of the dazed and mind-controlled bikers Mystique pulled him into a rough kiss before shoving him against the wall.

An hour later they had completely drained the entire group.

"Come on you fucker you've got more I know you do!" Grunted Scream as she bounced on the lap of another biker, his eyes rolled back after cumming to exhaustion.

"Mmmm save it Scream none of them have anything left, real shame too." Husked the blue skinned woman as she stretched and posed in front of the mirror behind the bar. She knew she wasn't doing it deliberatly but her breasts looked larger, fuller, like she grew a few cup sizes after that little gang bang. And her hips were wider, she could feel it happen after her third man, she wasn't fatter, more like she had developed an hourglass figure,

Looking over to the two women she smirked as they sported the same growths, both sporting full large breasts and wide baby-bearing hips.

"Fuck! Thanks alot Ivy, maybe next time you can give'em something that won't make them sleepy." Kicking one of the men over Scream huffed blowing a strand of black and yellow hair out of her eyes as Pam gave a knowing smile back at the symbiote covered woman. "Like these men mean ANYTHING to you, but I must admit I'm still horny for more."

Seeing a flash of light blare at the three nude women they turned to the source and smiled impishly at the two police offers aiming handguns at them.

"Freeze! Police! Put your hands over your heads!"

Laughing at the policemen as they tried NOT to stare at their wobbling tits Mystique took a slow step forward and raised he rhands over her head. "Like this officer?"

Slowly twisting her curvy body sensually she gave the two a show, her hands roaming down her smooth blue skin to show off her burgeoning curves before bringing them back up to toss her long red hair behind her back. As the two offciers were distracted, Poison Ivy blew another gout of red mist in their direction.

Soon enough the bar was filled with moans and cries of passion all over again.


Shoving the door to her apartment wide open Power Girl and Wonder Woman stormed in while a heavily pregnant She Hulk waddled behind them, a smile on her lips as she sat heavily on the remains of the couch, rubbing circles around the bumps that formed at her belly.

"I can't believe it, all those men and YOUR the only one who gets pregnant?!" Hissed Karen as she pressed her back against the wall with her arms crossed under her large proud breasts. "I'm disappointed myself Kara." Frowned Diana as she looked at Jen's swollen form with jealousy. "Hera knows I was filled to the brim tonight by many verile men."

The noise both women made alarted their children to come out of their hiding places and greet their mothers. To their surprise all forty of the newborns had grown into large toddlers, each appearing five or more years old. But the most prominent thing they noticed were that they were all green.

"Jennifer, how is it that our children with the Hulk have grown so? And You?" Mused Diana as she picked up one of her daughters to examine before the little girl leaned down and latched onto her tit. Moaning as she released her milk to her child Diana waited for an explanation from the green woman, who point her finger udner her chin with one hand while the other continued to rub circles at her belly.

"Must be because I'm gamma irradiated, me and my cousin can heal really fast and our metabolism pretty high too. His son Skarr was born last year and he grew up in like... A week!"

Putting her daughter down even as several children cried to have their turn, Diana and Kara sat by either side of their sister-in-crime to hear more. "So... How DID you go gamma Jen? We're dying to know."

"Hmm, well Bruce saved me from a bullet wound with a blood transfusion, after that... BOOM She Hulk."

"You don't say...."

Without warning both women clamped down on either of She Hulks erect nipples and bit down hard. "Ahhh! What are you two doing?! Mmmmph too hard.... Your biting too hard... Oooh more, right there."

Biting down with enough force to break skin both Diana and Karen pulled in as much of the blood tainted milk as they could, Jen's wounds healed quickly as her breasts were drained of milk, lolling her head back as the pleasure drowned out the sharp pain from earlier.

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