Slave El visits his cousin

by Silerspotted
Storyline The Dominatrix conquers the world
Previous Chapter Slave El is forced to turn another heroine into a dominatrix

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Kara slipped out of the shower and began to dry herself. her long golden hair lay on her shoulders, her body, that of a goddess, drpped wet with the water of the shower. Hawkman and his wife were on patrol tonight which gave her a rare night of relaxation.

She finished drying herself and heard  a light click of a door being opened. "who's there?" she asked.

" hello cousin" came a voice." It sounded familiar but not quite.  She thought it was Kal EL but it seemed more monotone. " I'll be there in a second" she replied. She wrapped the towel around her and walked into the living room.

The light was dull, but still the sight of her cousin shocked her. He now wore a shiny version of his red boots and a latex pair of small underpants. The only other thing he wore was a red leather hood that coverd his face.  An opened zip hole covered his mouth. The only way she recognised him was his magnificient phsique and his blue eyes, which seemed dull.

Beside  him stood a woman she also thought she recognised, Wonder Woman, but it couldn't be. The clothes and stature were so different. The woman had a sneering smile on her face, as a predator is about to catch her prey.

"Catch her" Commanded The Dominatrix, and instantly, Slave EL rushed towards his cousin and got her in a lock from behind. As strong as Kara was, she was no match for her cousin, and she found she was unable to move. Besides this she was delayed by a complete state of shock. What was happening to them both?

The Dominatrix strutted over to Kara. Releasing her Red Whip, she cracked it around Kara's neck. Kara suddenly felt she lost the will to move.

The Dominatrix laughed. " Oh to be in such a position. The only other women in the world as powerful as me and soon she will be corrupted. The JOY!!

Kara struggled and had enough self will to cry for help " Kal EL, please let me go, you don't know what you are doing"

The Dominatrix couldn't withhold her amusement and once more laughed out loud. " My dear Kara, Slave El, is going to help you but not in a way you could imagine!"

The Dominatrix issued a command "Take her from behind". Slave EL bent her over and, with his hand , began to rub her pussy. The Red Whip began to do its work. Kara started to feel horny and soon her cunt began to drip with wetness. She wanted to resist but was overcome with pleasure , "Ooooohhhh, gooood, but its not right" she moaned.

" What is not right about it? questioned the Dominatrix. "All men should be our slaves it is only proper that they service us". At this suggestion, Kara's mind began to change.

The Dominatrix commanded " Now fuck her from behind". Instantly, Slave El's Massive penis entered his cousin's wet, dripping cunt. As he began to pump, Kara's body began to shake with pleasure. Slave El thrust his penis into her time aftr time. She shuddered with each pleasurable pump. " Do not cum until I command you" Shouted the Dominatrix, and the two cousins became lost in sex.

As this occurred, the Red Whip, around Kara's neck reformulated her mind. Gone was the innocent Kryptonian with dreams of justice and peace. She now dreamed of female power throughtout the Universe. All males bending to her will. Kara would abuse them sexually and debase them. She anticipated converteing them into her slaves, and she became wetter still. Her mind became full of images of turning other women into Dominatrices; Wonder Girl, The Huntress and Batgirl just to begin with. However, the thought that made her really on heat was  the joy of turning heroes into her sex slaves.  Riding them for hours and turning them into evil versions of themselves.

The Dominatrix could sense that the transformation was almost complete. " Slave EL" She Commanded "Shoot your load into your cousin" At this a massive stream of cum forced itself into Kara. The chemicals invaded her body and her mind. All sympathies with the previous incarnation of Kara EL were now gone. Slave El's cum had transformed her into a full dominatrix. This would never be reversed, she was a dominatrix forever!

"Withdraw your cock! " Ordered the former Wonder Woman. Slave El Withdrew and stood up. He did not look exhausted at all, he would do whatever his Mistress wanted him to do. He felt joy  that he had helped created another dominatrix. He did not even recognise that she was his cousin.

As he withdrew, another change came over the dominatrix that used to be supergirl. Clothes started to encase her body. Like her new Mistress, she had thigh length boots, but these were white with black laces from toe to top. She had white stockings, connected by black garters to a white corset, also with black laces up to her breasts. Her breasts had grown, filling out the corset, a distraction to any man. She had white, leather opera gloves that almost reached the shoulder. Around her neck was a white leather choker. The major difference between her and her mistress was that she had a white cloak that fell to her feet. It had  a fur trim with a connected hood. She also has a black whip that could be used to transform women into dominatrices and men into slaves.

The Dominatrix stood tall and admired her new creation. This was Dominatrix White. As a 19 year old, Kara  had been so innocent, now she was the opposite; an evil dominatrix! No-one could stop her now, all men would bow to her will!!

"You are now Dominatrix White" She christianed her new follower. The Dominatrix laughed with joy. She could not wait to corrupt others.  The dominatrix also noticed another change in her acolyte, the former supergirl now had fangs!. As she had been the most innocent of those corrupted, supergirl was now the most ravenous of the dominatrices. She was a sex vampire! She now lived on the sexual energies of those she converted.

The Domianatrix was overjoyed with glee and ordered Dominatrix White to to sit on Slave EL's face.



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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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