Before the trial begins

by Helen-Troy
Storyline Trial of The Wasp
Characters Thor Amora the Enchantress Captain America Wasp Giant-Man Iron Man
Category Marvel Male Dom
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The cell door opened with a loud screech, pulling The Wasp out of her thoughts. All she had been able to do was think, since she had been captured by the Avengers, and thrown into one of their own holding cells.

Iron Man had easily disabled her stings, and Captain America had read her her rights, while cuffing her wrists behind her back. She'd found out later that Yellowjacket had been 'advised' not to come. Not after what had happened.

Madam Masque stood at the door, one hand resting on the gun in the holster slung around her waist and another holding her whip. Once a villainess, Masque had quickly been tamed by Iron Man, and was now in charge of the Mansion security. An unusual position for a woman, but then again Masque was an unusual woman. She took great delight in tormenting and breaking other women, the more attractive and sexy, the greater her delight. 

"Get up." She gestured with the whip, but did nothing else. Jan guessed that she had been instructed not to harm her. Painfully Jan did as she was told, her shoulders and legs aching as she stood up and stumbled forward.

"It's meeting room one."

The mask revealed nothing, but the contempt in her voice was unmistakable, and The Wasp knew that were it not for the formalities of the trial, Iron Man's pet dominatrix would take great pleasure in whipping compliance back into her. Accepting her fate, she let Masque take her arm and march her forward towards her appointment.

She wondered how she could had let it come to this. At first, everything seemed to perfect. Hank had come to her when she was grieving her father, killed by a terrorist. Like a knight in shining armour he had not only saved her, but gave her the means to get revenge. Together the two of them had become superheroes. Of course, now it all sounds so unlikely, but then… with her father's death, the excitement of her new adventures. It was inevitable that she would find it so easy… so natural… to obey Hank. To honour him. To serve him. To be everything and anything he wanted her to be. When he became Giant Man, his hold over her was complete.

But… things weren't as perfect as she thought. The fact that Hank was living off her money constantly nagged him. To be a kept man was almost impossible. To be a world famous superhero and a kept man was impossible. Or should have been. But that wasn't all… the fact this his experiments had damaged him (he was stuck as Goliath for a period and even now still has a week heart due to overexposure to Pym Particles)  combined with the fact that his current scientific endeavours had failed to come to any fruition simply increased his feeling of lack of self-worth.

That's when Yellowjacket appeared. Some sort of mental mask, a sexy, carefree, reckless adventurer. At first Jan loved it, her relationship with Hank was new, sexy and exciting again. Yet, neither her excitement or his behaviour could paper over the cracks.

Yellowjacket had gone too far, seeking to put the Avengers in mortal danger simply so that he could "rescue them" and once more be the centre of attention. Jan had warned them, and… well, at the end of the day, it was his word against hers. And no woman spoke ill of her man. No woman.

He had turned it all around…. Said it was her idea. Said that she planned it so that he could become leader of the team. Said that it was her money that had built the robot would-be attacker. Worse, he had said that she was bitter, twisted and frigid, unable to respond to his touch or advances. She had become the villain.

She looked up as she entered the room.
God, how she hated him. She hated him more than ever before at that moment. Confined in her cuffs and manacles, she could do nothing but look at the man who had once been her friend, her lover… her Master.

He sat there in the centre of the room - the centre of attention - and just how Hank liked it since taking on his Yellowjacket persona. It was obvious that he was taking great delight in the proceedings, not least seeing Jan depowered, bound and marched before him. A self-satisfied smile danced across his lips as he lounged back in the chair. 

His eyes met hers and despite herself, she could do nothing to hide her humiliation. Here she was, bound and paraded in front not only of Hank, but in front of the rest of the Avengers like some form of common criminal. But even then, she knew that the Avengers would treat a villain like Kang or Zemo with respect. She was nothing but a woman, and would be given none. She knew why Hank was displaying such arrogance – he had nothing to fear. As a man, he held all the cards and had all of the respect and therefore the power.

Damn it. She would feel her pussy churn and moisten, as her skin and face flushed hot red as she realised the full extent of her degradation to come. She knew that Hank would ensure that her punishment was… pleasing to him, and humiliating to her. She had forgotten her place, and he and the rest of the Avengers were going to make sure that she damn well knew her rightful place.

Part of her wished that everything could be forgotten, that she could lay herself at Hank's feet, rest her head of his strong, firm thigh and let things go back to how they used to be. Back when Hank was normal, and before he became Yellowjacket.

Looking up, Janet looked around the meeting room, taking in who was present to pass judgement upon her.

Furthest away was Hawkeye, bent over the Black Window and whispering into her ear making her giggle while his gloved hands casually rode up and down her body. Still wanted by the US Government, the fact that she had been paired with an Avenger ensured that Natasha shared the same high-level clearance and privileges as Hawkeye. Ever since Hawkeye had first introduced the Black Widow to the Avengers, Jan couldn't help but feel the canny Russian had more interest in the Avengers' tech and equipment than she did in Clint. Natasha squealed delightedly and giggled once more as Hawkeye slapped her on her ass as Jan's attention moved to the next jury member, Thor.

The thunder god showed little interest letting Amora, the Enchantress, fed him grapes and wine.

The Enchantress, then the property of Thor's half-brother Loki had been one of the reasons the Avengers had first come together, the result of the manipulations of the two magical Asgardians. While at first Amora fought alongside her Master Loki, her loyalty changed when he weakened and was defeated by Thor.

The fact that Thor had stolen not only Amora's loyalties but also her heart had simply given Loki one more reason to hate the Prince of Asgard.

Next was Captain America, flanked as always by Agent 13. The Captain had been a legend in World War II and was thought long dead, until discovered by the Avengers in suspended animation, frozen in ice. When revived, it was only natural that the Captain would be taken to be examined and retrained by S.H.I.E.L.D., and it was here that he met Sharon Carter – Agent 13. Growing up in a true military family, Agent 13 was the ideal solider – fit, strong, loyal and willing to do anything to serve her country… or the living, breathing symbol of her country. The two were always so formal, neat and precise in public, The Wasp wondered what the two of them got up to when alone.

Finally, it was Iron Man. While the Avengers had rolling chairmen and it was never really stated, it was more or less accepted that Iron Man was the dominant Avenger. He was one of the founding team, his money paid for the team's upkeep and expenses and it was also Iron Man who kept things sweet with Washington. Without Iron Man, it was doubtful the team would have survived as long as it had.

The Armoured Avenger stood tall as he was pampered and primped by Pepper Potts. Once nothing more than a simple secretary at Stark International, she had found herself personally attached to Iron Man. She was here to take the minutes of the meeting, but for now it seemed the two were 

Jan turned to Madam Masque who was still restraining her and smiled inwardly. As she suspected, Masque was studying Potts closely. It was clear that Masque felt jealously towards the secretary, ever since she had been singled out as Iron Man's personal PA. Perhaps this jealously could be something The Wasp could exploit should the moment arise?

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