MJ gets some toys!

by 2sleepy
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Crystal Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Body Modification Corruption M/F Marvel Mind Control Pregnancy
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Franklin knew Felicia Hardy was the super sexy Black Cat.  So she would make an excellent addition to his harem.  Her tantalizing costume has even been ranked as one of the sexiest costumes of any crime fighter.

“HHMmm” Franklin got to thinking so MJ wants toys something that makes her super sexy and the bestest women ever?  He got an idea.  Girls all over the world have been having them thinking they were adorable and cute to play with, even making one to try out for TV.

“How about a baby? That would really surprise Aunt Crystal and all your adoring fans.”  Franklin got to thinking, that could also help to further his agenda.  The thought of such a popular pop star going on stage with a little baby belly would help loosen peoples morals.  Especially if he made it so MJ would send out subtle massages in her performances for people to accept and seek out sex.  Another idea followed his harem would give birth quicker than normal he couldn’t wait a full 9 months, more like days or hours even.  Oh yea and each kid would grow up faster than usual to spread the love, making people seek out sex repeating the cycle.  All his kids would have to listen and obey him what could go wrong?  First he needed to fix his seed, he made his sperm so potent one shot was all it took. 
“Perhaps I should make it so each shot was a baby in the oven” Franky thought.  Franklin knew that MJ had a sold out show later that night, what better way to start this all off then to let her show up expecting.

“I I can’t have a baby I’m too young,  and, and It’ll mess up my career, and…” Franklin quickly went to work on her mind making her accept and want to be pregnant.  Being pregnant wouldn’t hurt her career if anything it would help to promote her.  It would let the world know that she wasn’t just some kid star anymore she was a sexy adult now.  Franklin changed her mind a little more.  Why shouldn’t she have my baby we have been together for years.  It is the natural progression of things.  Franklin planted a deep kiss on MJ’s lovely crimson lips as he kept sending those signals to her mind.  A glazed look entered her eyes as the passionate kiss and gentle probing finally took effect.

With the life returning to her eyes MJ renewed her kiss with greater vigor.  She forced Franklin to his back straddling him as she drove the kiss deeper.  She wanted his baby so bad, they had been trying for months now after all they had been lovers for years.  And like this would like so totally show the world that I’m his girl. Straddling her Franky MJ could feel his burning wood teasing the entrance to her pussy.  She pushed down forcing his dick into her drooling snatch.

“OOHhh Yea” Red moaned.  She started rubbing her rigid nipples up and down Franky’s chest.  While grinding her erect clit into his crotch just help to burn her passion.  “OOHH Baby, give me a baby”  MJ whispered in Franky’s ear.  She pushed up off her lover’s chest.  Leaning back MJ started to playfully smash her boobs together teasing Franklin as she rode up and down on his cock.  She had him mesmerized moaning as she brought her massive tits to her mouth kissing and sucking on them.  Franky cam he couldn’t wait to see her belly start to swell.

“OOHH YEA FUCK ME, PUT A BUN IN MY OVEN” MJ shouted as she kept passionately riding her man.  She started grinding into him harder and faster.  “COME ON I WANT MY TOY.”  Red was rolling from mini orgasms from Franky’s twitching rod.  She could tell he was close to climaxing again.  She clenched her pussy as hard as she could, rising up Franky’s cock nearly slipped out of her pussy.  MJ then plunged down as hard and as fast as she could, cumming as soon as he thrust all the way to the hilt.  His balls were smacking her ass as his dick was pressed into her womb spewing forth all he had.  MJ still wanted more, she willed his cock rigid several more times before they were finally done.  Franklin put on the finishing touches by swelling her belly to 4 months along.  With a wicked grin he made her tits swell up too.

“OH Auntie Crystal we have a surprise for you” MJ and Franklin sang for Crystal and Peter down below.  As they were coming down the stairs both couples were dumbstruck by what they saw.

“OOOHHH FFFRRANKKYYY WHAT DID YOU DOOOO???”  Auntie Crystal was sitting on top of Peter.  She was pregnant!?  Her belly was covering most of his torso, with her swollen tits lying heavily on her gravid belly oozing milk.  She looked like she was past due with quadruplets or more.

“AAAAHHUUUG”  water gushed from Crystal’s pussy as she quickly got off of Peter.  Sliding down off the couch she spread her legs getting ready to push.  “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?” Crystal screamed as she felt the baby enter her birth canal followed by another contraction.

It dawned on Franklin apparently when he undid his sterilization reality was warped so it never happened in the first place.  On top of that when he made himself more potent, and for his harem to have faster births reality was warped to before his sterilization too.  “1..2..” he mentally counted wait I only cam in her twice but she is way too large for twins.  He watched as Crystal had already pushed one baby out of her belly, with another already crowning her pussy.   He mentally counted again, “Oh No” it seems his sperm kick starts the women’s fertility too so whoever cums in her would get her pregnant each time.

“OH NO WHAT ABOUT MY MOM??” Franklin thought.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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