She spanks him with her cock

by MrHookman
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Crystal
Previous Chapter Franklin turns Crystal into a dominant dickgirl

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Crystal noticed that Franklin physically couldn't stop staring at her magnificent new cock.

"What's wrong Franklin? Do you see something you like?"
Franklin nodded his head slightly, his jaw hanging open.
"How about if I do this?"
Crystal wrapped one hand around the base of her cock and slowly stroked the long, thick shaft, drawing her fingers over the soft veins that ran across its length.
Franklin let out a shaking moan. a moan of desperation and lust. Crystal licked her lips and smirked.
"Do you want it, Franklin?"
Franklin tried to move his lips to make the words yes but all his mouth could do was fill with drool as he gazed upon the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his short life.
"No? Then I guess I'll just go and find someone el-"
"Yyyyesss" Groaned Franklin, barely able to speak.
Crystal laughed, a short, harsh sound. "Of course you want it, Frankie. Why wouldn't you? But I don't think you've earned it, naughty boy."
Franklin finally looked up at her face, his eyes moist with tears and as pleading as a puppy dog.
It was a look that said 'I'll do anything'.
"First I have to punish you. Then, when I feel you've earned it, you can have a treat. Thats how you train a dog, right? Bend over the bed for your Auntie Crystal."
Franklins head was reeling. All his dreams were coming true but he knew that Crystal was about to ravage his virgin ass and this made him nervous.
"Do it, or I get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, Franklin."
He bolted to the bed and bent over it, his soft boyish ass sticking up into the air.
Crystal walked up behind him and squeezed his butt, almost like she was testing a new purchase. She grabbed the waistband of the boxers that he had been sleeping in and pulled them down his legs in one smooth motion. She brought the boxers up to his face and inhaled their sweaty, boyish scent, undercut with something sweet that she believed to be precum, and then threw them across the room. She placed her prick in the cleft of his ass and started to rub it up and down. Franklin groaned, his voice muffled by the bedsheets.
"Is this what you want, naughty boy?" Crystal asked.
"Yesssss" Hissed Franklin.
"Do you want this as well?"
She raised her cock and swung it at Franklins right buttcheek. There was a loud slapping sound and Franklin yelped in pain. Crystals cock was so hard and so massive that it felt like a paddle slapping his ass.
"Oh, you liked that didn't you, you dirty doggy?!" She crowed.
Franklin shook his head frantically.
"You can't lie to me, Franklin." She said as she reached underneath him and tugged on his dick, making him shiver with pleasure "Your little baby-dicks as hard as a rock, so you must have liked it."
She grabbed the base of her cock with one hand again and used it to smack the boys other cheek. He grunted and his hands curled into fists, clutching handfuls of the bedsheets.
"You like it! You like it when your Auntie spanks you with her big! Fat! Cock!"
She emphasised the last three words with more brutal cock-slaps to Franklins behind.
He quivered with pain and fear and excitement, making his ass jiggle in a way that Crystal found insanely sexy. She spanked him again, and again, getting more vicious with each spank, until Franklins ass was burning cherry-red and tears were streaming down his face.  
She lifted her cock and brought it down with all her might, right between his cheeks, leaving a splash of her warm, wet precum on the small of his back.  The slap was so strong that Franklin bounced on the springy bed and couldn't help but sob with the glorious pain. 
Crystal noticed the precum and used her thumb to scoop it up and offer it to the trembling young man. He hesitated for a moment before greedily sucking her thumb until it shone with his spit. 
Her gooey precum tasted like mana from the heavens to the boy, who was so turned on he was close to losing his mind. He jumped and his eyes went wide when he felt that same wet thumb poking at the entrance to his tight, puckered asshole. 
Crystal leaned down, her hair falling over his face, and whispered into his ear.
"I think you'll like this even more, my good little doggy."

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