Dr. Violet toys with her body

by Master_Kind
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
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"Oh, and cleaning makes you horny as well but you just can't stop yourself . . . unless I tell you you can."

Carol gasped and groaned as she dusted the office, each stroke making her pussy churn with need. She bit her lip and tried to fight it, for her friend Jessica's sake.

"I know zees is you, Purple Man! How are you doing thees? I'll stop you, no matter what zou zink- ooh!"

"Hmm, it must be hard to see over those frankly gigantic tits of yours when you're cleaning. No wonder you have to bend over so much and put that constantly wet blonde snatch of yours on display."

Captain Marvel groaned as her tits rapidly began expanding outwards, forcing the zipper on the front of her costume down even as her her pussy got even wetter and hotter.

"Non! Non! Stop zees!" she shouted, futilely trying to force her swelling tits back down with one hand - the other still frantically dusting - as they expanded outwards to the size of watermelons, forcing her zipper all the way down to her navel and tearing apart her simple white bra before popping out. They jutted out so far she couldn't even seen her feet any more and her large pink nipples were both rock hard and throbbing with need. "Damn you, Purple Man!"

"My name is Dr. Violet now. Please remember to call me that when others are around. Of course, when it's just you and I, you will call me Master like a good French Maid should. If you do a good job, I may even fuck you or let Jessica- I mean, Jasmine - fist your hungry little cunt. Am I speaking slowly enough for you Maid Marvel? I know how stupid you are."

"I not stupeed, Master! Wait, I mean Master, not Master! Uhhnn . . ." Carol felt her brain fog over. Suddenly thinking was incredibly hard! She knew she had to clean. No, wait, fight! She had to fight. And clean.

"Ohhh! What Master doing to me?" she said, her brain fogging over.

"Well, a dumb French Maid like you can barely speak English. Truth is, as much as you like to clean, you're so stupid I mostly just keep you around as a fucktoy. You are my fucktoy. Can you say "fucktoy"?"

'Oui, Master. Fucktoy." Carol said obediently, her giant tits and pussy throbbing with need. She dully remembered something being wrong with this. "Non, me- I mean, I- what you do- why me horny? Zees not right! Stop!"

Dr. Violet smiled.

"Your costume looks filthy. You can't abide filthy clothes."

"Non!" she screeched, not noticing how her voice had become low and seductive as she tore off her Captain Marvel uniform. "No like dirtee!"

Dr. Violet whistled appreciatively at her naked body.

"Very nice. But let's get rid of all that unsightly muscle tone and give you some nice soft curves to match those monster mams of yours, hmm?"

Carol felt her body softening and reforming, her muscles falling away from rock hard perfection down into the toned figure of a swimsuit model. She tried to think how he was doing this, how she could stop him but thinking didn't work. It just made her head hurt.

"Pleaze . . . non! Do not- pleeze!" she whimpered, her body aching with need and head throbbing with pain.

"Shh. Don't try to struggle. Thinking about anything besides cleaning and fucking will just make your simple little head hurt. Now put on the clean, pretty French Maid outfit in front of you and smile! You don't want to disappoint your Master, Dr. Violet."

Captain Marvel's new costume had gone away, replaced with a tiny French maid costume. The only underwear was a garter belt and fishnet stockings. She put it on quickly and efficiently. She was still a bit confused about things and very, very horny but she now knew that she did not want to disappoint her Master, Dr. Violet.

"Perfect." Dr. Violet said with an evil smile.

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