Dawn asks Charmaine to show them to the diner. She is starving

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Slayer in Stepford
Characters Buffy
Category Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Bimboization
Previous Chapter A Stepford girl chats Buffy and Dawn up...maybe they would like to come hang out at the mall?

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"I was wondering if you could point us in the direction of the mall," Buffy said, her tone over-enthusiastic, "You do have a mall, right?"

"Buffy!" Dawn shouted in a loud, whiney voice, "I was going to ask Charmaine to show us to a restaurant.  I'm starving!"

"Slow down you two," Charmaine Van Sant breathed happily, a serene smile on her heavily made-up face, "There is plenty of time for all of us to do both today.  And besides," she said, her wide, near-vacant eyes drifting up and down Dawn's body, "it looks like you could use a good meal.  You're all skin and bones!"

Charmaine ended her sentence with a cheerful laugh.  Buffy and Dawn looked at one another, and soon joined in on the sexy middle-aged woman's laughter.  Suddenly, Buffy stopped and blinked her eyes a few times as if trying to work something out in her mind.

"Wait, Mrs. Van Sant," Buffy stammered in confusion, "Do you mean to say that you are going to come with us?"

"Well, of course, darling.  And please call me Charmaine," Charmaine cooed, fluffing up her perfectly-styled, big red hair, "I was hoping to do some shopping today and we all have to eat, don't we?  I'd be happy to show you around town."  She then turned to Dawn and took hold of her the girl's shoulders by both hands.  Dawn's big blue eyes focused immediately on the huge diamond ring the obvious trophy wife wore, trying not to look directly at the statuesque woman's cleavage, "Now, Dawn, is it?  Just how hungry are you?"

"Starving, Charmine," Dawn spoke, a pleading look came over Dawn's face.

"Well then, that's settled.  We will head directly to one of Stepford's fine restaurants to feed you two lovelies and then I will escort you personally to the mall," Charmaine proclaimed, flashing a brilliant, pearly-white smile.  Never once did it occur to Buffy or Dawn that the ravishing redhead had the almost-too cheerful tone of a tour guide.  Instead, the two Summers girls simply smiled at one another, pleased that they had found such a helpful person in Stepford.

With that, Charmaine turned sharply on her sky-high heels and walked gracefully nearly out into the street.  A twinge of panic broke through Buffy's serene demeanor for their new friend when she saw a white taxi zoom out of nowhere.  It looked like the car was headed directly for the full-figured woman, when it skidded to a stop right in front of Charmaine.  The driver, a man that appeared to be in his twenties wearing a finely-tailored suit, shot out of the driver side and ran to the back of the cab where he opened the door for Charmaine and the Summers girls.  Charmaine motioned for Dawn to enter first, and the youngest Summers complied with a smile.  Charmaine then maneuvered her curvy body into the back, a feat made all the more impressive with her skintight dress and towering high heels.  Finally, it was Buffy's turn to pile into the back of the taxi.

"Come, Buffy," Charmaine cooed, in an almost motherly tone, "Your sister is starving.  We mustn't keep Dawn waiting."

Buffy thought for a moment there was something wrong with this whole situation, but there was something in the back of her head telling her to follow the sexy older woman's orders.  There was a rumble in Buffy's well-toned stomach and she realized that she herself was hungry and gave a slight, carefree shrug and did as Charmaine said.  Soon, the taxi pulled away, taking them to the nearest high-class restaurant and Buffy and Dawn sat in the back smiling at how lucky they had been at meeting Charmaine.

All the while, poppy music played in the back of the cab.  Dawn leaned her head back on the plush leather seat in the spacious taxi and let herself relax.  A wide, dopey smile overtook her youthful face.  Buffy, on the other hand, had a slight frown on her face.  There was still that feeling that something was wrong but couldn't quite place it.  How they had put all their trust in a complete stranger in this town they had just stopped in on a whim.  The feeling of Charmaine's hand on Buffy's knee shook her out of her doubtful feelings.

"Buffy, darling, don't frown like that.  You'll get wrinkles," Charmaine cooed, before giving Buffy a calming, reassuring smile, "Just relax and listen to the music.  There, that's a good girl.  Rest your head back.  Doesn't it feel better to relax?"

Buffy did as she was told, and rested her head back on the seat cushion, just as Dawn had done and let the music wash over her.  A pleasant tingle made its way through her body at once again obeying Charmaine.  The music was quite pleasant, she had to admit and it did feel good to relax for once.  Her life had been so burdened by the responsibility of being the Slayer, and maybe in this place, this Stepford, she could finally find a carefree life.

Charmaine looked from her left to her right and saw the complete placid looks on both Summers girls faces and she herself beamed a wide, vacant smile.  It was always good for a Stepford wife to welcome new residents into Stepford.  Soon, Buffy and Dawn would come to realize just how perfect of a place Stepford could be.

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