A Stepford girl chats Buffy and Dawn up...maybe they would like to come hang out at the mall?

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Slayer in Stepford
Characters Buffy
Category Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mind Control
Previous Chapter Buffy and Dawn enter Stepford

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“I have absolutely no idea what’s going on around here, but based on how posh everything looks I’d say everything looks a little too swanky for our little road trip.” Buffy said, glancing over at Dawn.

Buffy gave the car a little more gas than she normally would have.  She had experienced the purest of evil and also a certain level of strange that she had just seemed to have grown accustomed to.  Buffy had felt like she had left that behind her, at least ever so briefly on this road-trip.  She thought that would all return once they got back to Sunnydale.  But now Buffy was starting to get that same feeling back.  Stepford by no means gave off an evil vibe, but it was bursting at the seams with peculiar.  So it was only natural that Buffy wanted to put Stepford safely in the rear-view mirror and get to some place that gave her less of the willies.

“You know, it’s not that I’m worried or anything.  If the women of Stepford want to parade in around in revealing dresses, wear gaudy chokers that proclaim where they’re from and generally slut it up, that’s fine with me.  That’s there business.” Dawn stammered, clearly trying to save face for mocking Buffy earlier.  “It’s just that I’d rather not…”

Suddenly, the car’s radio turned on unexpectedly drawing both girls’ attention.  It crackled and buzzed loudly in the most irritating noise either of them had ever heard.  Buffy didn’t waste a second in trying to turn it off but it was no use.  The annoying noise lasted a few seconds more, then from somewhere within the scrambled commotion came a fast-paced, poppy beat that was so sugary sweet it could rot teeth.  And then, the noise was gone with the radio turning itself off just as suddenly as it had sprung to life.

“…leave a place so perfect!” Dawn gushed.  A wide, excited smile spread across her face and she wiggled in her seat energetically.

Buffy, meanwhile had to turn the wheel sharply to keep the car from running off the road, having been dazed for a split second.  Dawn looked over at the petite blonde Slayer and laughed lightly.  Buffy knew in the back of her mind that she should be embarrassed for her driving and mad at Dawn for laughing at her, but none of that rose to the surface.  Instead, she turned to Dawn and her lips curled in a wide smile as the intelligence looked like it had been drained out of her skull.  Both girls looked at each other with wide, excited eyes and erupted in a fit of girlish giggles.  Neither of them worried in the slightest that their radio had just turned on by itself or they almost got into an accident.

“You are so right, Dawnie!” Buffy chirped, “Stepford IS an absolutely perfect place!  We should get out and look around.  I am just dying to go shopping!”

“And I am famished.  I saw a diner a few shops back.  Maybe we can stop there too!” Dawn exclaimed.  Buffy looked over at Dawn and nodded in agreement.  Dawn looked into Buffy’s eyes and was surprised that her pussy grew wet at how vacant her sister’s big, beautiful eyes were.  She hoped that her own eyes gave off the same mindless quality.  ‘After all,’ Dawn thought, ‘thinking makes a girl ugly.  Beauty is all that matters.  Stepford can make Buffy and I beautiful!  We must never leave.’

Never once did it occur to her that these thoughts were strange or foreign in any way.


“OK, close call everyone, but they are staying put.” a man announced standing up from a computer screen in a control room.  He was tall, lean man dressed in a crisp white shirt, thin black tie, charcoal-colored pants and shiny black shoes.  His black hair had been slicked back and his rich tan gave him a youthful look despite the flecks of gray that were showing up in his full head of hair, “I would say that if the subliminals with the radio didn’t get them to stay I’m sure Stepford’s top-notch police force would have booked them for something or other.  They were going thirty-two in a twenty-five.  I call that speeding.  Anyway, it’s going to take them a while to get parked so why doesn’t everyone take five.”

With that, the room full of technicians shuffled out past their leader while the Summers’ car pulled into a parking ramp.  The Director, as he was called, shook hands and high-fived the men that walked past.  All of the technicians were men.  In Stepford this type of work wasn’t meant for women.  For the most part women didn’t show up in the facility that the Director ran, with the exception of certain women that dressed up as nurses, maids and sexretaries to give their unique brand of assistance programmed into them until it was just part of who they were.  The Director’s smile only grew when he recalled the camera footage he had seen of Buffy and Dawn and how they would look slinking into his personal office wearing glossy white latex nurses outfits to suck his big cock for all they were worth.  To be good Stepford girls through and through.

“Mr. Shephard?” came an anxious voice that broke him from his brief fantasy.  Standing behind him at entrance to the control room was a man in his late-twenties.

“Call me Nathan, Duncan.  What can I do for you?” answered the Director as a calming smile spreading across his face.

“I was wondering if I should go ahead and book their reservations at the Wellington Hotel?” Duncan asked, taking his glasses off and cleaning them.

“Showing initiative.  I like that.  Yes, I suppose after they sample a bit of the town I’m sure they will feel the urge to stay.  They always do.  Go ahead.” The Director said, taking a sip from his coffee cup.  “But Duncan, like I said take five.  I know you’re new here as part of my little operation but just so you know we do like to keep things casual around here.  Don’t want to work ourselves to death.”

“Of course, Nathan,” Duncan commented, looking up at the screen.  The car had parked in a ramp next to the mall and one of the hundreds of cameras around town was filming both Summers girls getting out of their car.  They still had the excited, vacant looks in their eyes, “I just have to say these two are already smoking hot.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them once the subliminals, clinics and the rest of what Stepford offers gets a hold of them!”

“Patience, my boy,” Nathan said, his eyes focused on Buffy and Dawn, “But you’re not wrong.  I do believe these two are going to be special.  Now, take a break.  I can handle things for five minutes.”


Buffy and Dawn emerged from the car ramp’s stairwell and into the bright sunny Stepford main street.  A few stylishly dressed men and women passed them.  Both Summers girls were in awe of the women.  From their perfectly coifed hair, to their flawless makeup, to their tight fitting clothes that showcased every single womanly curve, they felt very inadequate.  Although their happy, vacant eyes and wide smiles told one story to anyone who happened to pass them by, inside the Summers pouted helplessly with conflicting feelings that bordered on jealousy.  Why weren’t they as sexy as these women?  Why didn’t they have these curvy, voluptuous feminine bodies?  Would they even be welcomed in Stepford looking the way they did?

Just then, a tall redhead came strutting down the sidewalk wearing a lime-green long-sleeve mini-dress.  The hem of the plastered-on garment was very short and it had a plunging neckline showcasing her deep cavern of cleavage.  Shiny white stockings played up her long-legs and sky-high stilettos completed the entire look.  The woman moved swiftly down the sidewalk as she placed one dainty foot in front of the other as her ass swayed back and forth like a pendulum.  How the woman stayed up walking on such high heels with her impossibly curvy body, the Summers girls couldn’t tell but they were desperate to find out.  Something inside of their minds, something that wasn’t there a few minutes before, craved to emulate this woman.

Buffy looked over to Dawn who rose her eyebrows and nodded.  Buffy then stepped forward, a slightly nervous expression crossed her smiling face.  “Excuse me, miss?  My name is Buffy and this is my sister Dawn.”

“We’re…um…new in town…” Dawn stammered.

The stunning redhead stopped in her tracks, her jumbo chest bounced softly as she looked at the two Summers girls.  “Well, hello girls!” the redheaded exclaimed in a high-pitched sing-song voice, flashing a winning smile.  She absentmindedly toyed with her rhinestone choker with the word ‘Stepford’ emblazoned on the front, “My name is Charmaine Van Sant.  Now what can I do for two cuties like yourselves?”


Little to Buffy, Dawn or even Charmaine’s knowledge, deep below Stepford the man that called himself the Director pressed a button and a program began to run that was recording everything Buffy and Dawn were saying to the sexy Stepford wife.  Only he and a few others knew how this step of the process worked.  They were recording the Summers sisters’ voices so they could form computerized duplicates of their own voices so when the real subliminal messages began to condition them it would be a familiar tone they would be hearing.  This was all thanks to a microscopic chip embedded in Charmaine’s rhinestone collar.

‘Collars that soon Buffy and Dawn would be wearing as docile and sexed up loyal citizens of Stepford!’ Nathan thought to himself.

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