Meanwhile, Janet Van Dyne shows off her newly "Pym Particle-enlarged" tits and talks about her reuninting with Hank to a suspicious Ms. Marvel

by Master_Kind
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Ms. Marvel Wasp Purple Man Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Masturbation Body Modification Mind Control
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"Carol! You changed your costume! Without MY input?"

Captain Marvel - formerly Ms. Marvel - turned toward the sound of Wasp's voice with a smile. She knew that the other woman would be livid that she'd changed her costume without consulting her but it was still nice to see her again. Of course, when she did see Jan, the smile on her face froze in place.

"Jan- you- Jesus, Jan, what happened to your TITS?"

Janet Van Dyne's formerly petite frame was now thrown way out of kilter by a huge set of boobs jutting out of her chest like cantaloupes. Her perky natural C's looked like they were now at least a DD, if not bigger. They looked natural but on Jan's 5' 1" frame, they seemed even more gigantic than they already were. Even more noticeable were a set of perky nipples so hard that they stood out against the tiny spandex bustier as if trying to force their way out of the fabric.

"You like them? They're new!" Jan giggled. "Everyone can't stop talking about them! And my husband LOVES them, naturally."

"Wait - husband?" Carol asked in shock. As far as she knew, Jan was happily single and not so . . . huge! "What husband?"

"Hank Pym, silly!" Jan said. "Wow, we really haven't talked in a while, have we?"

"I've been in space." Carol replied tersely. "When did you and Hank get remarried? And why did you get- THOSE?!?" 

"Oh, Carol! Jealous?" she said teasingly. "I may not have your booty but at least I'm not a little girl compared to girls like She-Hulk anymore!"

"Jealous is not the word I would use." Carol said flatly, still staring at Wasp in shock. Her new costume looked to be some kind of strapless, backless one piece bikini, which didn't seem so immodest except for the giant tits threatening to burst out of it.

Jan laughed and turned around.

"Oh, Carol! So old-fashioned! C'mon, let's go talk out by the pool! I feel like a dip in the jacuzzi."
Carol was going to make a remark about "floatation devices" but the back of Jan's outfit brought another surprise.

"Jesus! Is that a thong?"

Jan looked over her shoulder with a haughty smile.

"Oh, please! So what if it is? you're the last one to lecture me on showing off my sweet little ass in public! I know that none of us compare to you Ms. Bootylicious but a girl can try, no?"

Carol blushed and blinked in shock. None of this made sense! Jan had always had a daring fashion sense but this was just trashy.

"Was this- all of this stuff Hank's idea? Did he put you up to it?" she asked slowly.

"Nope! All mine!" Jan said, walking briskly to the pool, her feet in six inch yellow open toe stilettos that made her high tight ass sway back and forth like a pendulum as she moved. "I got tired of everybody drooling over all those other Avenger girls! Luckily, Hank had his Pym Particles and I had this made specially to fit me after he made my cups runneth over! Not that he's complained one bit of course!"

She giggled naughtily.

"And I haven't either! Gawd, Carol, you would not BELIEVE the sex we've been having! Or how sensitive these puppies are now!" she said, smoothing over her huge new tits with a dreamy smile. "I can cum just from tit-fucking Hank! I should have done this YEARS ago! Bigger boobs mean bigger orgasms, I'm not even joking! No wonder She-Hulk's so naughty!"

"Uh-huh." Carol said blankly. This was all a little extreme but Jan had always been the flighty, impulsive type . . . was this really her doing or was something wrong?

"How did you and Hank get back together?" she asked in a careful tone as they exited to the outdoor pool area.

"You'll be happy to know my hubby finally started seeing a much-needed therapist! His name is Dr. Violet and he managed to cure Hank of all his, well, "problems". The man's a godsend, Carol, he really is."

The former Ms. Marvel nodded.

"Go on."

"Well, I couldn't believe the change in Hank when he came to me. So sensitive, so thoughtful! I had to meet this Dr. Violet for myself and would you believe he actually specializes in superhero couples? What are the odds?"

Carol grimaced. Between this and her not being able to find Jessica Jones or Luke Cage anywhere since she'd gotten back, the odds seemed pretty good indeed.

"I can only imagine. So, let me guess - this Dr. Violet went ahead and helped you two get back together?"

"Got it in one, Carol!" Jan giggled as she absently stripped out of her costume. As if the tight-hugging spandex hadn't made it obvious, she was stark naked underneath it.

"Jan! Aren't you worried about somebody seeing you?" Carol said blushing beet red.

"Oh, don't be a prude! It's just us girls here today and it's beautiful out! Some of us aren't so ashamed of our bodies that we cover ourselves from neck to toe! I hate the new costume BTW - what were you THINKING?"

Carol had had enough.

"What was I thinking? What was I thinking?" she shouted at the naked petite beauty. "Jan, you've got a new set of tits like some kinda porn star and married your ex-husband! All because of this Dr. Violet! Wake up!"

Jan rolled her eyes.

"He said you'd say that. He already diagnosed you as having a paranoid personality who has problems with intimacy and trust issues - all without even meeting you! He also said you might mention people who don't exist like "Jessica" or "Luke". He's actually really worried about you, Carol. I think you should go see him right away."

"Well, you know what? You're right about one thing - I think it's time I met with your precious doctor and worked out a few of my rage issues." Carol growled in response.

Jan deliberately ignored the rage in her friend's voice as she slid into a nearby jacuzzi, big tits swaying as she minced up the steps in her heels, which she still wore for some odd reason.

"I'm so glad to hear that! His address is on the business card in my costume's left pocket."

"I'm amazed you even have pockets on that thing." Carol grumbled, digging around the skimpy swimsuit until she found a tiny pocket under one massive cup. She dug out a business card - the address listed was in a fancy high-rise in upper Manhattan. She could fly there in less than a minute.

"Time to get to the bottom of this." she muttered before taking off like a rocket into the sky.

Jan smiled and sighed. She knew her silly friend Carol would be so much happier after seeing Dr. Violet. She tapped the Avengers communicator in her ear and it auto-dialed the most important man in her life. The phone rang for a few moments until Dr. Violet picked up his direct line. She could faintly hear eager slurping sounds and moaning in the background. Sounded like some lucky girl was getting the honor of sucking his cock.

"Ahhh, hello, Jan. How are things? No, no - keep going, Susan."

"Good, Master. I just called to tell you that Ms- er, Captain Marvel is on her way to you. She reacted just like you said she would!"

Dr. Violet chuckled.

"Near-perfect timing. I should be finished up with my 3:00 here very - ooh, that's good, Susan, take it all you filthy slut - VERY shortly. As a reward for your loyal service, I give you permission to masturbate yourself to orgasm five times."

"Thank you, Master!" Jan cooed, reaching up her hands to squeeze her big, wet sensitive titties.

"You are dismissed, slut. Keep me appraised should anyone else show up."

"Yessssss, Master!" groaned Jan, pulling on her big fat nips as the phone clicked off, making herself see stars. Life with big titties was so wonderful! She cried out Dr. Violet's name as the first of five powerful orgasms shook her tiny body.

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