Dr. Violet alters her mind some more

by Master_Kind
Storyline Toys of the Purple Man
Characters Invisible Woman Mister Fantastic
Previous Chapter Dr. Violet has Susan make the wall invisible and they both look how Reed fucks Jasmine

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Susan Richards' emotions were in a knot, torn between rage, sadness and arousal. Rage at her wimp of a husband for sucking on that stupid slut's big tits. Sadness that somehow she and Reed had grown apart so quickly. And an embarrassing amount of lust for Dr. Violet.

"I deserve a real man but - why would Reed- I'm so confused, Doctor!"

Dr. Violet chuckled and lifted her face to his, gently hooking his finger under her chin. The mere touch made her body feverish with desire. Why hadn't Jan mentioned that this man was so unbearably sexy?

"Calm down and focus on me now, Susan."

She relaxed instantly and immediately felt better looking into Dr. Violet's purple eyes.

"That's very good, Susan. Sometimes our bodies are smarter than our brain, Susan. I'm sure you've noticed how horny I make you. Just looking at me makes you wetter than you've ever been in your life. I can see your nipples through that tight costume of yours."

Sue shuddered with need. God, he saw right through her! She licked her lips, knees weak with desire. Not even Namor had made her feel this horny!

"You're horny for me because you know something secret about me, Susan. You know I'm a real man. More importantly, you can tell that even though I'm always right and you can trust me, I'm secretly a really, really evil man. And evil men turn you on. The thought of being with an evil man instead of your weak, pathetic husband is wonderful. Your body needs my evil cock inside of it and that's perfectly okay, Susan."

Susan moaned. How did Dr. Violet know about her secret fetish? Why Namor had always made her so wet? He was an evil man and that was turning her on so much!

"Dr. Violet- I'm not- I'm a superheroine." she whimpered lamely, her mind still trying to hold on to her old identity.

"Yes, you have been a superheroine - a boring life as the boring wife of a boring, goody goody weakling. You've hated your life with that rubber band of a husband, always having to be so good and proper. Secretly, Susan, I would say you've always dreamed of being a supervillainess, showing off your hot body and getting fucked like a dirty whore by evil men with hard cocks just like me. That's why you're here today with me. You want to be bad."

Susan groaned in delight as Dr. Violet's hands slid down to her tits and began to squeeze them wantonly.

"Oooh, Dr. Violet! I- I need your hard, evil cock inside me!" she gasped, smiling wickedly. "I want to be baaaaaaaaad!"

"Don't worry, Susan, I'll gladly fuck you - soon. First, however, we need you to make me some promises. Why don't you take off that stupid uniform and your underwear to get more comfortable? I know it would make you feel better. We both know the reason you got your powers is because you always wanted to show off your slutty naked body, so please make yourself comfortable before we go on."

Susan tore off her uniform in a delighted frenzy, thrilled to finally get naked in front of Dr. Violet. With a grin, she tore her bra apart with her force field powers, letting her D-cup tits bounce free, pink nipples hard and ready. She did the same to tear off her panties which were soaked with her juices, leave her neat blonde bush and pussy exposed. She put her hands behind her head and thrust out her chest while cocking her hips, displaying her sexy body for that evil sex god Dr. Violet, biting her lip.

"Mmm, very nice, Susan. You take good care of yourself. Keep that up. I like my women to stay in shape. Now then, where were we?"

"You were telling me what I had to to do get you to fuck me with your hard, evil cock, Dr. Violet." Susan panted. God, why wouldn't he just fuck her already? Maybe she wasn't acting evil and slutty enough?

"Ah, of course. Susan, if you want my cock in your mouth, pussy and slutty asshole every week - and I know you want that more than anything - you will have to keep your promises to me."

Dr. Violet smiled in a very compassionate manner as he unzipped the zipper of his sensible tan slacks.

"First, you must promise to act like a happier version of your old self when we are not together, albeit a sexier one. I'm evil but I don't want anyone else but you to know that just yet, so we must be careful not to tell anyone. You must act like your boring old self until I say so. I know that will be hard for you Susan but I will give you permission to be a little sexier than you used to be - maybe do something about that boring costume of yours or "forget" to wear panties. In fact, go back to that nice slutty outfit you wore with the cleavage window shaped like a "4". I liked that one."

"Yes, Dr. Violet, I promise!" Susan whimpered, staring at his unzipped crotch as he slid out his long, thick cock. So big and it wasn't even hard yet! She fell to her knees before him and reached out to grab his cock and start sucking it.

"Wait a moment, Susan! We're not done yet. Second, you must promise that you will tell all your female friends that they should go to see me, especially the couples. Third, if I call you, you must drop whatever you are doing and come see me immediately. And lastly, you must make sure to help your husband help me to become even more powerful. Do you promise to do all of these things, Susan?"

"Yes, yes, yes! I promise! Just put your big, evil cock in me, Dr. Violet! Please!"

Dr. Violet chuckled. This was too easy.

"Do you like sucking cock, Susan?"

"I- I'm not very fond of it, Dr. Violet." she replied huskily. "But for you, I'll suck your cock anywhere and anytime!"

He smiled and slid a hand down to the back of her head.

"You haven't liked sucking cock because you've only sucked the cock of boring wimps like your husband. Sucking MY cock will make you feel incredibly happy. You will enjoy sucking my cock so much, it will actually make you sad whenever you go too long without sucking my big, evil dick. Swallowing my cum or getting it all over your face and tits will make you feel complete and blissful."

Susan Richards, The Invisible Woman, knelt before Dr. Violet, her mouth and pussy now both drooling with need as she stared at his cock. Just the sight of it made the former Purple Man rock hard and his meaty cock throbbed and rose, now just centimeters from the blonde's lips.

"Start sucking me off Susan. Give me the best, sluttiest blowjob of your life. Impress me. Show me just how much of a nasty, evil slut you can be."

"Ohhhh, Dr. Violet . . ." moaned the blonde, one hand buried in her pussy as the other began lifting and guiding his thick tool into her mouth. "Mmmmm! Mmmmph! Mmmm!"

He sighed with pleasure. The blowjob was good - damned good in fact - but doing this to these stuck-up superwhores was even better. This little slut was a sexy woman, no doubt about it and he just knew she'd be an amazing fuck. Perhaps after she finished sucking his cock, he'd use his enhanced powers on her body. Maybe give her a nicer ass, maybe make her tits just a tiny bit bigger - nothing that couldn't be explained away by a change in exercise or diet. Sue Richards began to whimper and frantically deep throat him, frenzied with lust, as if sensing his evil thoughts and getting even more turned on. God! She was amazing!

He hadn't been sucked off this well since he'd turned Jessica Jones AKA Jewel into "Jasmine", his big-titted slut of a secretary. He looked over through the invisible wall and grinned at her as Mister Fantastic stretched out his mouth and tongue to suck on as much of her big tits as possible, like a man obsessed, his other hand encasing and squeezing her second tit like a bikini top. She winked back at him and waved the index card he'd left for her with orders for her new slave. Everything was going according to plan.

Dr. Violet laughed and shoved the supposed genius' wife's head down further onto his cock, facefucking the formerly prim little bitch with relish. She only responded with further moans of delight, humming over his thick cock and breathing wildly through her nose, ecstatic to have even more of his big dick in her mouth.

After he finished with Susan, he'd make just a few more tweaks to the supposed supergenius turned slave to his secretary and soon, he'd be even more powerful. He'd have every superslut in NYC under his pocket before anyone knew a thing!

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