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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
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As Amazing Woman left the room, Brett couldn't stop himself from watching her swaying ass. She was gorgeous- and, somehow, the fact  that she had taken him down so easily was a bit of a turn-on. As was obvious from his half-stiffy. he wondered if she had noticed it. he didn't have anything to be ashamed of in that department, he knew- although it had been over two years since any woman had seen it- or since he had gotten to use it. Well, he'd abused it- although opportunities to do that were few and far between. Face it, he thought- you're horny as hell!

He shook his head- don't think about it- if it's going to happen, it won't be because you're acting like a horny puppy. He looked to where Amazing Woman had gestured when she had said something about getting dressed- there was a small machine, basically a metal cube, with a hatch on top, and some buttons. He went over and opened the hatch. Inside were his clothes. As he pulled them out, he realized they were. if not completely clean (there were stains in them he was sure would never be gone), at least disinfected- and they smelled a lot better.

He put them on, and walked into the large, computer-filled chamber."Hey, how'd you get my clothes clean so-"

He stopped. Amazing Woman was standing near the other end of the room- but she wasn't alone! In front of her was an older man- in his 60's, he guessed, although it was hard to say. he was tall- at least 6'4", and looked like a retired athlete- not one that had gone to seed, but a man who still worked out regularly. He was bald, with sharp features, dressed in some sort of uniform- military,  but not a branch of the service Brett recognized. There was something odd about him, though- not him, really, but- looking at him was like looking at someone in a mirror. he could just hear their conversation.

"...the screening came back negative from drugs or even alcohol. Bit of a surprise, given his living conditions" said the man. His voice was deep and gravelly.

"I don't think you'd be surprised if you met him, sir. He's got a lot of character- he does credit to his father's memory. "

"Are you sure you want to do this, Martha?" The man's voice had changed, become more intimate, like speaking to a friend, rather than a soldier. ("Martha," thought Brett, "that's her real name") "If you're wrong, this could destroy his life."

"I am, sir. I am applying for your authorization to offer him a spot in the Program."

"Granted, Amazing Woman. So, Mr. Jenkins- what do you say?"

Amazing Woman turned, startled. "Brett? How long have you..." She turned, looking embarrassed  "I suppose I should have heard him come in."

The man had a small grin- Brett suspected that was as big a smile as he ever gave. "Yes, you should have. Next time you're at HQ, sign up for some refresher classes in situational awareness. That's always been your weak spot." he looked over at Brett. Come over here, young man. I want to get a good look at you."

Brett walked over. 'What is all this about? I don't like..."

"It's okay, son. Amazing Woman will tell you everything- well, not everything, not yet. But enough. Hm- shorter than most of our recruits, but you carry yourself well."

Brett bristled. he wasn't "short"- he was 5'9".  Sure, next to- and he stopped. The man-0 he wasn't- he-

'You're a hologram!"

The man- or the projection- tilted his head. 'You were right- he is observant. yes, Mr. jenkins, I'm not here. I'm at SWORD HQ. And that's all the info you get from me. Amazing Woman, I think the young man has some questions- and I think you have one, as well. I'll leave you to it. Justice out."

The image disappeared. Amazing Woman turned to him, her eyes sparkling.

"Well, honey, he likes you. Get ready for the biggest adventure of your life!"


Det. Major burst threw the door of her apartment, slamming it behnd her. 

"God-damn mother-cunting sons of bitches!" she yelled.

"Nice day at the office, dear?"

Major looked up, and saw a vision. Almost 6 feet tall, long, curly black hair, and built like a brick shithouse, as the saying goes (why anyone would describe that body as a shithouse of any sort was beyond Major's reckoning). Esperanza Ramirez. The love of her life. She was deressed in a thib black catsuit, made of lace, caressing and revealing her magnificent body. major felt her nipples harden and her pussy moisten. Esperanza was the sexiest thing she could imagine.

Major had always been bisexual- many men assumed from her short haircut, mannish clothes, and disposition that she was a lesbian, but the fact as, she enjoyed a good cock, and a muscular man. But esperanza- well, there was no one who could compete.luckily, she felt the same way about men- although she far preferred women, they had picked up a few studs over the months they had been together. None of them lasted long, though.

"Sorry, honey.I just- the bastards upstairs took the Amazing Woman case away from me. No explanation- just took the files and said a "task force" was being assigned, that I wouldn't have to "worry about it" anymore. those fucking-"

"Maybe you just need a little tender loving care?" Esperanza purred. God, that voice drove Major nuts! Sultry, smooth, with just enough of an accent to add a touch of the exotic. Esperanza walked- no, undulated- over to Doris, her breasts shimmying, hips swaying. She reached down and started to take off Major's tie, then leaned down, her full lips parted. 

The kiss made Major's head swim. They had been together for over 6 month, and she still felt like a virgin when Esperanza touched her! Too soon, the kiss ended. Esperanza whisped hotly into her ear. "Let your tiger take care of you tonight, kitten."

They had met when Major had been investigating the robbery of a jewelry show. Esperanza had been working as a display model, dressed as a tiger. Well, "dressed" was a misnomer- she wore body paint- black stripes, orange and white "fur"- and a bra and loincloth made of diamond and emeralds. Major couldn't keep her eyes off her. Neither could anyone else, which is why there were no eyewitnesses to the heist. it had gone into the unsolved files- but, for once, Major didn't mind.

In the bedroom her "tiger" peeled off Major's clothes. Her body, when revealed, was startlingly petite and nicely muscled- she worked out 4 times a week- not as often as Esperanza, though. Esperanza planted kisses on each part of her as it was revealed- her shoulders, her back, her feet, her thighs, her dark pink nipples- almost painfully swollen by now- and then, pussy. Esperanza kissed, and licked, bring Major to the brink of orgasm, then backed off, resulting in a frustrated moan. She turned Major over, and kissed her way up major's back. She got on her knees, and undid the top of her catsuit, revealing her tanned breasts. She caressed them, pulling on the dark nipples, then bent down and dragged her long nipples over major's back. Doris groaned. Esoeranza breasts were now surrounding Dois' head, enveloping her in softness She tried to turn over, to suckle those marvelous breasts, but Esperanza held her tight. 

"Do you want my breasts, chica? Do you want me to smother you in my mreats? Is that what you want?"

It was a game they played- Esperanza was definitely dominant in their lovemaking- and major, who was a hard-ass in her life, loved it. She would, occasionally  fight back, try to take control- but it was no use. She was a slave to esperanza's beauty, her body, her passion. 

"Yes," she whispered, voice husky with desire, "please, tiger, let me kiss your breasts."

Esperanza smiled. It was not a sweet smile, but one of triumph. She loved this. The best cop in the city was hers- and had no idea she was the city's most accomplished thief!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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