The trap is sprung on Batwoman

by ESchorcho
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Category DC F/F Mind Control Corruption
Previous Chapter The mysterious figure is actually the corrupted Huntress!

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In an instant that was far too fast for Batwoman to process, Kate was knocked off her feet and, before she could hit the ground, a gloved hand curled around her throat in a vice grip.  Next, she was lifted in the air, wind rushing through her red hair as her hands struggled against the grip of her attacker.  Then, without warning Batwoman’s body was slammed roughly against the brick wall at the end of the alley, her feet still dangling off the ground helplessly.  Panic surged through her at getting manhandled in such a fashion until her vision focused.  Her eyes grew wide as saucers when Batwoman took in the sight of her assailant and her breath caught in her throat.

“Power Girl…?” Batwoman gasped.

“Silly little girl playing at being the Batman in the middle of the night!” Power Girl mocked in a cherry sing-song voice as she hoisted Batwoman up even higher up the wall by her hand.

“You...too…?” Batwoman was just able to choke out.  She could barely think with the Kryptonian’s iron-like grip limiting her oxygen, but she could still understand that Power Girl had been changed in the same manner as Huntress.  The matching ghostly white painted faces, the red painted-on masks, the puckered black lips that would glimmer in the Gotham moonlight and finally outfits with the same black and red color-scheme that belonged more on a stripper than a heroine.

“By the way, bitch, it’s Power Slut now.  Or Starr.  Whatever you like.” Power Girl informed, tapping the collar on her throat daintily with her free hand. “Now my, my…This must be quite the shocker?” Power Slut purred as a crazed, toothy grin crossed her painted face. Her mad eyes drank in Batwoman’s entire body before giggling inanely at the crime fighter’s current predicament. “Oooh, I can see what my Mistress sees in you.  Soooooo pretty!”

To say Batwoman was worried by this turn of events would have been a great understatement.  Having to handle a corrupted and brainwashed Huntress was one thing.  For all Kate knew the Birds of Prey member was, like her, a normal human being that was well trained in martial arts and an experienced crime fighter.  But Power Girl was in an entirely different league.  When she thought she was walking into a trap earlier, she had assumed it was going to be several hired thugs that would try to take her down employed by one of Gotham’s many villains.  That Kate could have dealt with.  However, not in any of her most extreme calculations did she ever think it would be a brainwashed Kryptonian that would be her downfall.

“Such a naughty girl!  Trying to touch the Mistress’ property like that.  I realize you don’t know what exactly is going on right now, save for you being utterly helpless but know this:” Power Slut said with the same mad glee, until her face turned serious and her once cheery voice took on a threatening tone, “Only my Mistress and her chosen pets get to touch sweet, sweet Sister Huney.”

“Oh, come now lover,” came the breathy sigh from behind Power Slut.  Batwoman looked on as the former Huntress stood directly behind Starr and leaned her head against the Kryptonian’s own.  Crazed, white painted faces filled Kate’s vision as Sister Huney continued, “You mustn’t be so hard on such an unenlightened, pathetic creature.  After all, she has some of the same features as our beloved Mistress, Harley.”

“Harley Quinn!?!” Batwoman choked out.  It made so much sense.  The ghostly face paint, the eye masks, the lipstick, the joking tones, the bizarre costumes composed of red, white & black.  Why couldn’t she have made the connection sooner?

“Mistress Harley!” Both of the changed heroine’s hissed angrily.

“You will learn to show Her respect, Batwoman,” Power Slut sneered, her fingers tightening around Kate’s neck.  Batwoman thought Power Slut was going to end her right then and there when the blonde suddenly tossed her head back and a look of pure, unadulterated lust spread across her face.

Kate stared wide-eyed at the former Power Girl.  She was glad to feel the Kryptonian’s grip loosen, but she was unable to process this strange change in behavior.  One second Power Slut was looking at her through her dramatically painted, threatening eyes ready to seemingly kill her and then the next she looked like she was in throes of blissful passion.  Power Slut’s voluptuous body was moving...no, more like humping.  Her hips rose and fell as her back arched so she leaned against the woman behind her who was…fucking her!  Huntress was pounding the dildo she’d used on herself just moments ago into Power Slut’s ass to the blonde’s obvious delight.

“Forgive her. I know she can be rough.” The corrupted Huntress breathed, her half-lidded eyes never leaving Kate’s as she took the time to tenderly kiss Starr’s neck.  With one last hard thrust Sister Huney lodged the false cock into Power Slut’s asshole.  Releasing the grip, Huney flicked the switch on the end of the toy causing it to emit a low buzz and Power Slut immediately yelped in ecstasy.  Turning her face back to Batwoman, the woman who used to be Huntress wrapped one arm around Starr and brought her hands together in a pious, pose of prayer in front of her lover.  “My oh so fuckable angel gets a little carried away in the service of our divine Mistress Harley.”

“OHHH!” The noise that came out of Starr's mouth was more a bark of pleasure than anything else, but Kate didn't have time to think about it.  With that one random sound, Power Slut dropped the heroine absentmindedly and then fell to her knees, dipping through the demented nun’s praying arms.  Her hands now probed her huge titties over the barely-there fabric of her monokini.

“Argh.” Batwoman grunted as her black clad ass hit the unforgiving concrete below.  Kate's chest heaved as she desperately tried to fill her lungs with the oxygen she'd been denied by Power Slut.  Sliding further down the wall, Batwoman realized just how close she was to losing consciousness.  She couldn't lift herself out of her slouching posture on the wall, and her distorted senses couldn't focus as the sights and sounds of Starr's euphoria filled them.  That was until Kate felt gentle, gloved hands embrace her.  One hooking over her shoulders and reaching round to clutch her breast, while the other grasped her chin to ensure she couldn't turn away from the squirming Power Slut.

“As you can see,” Sister Huney whispered gently into Kate's cowled ear, “her loyalty to our Mistress is just one of the reasons why I love my angel, Starr.”  Kate’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the elastic strip of fabric that was barely hiding Power Slut’s pussy.  She saw that the Kryptonian’s juices were spilling out of the sides of the heart-shaped thong.  Then, Sister Huney’s voice and hands drew her attention away from Starr’s sopping pussy.  A knowing, wicked smile graced the nun-slut’s face, “You will embrace Her light just as I did.  Step out of the vile darkness for once.  Hmmm?”

“No...stop, Huntress,” Kate protested, turning her eyes to Sister Huney as the altered heroine squeezed her chest playfully, “this isn't you...”

“Well now, where have I heard that before?” Sister Huney mused, lifting her hand from Kate’s chin to her own and tapping her black painted lips innocently.  The depraved nun-slut spoke to the otherwise occupied Starr without taking her eyes off of Batwoman, “Lover?  Does it ring any bells with you?”

“AHHHHAHAA!” Power Slut called out in what sounded like half a moan and half a laugh.  The two twisted heroines had shared some kind of inside joke that went right over Batwoman’s head.  The Kryptonian slowly bent at her knees, her breathing catching in her throat, until she was bent over and her entire weight now rested on her ass.  Finally, she bellowed a wanton scream of delight as the dildo between her asscheeks continued to buzz away.

“Oh, no fun!” Sister Huney sighed, “Cat’s got her tongue!”

“Join me sister, and step into my Mistress’ blessed light,” Sister Huney breathed, reaching into her cleavage and pulling out a tube of lip-gloss.  She puckered her mouth and applied the gloss to her full-lips.  Kate watched on, trying to restore breath to her lungs so she could escape this strange predicament but the wind was knocked out of her and she was frozen there.  When she was done applying enough coats, she wrapped her hand around the back of Batwoman’s head, making sure to grab a hold of her curled red hair.  Softly, she purred into Kate’s ear, “Sealed with a kiss.”

With that, Sister Huney pulled the helpless Batwoman forward into a sensuous kiss.  Kate’s eyes shot open and she muffled a protest as the nun forced her tongue into the redheaded heroine’s mouth.  Batwoman’s eyes were wide open in utter panic and she continued her muffled cry as Sister Huney groped and massaged the heroine’s supple body.  Slowly, however, Kate could feel her will power dying.  Everything that made her the heroine she prided herself on was being taken away and in its place grew a sense of submissiveness.  Batwoman was becoming so relaxed and docile that she didn’t even have the desire to fight back, let alone even move without one of these breathtaking women tell her what to do.  The last thing that Kate Kane saw before her eyes went completely dull was Sister Huney’s white painted face draw back from her own and behind her Power Slut gripping her huge tits and mashing them together as she bounced up and down on the buzzing dildo.  She wailed like a banshee as her thrashed about in her mind-numbing climax.

Sister Huney stood up and daintily smoothed out her brief mini-skirt.  She looked over her shoulder as Starr tried desperately to regain her composure after such a heavenly climax.  Sister Huney’s black-coated lips curled in a pleased smile.  She then turned her attention back to Batwoman.  The heroine just stared straight ahead and didn’t move a muscle.  It was like she was a zombie, which the former Huntress thought wasn’t too far off.

“Practically a blank slate,” Sister Huney whispered to herself.

The sound of low giggling filled the night air and continued to build as Starr finally regained her composure.  She slinked slowly up to Sister Huney and rested her head against the nun’s traditional wimpled head, “Two redheads in one night.  If I didn’t know any better, I might start to think you have a definite type.”

“Awe, is my angel jealous?” Sister Huney cooed, caressed the side of Starr’s face with the back of her hand, “Mistress Harley wanted this one.  The reporter was just icing on the cake.  But I suppose if the nosey tart, Vicky Vale, proves herself worthy then she can become part of my flock.”

“Time to go, lover?” Power Slutt asked with a laugh.  Her twisted mind suddenly had the image of Vicky Vale wandering aimlessly throughout Gotham trying to find Harley Quinn’s hideout.

“It’s already been too long to be away from Mistressss!” Sister Huney hissed.  At the thought of her new Goddess, she snaked her hand into her tight skirt and began to play with her gushing pussy.

Power Slut’s shiny black lips curled into a wide grin as she hoisted up the sprawled out form of Batwoman to put her over her shoulder.  The spaced out heroine’s face was level with Starr’s exposed ass cheeks.  Pausing for a moment Starr lost herself in the knowledge she was taking another poor, worthless soul like she used to be to her Mistress and Harley would fill her life with true meaning.  She had just climaxed like a common whore and she was again becoming horny at the prospect of what her Mistress would do with Batwoman?  However, the feeling of her lover’s gentle caress on her vacant shoulder brought Power Slut out of her brief day dream and she smiled at Sister Huney before wrapping her free hand around the nun-slut.  Making sure both mortal women were secure, the corrupted Kryptonian’s boots rose off the ground and she soared away.  Back to the waiting arms of their twisted Mistress, Harley Quinn.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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