The mysterious figure is actually the corrupted Huntress!

by ESchorcho
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Category DC Mind Control Masturbation
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There was no obvious response from the crouched woman, but Batwoman could hear that the woman was making some kind of noise.  It was very low and Batwoman thought for an instant she caught a few words.

‘A whispered prayer, perhaps?’ Kate thought curiously.  The sight of a kneeling woman in a hooded, black cloak led her mind to the possible notion that the woman may be religious or even an actual nun.

“Sister? Is that what you are?” Batwoman asked, “Are you alright?”

“Lost.  Lost.  Lost…” Came the soft reply of the kneeling woman.  Batwoman’s brow furrowed when a labored gasp came from the cloaked woman.  She recognized the sound immediately as that of intense, carnal pleasure.  Her perplexed thoughts were interrupted by a low, pleasure-filled moan escaped the kneeling woman’s mouth.  It slowly transitioned into a long, drawn-out word, “Loooooooooost!”

“What…” Kate asked.  It wasn’t so much the word but the way it was uttered that shocked the black and red-clad heroine.  To be lost in this part of town was a mistake for anyone, especially a woman of the cloth.  Batwoman concluded that whoever had made Vicky Vale as spacy as she had been must have done the same to this devout woman.  Batwoman knew talking that to this woman was getting her nowhere, but she had to try to get through to her.

“Are you lost? I really can help y…” Batwoman asked, but was immediately cut off.

“Mmmmmmm…I once was lost but now am found…” The woman half-sang and half moaned.  Batwoman could tell that her breathing was becoming more and more labored as she walked closer and closer to the woman.  Her eyes narrowed as she now saw clearly that the woman was softly gyrating up and down under the cloak.  The woman kept her head bowed, but Kate could still hear the soft, pleasure-filled moans coming from the woman until she broke her brief silence once again and sighed, “…was blind, but now, I see.”

By this point Batwoman had slowly made her way to stand directly in front of the mysterious woman, whom was clearly caught in the throes of undeniable pleasure.  This whole scenario was bizarre to Kate; first Vicky Vale acting as though she were flying on pixie dust, and now a moaning, hip gyrating 'nun'?  Not even Kate's occasional midnight fantasies could come up with something like this, and as Batwoman she was going to find out what the hell was going on.

Reaching out, Batwoman took hold of the woman's hood and pulled it back as she spoke, "Who are yo-- Huntress!?"

"And I have definitely seen the light!"  The woman... who Batwoman recognized as her fellow crime fighter, but couldn't quite fathom it all... declared with a wicked grin before adding, "Why not step out of the darkness, Batwoman?  And join me in my Mistress' divine light?"

Batwoman involuntarily took a step back.  Kate couldn’t believe that this could be the woman she and the world knew as The Huntress.  The Huntress Batwoman knew wore a black, purple and white suit, not this strange cloak combined with the clownish, ghostly white face paint, painted-on red mask and shiny black lips.  She had to be wrong.  After all, she had never seen Huntress without her mask.

Yet, as the cloak fell away from the woman’s toned body, the bizarre outfit that was revealed featured Huntress’ signature belt around the waist.  Although now, rather than being purple, it was now ruby red to fit in with the rest of her new look.  The belt and the fo-mask were the only ways she could tell that this was the crime fighter.  However, to her amazement and horror, the rest of Huntress’ costume had been discarded for something that Kate could only describe as some kind of slutty twist on the conventional nun outfit.

Batwoman realized that making such a connection between what she saw before her and those that chose to dedicate their lives to worship was offensive, but that was where her mind immediately went.  After all, it was the habit headpiece that drew Kate’s attention first and foremost.  Atop her head the former Huntress wore a veil and red coif, color being the only clear difference between that of the virginal white coif worn by women of the cloth.  Her black top was skintight and had one button that could be buttoned.  It strained to contain her impressive pair of breasts.  Huntress’ skirt was very short and the brief, black material had been hiked up over her olive-skinned thighs.

All of this was shocking to Kate, but that feeling didn’t compare to her reaction to the fact that Huntress was working a large rubber dildo in and out of her dripping pussy as she crouched in front of Batwoman.  The phallic object was sliding in and out of the rumored-innocent Huntress easily and she showed no signs of stopping as she continued to piston the dildo.  Through all of this, however, Huntress panted loudly with a calculating wicked gleam in her eyes.  Batwoman flinched in disgust when Huntress let out a loud, throaty moan.  Throwing her head back, Huntress sped up her disgraceful self-pleasure, her eyes now half-lidded and threatened at any moment to roll back into her head as she continued to get off.  Huntress’ tongue snaked out and slowly licked her glistening black lips.  When Kate’s gaze absentmindedly fell to Huntress’ well-fucked, soaked pussy she knew she had had enough!

“Stop it!  Just stop it!” Batwoman hissed, “I don’t know what has gotten into you or who did this to you but you are a crime fighter!  Not some…common whore selling your body on the street!  So get up and I promise to help you.  But first we need to get out of here.  It isn’t safe.”

“I’ve stood in the glory of the Mistress and she has blessed me.” The crouching nun rasped, pausing her speech to give herself slow and deliberate thrust with the dildo. “Uggghhhh!  Sooo good!  Her light has…entered me and I am forever…changed!”

“Yeah, I can see you’ve changed,” Batwoman said in exasperation, “but I really can’t let you just stay here.  I am going to get you out of here and find out what has happened to you!” Kate urged.  She reached out her hand to Huntress to try and get her to stand.  Kate hoped that this would break the heroine out of her sex-obsessed stupor and to have her stop fucking herself with the dildo.

“I’m perfectly safe here, Batwoman.  For I have my very own angel watching over me,” the nun-slut sighed, her black lips curling into an evil grin.  Almost immediately after her breath hitched suddenly and her hand stalled.  After closing her eyes for a moment of what appeared to be meditation, Huntress slid the 7-inch monster out of her pussy carefully.  Kate's eyes widened when she realized that the sluttily dressed Huntress was denying herself an orgasm.  The corrupted heroine made sure to make eye contact with Batwoman as she pleasure-stakingly removed the sex toy.  She then raised the phallic object toward her mouth before snaking her tongue out and took her time to lick the tip of the juice-soaked dildo.  Kate grew uneasy when Huntress didn’t make any sort of a move to stop.  She just continued to stare up at the caped crime fighter, wrapping her full lips around the dildo and actively slurping up her juices.

Just from the phrase “…my own angel watching over me,” Batwoman knew a trap was about to be sprung.  Unfortunately for Kate, however, as much as she was prepared she never saw what was coming.

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