Dawn Summers comes to see her sister, furious that she's coming around her school again

by Rasputin
Storyline The Holiday Episodes v.2
Characters Buffy dawn
Category Bimboization Body Modification Futanari/Hermaphrodite Incest Masturbation Transformation Television: Buffy the Vampire Slayer F/F
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Busty Summers had started with 2 fingers working her always wet cunt, and in her momentum to reach a string of orgasms she had run right past 3 and 4 fingers to go straight into working her fist in and out of her evergushing pussy. Soon, the school councilor’s room reeked of sex as a puddle of her juices formed underneath the busty slut as she frigged herself on the desk. Busty was on her sixth orgasm of the morning when the door opened and her sister Dawn came in, carrying a plastic bag and looking exasperated.

“Busty, I missed class again because of you. The school councilor pulled me out of English and said you burst into his office once again, naked as a jaybird, and started jilling yourself off again on his desk. It’s lucky I always keep a spare set of your clothes in my locker.” Dawn waited until Busty stopped cumming and handed her sister the bag, which contained a huge tank top, spandex shorts, and clear Lucite high heels. There was no underwear, of course, Busty hadn’t worn any since puberty.  Busty squealed with delight and gave Dawn a lingering slobbery kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, Dawnie.” Busty tittered. “My lunch shift at the strip club starts in half an hour. I don’t want to be late getting arrested for public indecency again!” Busty pushed and pulled the tight clothes over her overlush curves as Dawn started dabbing at the slick puddle of girl juices on the desk with Kleenex from the shelf. It was times like these that Dawn thanked her lucky stars she wasn’t anything at all like her bimbo slut sister.  Her stomach rumbled loudly as she had forgot to eat breakfast and she was going to be skipping lunch probably cleaning up after Busty. Busty heard the noise, and feeling guilty, she pulled her tank top down over the upper two thirds of her massive chest and went out the door to the receptionist’s desk.

Dawn had cleaned up most of the puddle and stuffed the tissues into the plastic bag she had brought Busty’s outfit in. She had started dabbing up the remainder of her sister’s emissions when Busty came through the door, her arms loaded with a variety of candy treats she had gotten from the candy bowl. Dawn didn’t even look up as Busty happily dropped the candy on the desk. “Here, Dawny, I got you some candy. You’re hungry and I know you love chocolate!”

Dawn had found some spray cleaner and was working on the carpet on her hands and knees. She inattentively grabbed what she thought was a Hersey’s Kiss, 3 Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Double Mints, and some Juicy Fruit gum. She peeled off the wrappers and quickly stuffed her face with the candy, barely chewing as she was so hungry, and then finished off by popping a few sticks of the gum in her mouth. Dawn didn’t know if it was because she was so hungry but the candy tasted much sweeter than any she could remember before. She leaned back a bit after getting the last of Busty’s cum out of the carpet, a happy silly glow filling her completely. She lazily looked up at her sister and smiled, beaming at how hot Busty was, and how she would love to fuck her, but she was her sister after all.

Dawn reached up under her skirt and pushed her panties over to scratch at her burning groin. The He/She Kiss (not Hershey’s Kiss) had begun to work its magic. She felt a strange pushing sensation as her pussy seemed to invert, spitting out two walnut sized balls in a scrotum as her clit lengthened to 6 hard inches and began to seep precum out of it new hole at its tip. Hir sister needed good fucking, Dawn realized, and so did she. Hir cock throbbed at the thought of Busty’s lipped wrapped around it, giving hir a long, slow blowjob that Busty was famous in 3 counties for. She had yet to try a little incest with Busty, but the idea seemed to be growing on hir right now.

Busty stared at Dawn as the girl began to unbutton hir blouse with one hand and stroke hir cock with her other. The site of the cock was making her heart race, but she was staring now in rapt attention as the blouse came off and she could see Dawn’s little A-cup bra bulging with tit flesh. Dawn was wincing as she reached around and undid the clasp, the bra flinging across the room as the tension was released. Dawn’s D-cups throbbed and quivered, firm and round, seeming to swell right before Busty’s eyes.

Dawn just closed her eyes and let out a guttural moan of sex as the 3 Peanut Bigger Cups went to work on the rapturous girl, swelling hir modest chest out to monstrous proportions. Soon Dawn tits were the size of watermelons, matching Busty’s own huge rack, but they just kept growing until they were the size of basketballs, resting in Dawns lap, and making it hard for hir to keep giving hir cock the attention it demanded. They were mountainous MM cups, and hir ridiculous nipples were about 2 inches long and were big as hir thumbs. She idly reached around and grabbed them, roughly tugging at the sensitive flesh and spurting more precum on the ground at the sexual stimulation of her glands.

Dawn looked up glassy eyed at Busty. The curse had hit hir twice as hard as Busty, the Cummers girls were always over endowed sluts, but hir being somewhat artificial created had compounded that curse with hir never limp dick. Daw- Dong Cummers had it twice as bad as Busty, for she wasn’t just horny for men, but for women as well. Everyone turned hir on, and she had a hard time not just masturbating to anyone that passed hir by. “Fuck me, Busty. Suck me, Busty.” She pleaded wantonly.

Busty met the hungry gaze of her sister and began to frig herself again through her spandex booty shorts. Dong was such a hot slut, with those giant titties and hot cock. She could see the end of the fat tool poking between her kneeling sister’s knees, almost 10 inches long. The 3 Jumbo Mints had kicked in now, as the thick meat began to grow in earnest, pushing Dong’s throbbing meat out farther and farther, until it was 18 inches long and as thick around as a soda can. The giant purple head was practically spitting precum as Dong roughly worked her rigid nipples in ecstasy.

Busty kneeled down next to Dong, and pried the thick slab of meat up off the floor, raising it up between the quivering tits that Dong worked at above her lap. Busty leaned over and saw Dong’s orange sized balls swell even larger as the Juicy Shoot gum finished Dong’s transformation. Busty wrapped her fat lips around the apple sized head of Dong’s giant cock and began to tickle the sensitive hole at the end of Dong’s dong with her tongue. Dong was lifted almost painfully up off hir tight ass as hir balls swelled quickly with spunk, going to coconut sized in an instant.

Dong howled in pleasure as she felt her orgasm boil up, and she tensed as she shot a dozen huge spurts of hot cum directly into hir sister’s mouth. Busty held on and greedily swallowed, the fantastic taste filling her senses with delight as she gulped fast and hard to catch all the girl juice Dong was pumping out. Dong came for 2 minutes solid, and when she was done, she collapsed on the floor behind hir, hir massive titties hardly flattening as they settled on hir chest, hir cock going down to only semi erect in exhaustion.

Dong and Busty smiled at each other in orgasmic afterglow. The two siblings were insatiable sluts, with bodies just too sexual to ever be satisfied. Busty’s job at the strip club was great, especially with all the private dances she could give and satisfy her carnel urges, and Dong was set to make a fortune once she turned 18 and could legally start filming all the porns she wanted to do, servicing guys and girls, whatever was in view really. The two giggled as they stared into each other’s eyes, their lusts already beginning to reawaken.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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