Peanut Bigger Cups

by Wilder
Storyline The Holiday Episodes v.2
Characters Buffy
Category Body Modification Growth
Previous Chapter Candy changes people's bodies and minds

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As she saw the big crystal bowl of mixed Halloween candies in a bowl on the desk of the receptionist at Sunnydale High School, School Counselor Buffy Summers promised herself she would only have just the one. She couldn't help herself, she just had a weakness for those chocolate peanut butter cups. And these were clearly some kind of Halloween extra huge version!

"Peanut Bigger Cups, huh?" she said hefting the candy bar sized treat in the bowl. "No doubt because they make the regular version look tiny and wee. So much for "Fun Size" candies in this High School, huh?"

"Not that I'm complaining, of course." she sighed as she ripped open the package, not noticing a small logo that read "CCC Candies" on the back of the package. God, what with all the weird activity and the news that people were targeting Slayers, Halloween would be a relief provided Dawn behaved herself and the baddies kept to themselves like usual. She had a brief flicker of warning - what was that weird moaning from Principle Wood's office? - as she took her first bite of the two oversized chocolate peanut butter cups but the second it touched her tongue . . .

"OMIGAWD!" she moaned through a mouthful of chocolate, chewing and moaning obscenely, slumping down onto a nearby seat. "Thith ith bettah than SETH!"

Not caring who saw her gluttony, Buffy Summers shoved the remainder of the first Peanut Butter Cup into her mouth. Flakes of chocolate fell on her light white blouse, a professional looking garment she'd buttoned up to the shoulder. She swallowed the candy and sighed with happiness, brushing off her perky B-cup chest.

The little things in life really did make everything worth while. Speaking of little, why the hell had she worn a top this tight to her job? Like she needed to encourage the teenage boys who stared at her C-cups? She wandered into her office, wincing as the bra began biting into her titflesh.

"Jeez! Did Dawn shrink my underwear in the wash again?" she muttered as she closed the door. No, she had to have grabbed one of Dawn's by mistake in her rush out the door this morning! Her D-cups were screaming at her, her thick nipples and vast titflesh pinched by the way too tight bra. Buffy winced and unbuttoned the top of her blouse just enough to yank off the bra.

"Jesus, looks like every boy who comes to see me is getting a free show today." she chuckled as her DD's strained against the white blouse, full, pink nipples clearly visible through the light white cloth. She must have been in such a hurry that she'd grabbed one of Dawn's tops too. Weird. She shrugged and unbuttoned the white blouse a few buttons more, just so she could let her girls breathe. The top felt like it was about to rip off of her!

"Gawd, what was I thinking?" Buffy giggled as her wildly sensitive E-cups and thick, plug like pink nipples rubbed against the rough cotton sensually. "I must look like such a slut! Not professional at all."

Unbuttoning the blouse down to the last button, she now was able to contain her tits but a canyon of her tanned cleavage and nipples were still very clearly on display. She looked down at her boobies and smiled, leaning back in her chair and moaning as the simple act of breathing rubbed her tits against the rough cotton. God, her EE-cups felt so fucking good!

She licked her heavily made-up lips, trying to regain her train of thought. What had she been thinking about again?

Mmm, that's right. Being a slut.

It completely wasn't her fault tho'. Mr. Giles had told her that every Slayer got a set of sizeable gifts when they were called, including her giant, supersensitive titties.

"They will make women underestimate you and distract any man you come across. Much like your strength and speed, they are supernaturally firm and, er, perky without sag." he had told her while blushing and looking away pointedly.  "They are, ah, sizeable weapon in your fight against the forces of darkness. Although, there has been some, um, mentions of sensitivity issues with other Slayers. You must not be distracted by- Buffy?"

Buffy just couldn't resist! She'd grabbed her nipples and tweaked them hard, making her cum on the spot right in front of her older Watcher. Teasing guys was so hot and her titties felt AMAZING!

"Ah! Ahh! AHHHHHH! Mmmm, I think I LIKE being a Slayer, Mr. Giles!"

And that had just been her first year at Sunnydale!

Buffy unbuttoned the last button on the tiny blouse so her EE-cups could finally be free for her exploring hands to play with. She hadn't minded being the Slayer all that much. The massive round orgasm factories jutting out of her body sure made up for the gross and scary stuff a thousandfold.

It was just like what Mr. Giles said - women hated her or dismissed her as "Busty" Summers and men, mmm, men just wanted to fuck her and play with her enormous Slayer Boobs - including most of the teachers! School was a breeze when an "A" was just a titjob away. Oh, and some women loved them too! She giggled and moaned as she remembered the time she let Willow feel her boobs to prove they were real in the women's bathroom back in their sophomore year. Yeah, it wasn't a shock to her at all when her best friend became a lez, given how sweet little Wil's face looked just like all the boys who got to get their hands and mouths on her wonderful titties. Tara didn't like it when Buffy kept half-jokingly offering to let them suck on a tit apiece but she could tell Willow was super-tempted. Which was pretty fucking hot, now that she thought about it.

Buffy "Busty" Summers absently shoved the second candy into her mouth. Why should she stop now? All the extra weight in her body went right to her bodacious boobies, after all.

"Slayer Power!" she moaned as she chewed the candy, her giant F-cup tits jutting obscenely from her chest, the white top barely scraping their sides. They were the size of watermelons with nipples like oversized pencil erasers and wide, pink aureola the size of dinner plates. She gently traced circles around her aureola with her fingertips, squeaking in delight as her pussy immediately got wet and tight. She'd been about ready to graduate when she'd been cursed by that boring Indian guy to eat herself to death on Thanksgiving, embodying the white man's greed. "Busty" had been more than happy with her EE-funbags but thanks to eating a whole pie and all the yams before anyone could stop her, they'd just soared upwards and onwards, getting so huge and so sensitive that she could barely wear anything at all.

It was the best thing to ever happen to her, she thought with a blissed-out look, leaning forward in her chair to let her big fat titties rest on the desk in front of her. Even the mild contact of the hard, cold wood made her moan with delight. She leaned down to lick the top slope of her GG's - her gigantic gazongas as Xander called them, gawd he loved her big titties so much - and shuddered with delight. She moaned in anticipation. They felt so good now but how much BETTER would it feel when some hot young stud would come into this boring school counselor's office and find the girl of his wet dreams? Some 17-year-old boob-obsessed boy just ready and eager to suck and fuck her titties until she came so hard she saw stars? She shucked off her boring black slacks, stupid Dawn's teeny little top and her cum-soaked white panties, making herself naked and ready.

Sure, "Busty" Summers (nobody called her Buffy but Giles) was a total slut and an utter embarrassment to her family but it was okay - she'd saved the world a lot! Which totally meant she got to cum a lot too . . . and cum hard!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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