Meanwhile Spider Woman tries to seduce Captain America and Hawkeye in the kitchen.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy Female Dom
Previous Chapter Wasp and Ant Man wake up to find Janet heavily pregnant.

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Spider Woman woke up groggily in the remains of her bed, the Avengers were warned that after becoming abominations they would be in an intense state of heat for an unknown amount of time. That being said Jessica Drew got no sleep last night, the vivid dreams of having sex with her own teammates had her in a rut and made her room smell like sweat.

Getting up and wrapping what she could around herself she trudged down to the kitchen to get something to eat, on her way down she spotted Hawkeye and Captain America watching television on what was once the couch, crushed to bits after her initial transformation into the multi-armed spider abomination she was now.

Smelling a strange musk in the air it made her feel... Hot, licking her lips and sauntering over to the two pressing her chest against Steve's broad back, startling the large green man as he and Hawkman turned to greet her.

"Hi boys, whatcha watching?" Husked the green scaled woman, eyeing the bulges in both of their makeshift cloths.

"SHIELD's made a pretty good cover for our condition after fighting Kang the Conquerer, the last thing we need is a media blitz about or current state."

Pressing harder against him Jessica breathed in Steve's scent and found out the source of the musk, smiling lustfully she grabbed one of his claws and pressed it to one of her plump breasts, moaning deeply as he squeezed instinctively. "Well that's good, the last thing we need is people watching us do it." Using one of her claws to stroke his erection while the others roamed over his body, Captain America tried to lean away while Hawkeye sat stunned at their friend's behaviour.

"Jess you've got to stop, we have to resist this."

"Don't tell me you don't want this Steve, I've been craving cock all night and I'm so hot right now... Or maybe I should give Clint some attention." Turning to the other abomination sitting on the broken furniture she licked up his chest until she reached his chin, pulling away to stare into his eyes as she began giving him the same attention.

"Sooner or later we're gonna have to get used to this, and I prefer sooner." Pressing the archer back she moved up to straddle his waist, untying her top and slip and dropping them beside her while her claws roamed over the man. "If this is what you want Jess than by all means lets see what you can take."

Spider Woman laughed in surprise as Hawkeye leaned up and began nipping at her cleavage while his claws grabbed her wide hips to position her over the strained bulge of his loincloth, ripping it off of him his erection sprang free and aimed directly at her entrance, making the arachnid abomination bite her lip in anticipation as she was lowered down.


Wasp stared at the printout after being told how many she was carrying, it was still a shock to her system that over night she became pregnant. With the paper sheet in one hand and her other claw rubbing her large belly she was speechless as her husband continued on about the scan. "With our heightened metabolism and new regenerative abilities you've probably been ovulating every hour non-stop, probably still ovulating now even with a crowded womb."

"A dozen.... I'm carrying a dozen babies." It wasn't so much a question being asked by the matronly Wasp as it was more of declaration.

"If this is the result of when you or the others get impregnated than we most certainly need to find a way to reverse it, otherwise within months there will be too many of us to deal with." Staring at his engorged wife he couldn't help but stare at her larger curves and pregnant belly, a small hint of pride went in him knowing he got her THAT knocked up but also a strong sense of arousal that he couldn't hold down, even now his erection strained the front of his makeshift pants..


"Hmm? Yes Sweety?" Blinked the large abomination as his wife stared back at him.

"Fuck me!"

Taken back at her demand she continued as she waddled up to the startled man. "I want to feel it again, I want to feel you pump into me and flood my pussy full, I don't care if I get even more pregnant, I want more!"

Staring back at his wife as she began to squeeze and grope her large breasts he noticed her nipples leaking milk as she rubbed the liquid over her chest and belly, her moans and please of lust making his boner threaten to tear open his tattered shorts.

"Janet, I..."

Pressing her large womb against the man and forcing him against the control panel of the computer behind him, Wasp lifted her large breasts up to her chin and looked Hank sternly in the eye.

"Suck'em!" NOW!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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