On her way to meet up with Rei at the park, Minako/Sailor Venus is attacked by Dark Mercury and Dark Moon

by Regret
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Sailor Mars Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Sailor Venus
Category F/F Corruption
Previous Chapter She resists her new desires, and escapes to warn the other Senshi. However, her new desires to become Dark Mars are becoming stronger.

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Rei put as much distance as she could between her and the Dark Senshi. She bent over catching her breath and pulled out her communicator, she had to warn the others. "Meet me in the park there is an Emergency, no time to explain just don't trust Usagi or Ami." Rei said between gasps of air. As time passed no response came. "Maybe they don't want Ami or Usagi listening in or maybe they are blocking the signal." Rei said aggravated. She felt so weak she couldn't defend herself against her attackers or even get out a simple message. For half a second her mind slipped back to the moment of dark power Ami feed her, how she wouldn't need any help with that kind of strength. she shock her head snapping out of it and left for the park she needed to be their in case her message got through.


"There" Dark moon said opening her eyes. " she just sent out a warning to the other Senshi, I blocked the signal to all but Jupiter and Venus but blocked their response to her we should be able to hunt them without her knowing an ally went missing."

"Good work." Dark Mercury said kissing Dark Moon." Now lets bring another into the fold."


Minako heard Rei's and left for the park at once. " Rei still hasn't responded did she get my message? Is she okay?" Minako sighed as she sat on the subway. She had been on the other side of town when she got the news she hoped she could get there while Rei was still at the park. She felt the air around her get cold and could suddenly see her breath. She stepped off the train into an empty station. "Where are all the people?" Minako said as she started heading for the stairs out. "Ow" Minako cried out as large ice shard smacked her to the ground. She looked up seeing Ami smiling cruelly at her.

"Giving up already?" Dark Mercury laughed.

Minako scowled seriously and rose to her feet transforming. The petite blond's street clothes disappeared replaced by the white blouse and orange mini skirt of her Sailor Venus uniform.

"That's it use your transformation so my master can corrupt your Senshi powers." Ami thought. Dark Mercury unleashed a heavy fog blinding Sailor Venus.

Minako looked around she couldn't tell if the shadow's in the fog were Ami or the pillars shec ould only shoot and hope. "Venus love me chain."The chain fired into the fog and moment's later the air cleared and Dark Mercury appeared bound on the floor.

"Ugh lucky shot." Ami spat.

"Please Ami I know the real you is in their just fight the control your friends love you and I know you feel the same so fight it." Minako pleaded.

"Bitch, the only love I have is for my master." Dark Mercury responded.

"That isn't true fight i... what the?" Minako said before Dark Moon's tiara coiled around her."

"Good work Usagi but what took you so long." Ami said confidently as she broke free from the chains.

"Sorry mistress I needed to get in position." Dark Moon replied.

"Now it seems the tables are turned Minako." Ami gloated.

"What are you going to do to me, I wont be turned into a pawn like you and Usagi." Minako said

"Of course not, I am the master's first servant, his second in command and Usagi well lets just say my master has something very special planned for her. You on the other hand we just needed you out of the way having you submissively between my legs is only going to be a benefit." Dark Mercury said cruelly.

"No stop get it away." Minako screamed as Ami summoned a black ribbon to cover her.


In the park Rei meet up with Makoto and filled her in to what had happened to her.

 "Usagi and Ami turned evil." Makoto said unwilling to believe what she was hearing.

"They are and they're dangerous they nearly had me." Rei said as she remembered back. "That power." sh said under her breath without realizing it. "I could be stronger than them" Rei thought ,she looked at Makoto who was talking about something but Rei wasn't listening. Rei licked her lips. "I could be the mistress Ami and Makoto could be my Usagi." She felt herself getting wet and blushed taking her out of the fantasy.

"Are you okay?' Makoto asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, we should split up and warn the others." Rei suggested.

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