On Themyscira...

by Blue_Man
Storyline Super Submission
Characters Wonder Woman Captain Marvel (DC) The Amazons (DC) Queen Hippolyta
Category Corruption Male Dom
Previous Chapter The Super Submission Begins

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"Say it again, slut!" The hero formerly known as Captain Marvel demanded, as he pounded mercilessly on said slut.

"UH-h... W-we ar-are... Yours... M-m-m-MastEEEEEEEEERRR!" Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons screamed in response, as she succumbed to her orgasm, willingly selling herself and all her subjects in slavery to this boy-hero. Her former self would have been horrified at this choice, but, as she slipped into unconsciousness from the force of her ecstasy, Hippolyta found she didn't care. If her freedom and dignity was the price of this kind of sexual release, she would gladly pay it.

Billy Batson, for his part, gave a victorious smirk as he finally allowed himself his own orgasm and fell on his newest conquest's generous breasts, turning into his younger form half-way. It was the first time ever the Stamina of Atlas gave in to exhaustion, but it wasn't a surprise. On the shores of Paradise Island, up its beaches, the Polis' outskirts and streets, all the way to the Royal Palace and through it, up until the Queen's Chambers, the ground was littered with Amazons. Tired, abused, but happy Amazons, reduced to twitching and drooling masses of buxom female flesh.

Female flesh that now belonged to him.

"Phase one, success." thought the young man as he snuggled to Hippolyta's body for a much deserved rest.


Standing guard outside the door to the Queen's Chambers, Princess Diana felt a shiver a delight pass through her body as her mother screamed her final surrender to the heavens. "Welcome, sister." she thought, sweetly. The degradation of standing at her own's mother door like a guard dog while she was fucked in submission wasn't lost on her, of course, but honestly it was just as delightful as the rest of her submission to her marvelous (*chuckle*) new Master. Even if it was unnecessary, she thought, looking at the fallen bodies of her sisters Amazons before her. A surge of sinful pride made it's way from her heart to her cunt. Not a single Amazon in the whole of Themyscira was left unturned. Master had taken all of them. Just as He had planned.

They were together on a mission from the Olympians (She couldn't find in herself to refer to any other being than Master as "God" again) when Doom's virus struck. It was agony, at first. her warrior nature and princely pride had warred fiercely against her love of bondage and submission, and her desire to serve something greater. for a while, she entertained silly thoughts about being a Dominatrix or some thing, but in the end these parts on her personality, along with her loving nature and religious tendency, had sublimated together to create what she was now. Wonder Slave. Fiercely proud of her own submission, tall and dignified to everyone not Master. To him, she was nothing, his tool, his pet, his lover, whatever he demanded, but to others, she was as she had always been - royalty, heroine, a paragon to be followed. Only, now she served other ideas.

Her dominant nature had been placated with thoughts about how she would be Top Bitch, above all of Master's other slaves, to keep them in line. And surprisingly, it found more releasing to exert itself at the service of another than herself. Even when in control, Diana was a slave.

Master, for his part, was uncomplicated. His own personality, along with his long suppressed teenager urges, were catalysed through his six patrons... Unconventional influences, making him what he was now. His nice guy core was still present, but the shyness was gone, allowing him to act on his life-long crush for Wonder Woman, only to find her pleasantly receptive, and more than pleasantly receptive. His own lack of control over his own life, and his later ascension to a being tantamount to a God, instilled in him a desire do dominate his lover completely (Solomon and Zeus played a part here as well...), and he found her bending of that as well. They had spent the next days on some demiplane between Olympus and Earth, exploring one another and their feelings, until settling down on being Master and Wonder Slave, their truest selves finally exposed.

The return to civilization was... Disappointing. Doom's half-thought plan had thrown the world in disarray, and the resulting savage, dog eat dog mentality gave the edge to the Super-Villains. If nothing was done, the endgame scenario would be the likes of Lex Luthor and Teth-Adam controlling the world. Such a thing could not be. Master had then concocted His Plan, and they immediately sprung to action. 

And that brought them where they were now. Themyscira firmly in her Master's grasp, it's weapons and technology secured against Luthor's stated desire of making them his own (And it's inhabitants at Master's feet, Diana thought, feeling the delightful shiver run through her again. A wandering hand tried to make its way to her pussy, but Diana kept her control. Master's orders were clear, and they didn't including masturbating to thoughts of him conquering her home). It would be a long plan, and dangerous. But in the end, the world would be safe of the types who would abuse it for their own selfish benefit.

And, if, in the course of the plan, Master acquired for himself the most powerful and gorgeous women on this Earth, it was only fair.

It was nothing more than what he deserved.

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