The abominated Avengers bring-down the hellicarrier

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter They attack the city, with SHIELD as their first target.

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The Heli-carrier burned as it slammed into the city like a tossed pile of lumber, Wasp's children had destroyed it's engines and carved through the hull attacking and devouring anything that moved inside.

"DAMN IT! Get those doors sealed! I need every able body with a gun shooting these things down." Yelled Nick Fury as he prepped a pistol from his holster, Maria Hill had a rifle slung as she and dozens of other armed SHIELD guards (some even wearing the hulk buster gear) aimed their weapons at the main doors of the bridge as it was being spot welded shut.

All the radios were either giving off static or the grusome screams of the crew being torn apart and eaten.

"Where did they all come from? How could they be this powerful?!" Wondered Fury's second in command just as the doors buckled inward from an intense force, knocking the engineer on his ass as he crawled away quickly.

"Here they come men, let them have it!"

The doors tore off their hinges as dozens of monstrous abominations swarmed inside, some had been blasted away from the hulk busters but they were over powered from the sheer numbers. Even the defeated creatures stood back up, their injuries healing almost instantly as they charged back into the fight.

One buster met a cruel end as his head was bitten clean off while five others tore at him before he slumped down, the others were mangled and beaten to paste.

Fury shot full on at one of the creatures as each of the bullets bounced off as if hitting stone, garnering the attention of his target. It's diaphenous wings buzzed as it sneered a wicked grin before lunging down and pinning the man on his chest, snatching the gun and crushing it as if it were made of dough.

"That tickled little man... mother said leave you alive... you and her..." Growled the monster as he pointed to Maira Hill; pinned to a wall by another one of the creatures as she struggled against the massive arm holding her up.

"Mother?" Wondered Fury aloud just as the beasts parted rom the door to reviel their leader, Wasp sauntered through the bridge emperiously while several of her daughters treaded behind her. Nick's one good eye went wide at the creature and recognized her immediately.

"Janet Van Dyne... The hell happened to you?"

"Before he could blink he was snatched up like a doll and pinned against the wall 30 feet away, Wasp roared at the little man with such intensity that Maria had to cover her ears from her side of the room.

"DON'T EVER CALL ME THAT YOU PATHETIC, WITHERED OLD THING YOU!" Her breath was like a furnace as Fury was certain his face was burned by it, but even so he chuckled from his good guess.

"So it is you... what the hell happened to you?... Besides losing your good looks?"

Her frown turned to a wicked smile, barring her sharp teeth as she pulled him from the wall. Her clawed hand at her hip she posed at the beaten man. "I'm merely taking steps to ensure the future of my race Fury, I've seen the future..." Taking both of her claws at either side of his head she brought him closer to her as she pursed her lips to make a kiss. "... and your not in it!"

Maria Hill turned away as Nick Fury's face was bitten off, his limp body tossed to the others as they tore him apart and consumed his remains.

Elegantly walking on her clawed toes Wasp moved to Miss Hill stroking a claw under the woman's chim.

"Guess what I have planned for you my little sweet." purred Wasp as Maria spat at the Abomination, earning a cruel laugh from the 10 foot tall monster woman as her children shared her amusement.

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