Storm-Queen hunts down Nightcrawler

by DoctorMoreau
Storyline What If? - The Brood
Characters X-Men Wolverine Shadowcat Cyclops Storm Nightcrawler
Category Corruption Science Fiction Gender Switch Transformation Pregnancy Marvel M/F
Previous Chapter Wolverine painfully realizes his opponent is Kitty

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Wolverine was a skilled fighter, likely one of the best.  Though against an opponent that was able to become intangible he wasn't able to inflict much damage.

Not that he was sure he would have had the heart for it any way. 

Meanwhile, the Shadow-Queen realized that despite her desire to feast on the flesh of the Canadian berserker, his claws, skeleton, and healing factor made him too dangerous for solid form.

That did not mean the Shadow-Queen was out of ideas.  Katherine Pryde had been a technical genius, and had studied the ship top to bottom.  She had lead Logan down this corridor, to this room, intentionally incase things did not seem to be going in her favor.

Because she knew it was where dangerous equipment or people could be stored, and if necessary... jettisoned.

The Shadow-Queen made her decision, and phased through the wall, to the nearby control panel.  A few key presses later and the impromptu escape pod began to separate from the wall.

Wolverine realized seconds too late, as he looked at the face of the Brood in the small viewing window that was being separated from the ship.  "I'll be coming for you, all of you Sleazoid scum!" he yelled in rage.

The Shadow-Queen merely waved her tentacle, even as Wolverine drifted away in space with no communications to speak of and minimal life support.

Even as she waved her appendage it was reassuming the shape of a human hand.  Though she was loathe to go back to the filthy ape shape, she had X-Men to finish corrupting.


Likewise, though they were each gifted with individual personality, through the Brood's hive mind to their Empress, The Cyclopedian-Queen and the Storm-Queen were quickly informed of the Shadow-Queen's intentions, and she of theirs.

A plan was quickly devised.


A few minutes later had her opening the futuristic sliding door to Kurt's room.  Kurt lay in his bed, his bedroom clothes a simple pair of boxers.

"Kitty?" he murmured as she began to walk towards him, and he noticed she was completely nude and seemed to have more definition than he'd realized before.  Kurt's hand went to the cross he wore around his neck for strength.

"Hello Kurt," she said with a sly smile, even as she strutted up to him and the demonic cavalier could not help but admire her new curves.  She slid up on to the bed with him.

"I don't... know what's happened to me," she said, as she feigned ignorance and fell into his arms.  Rubbing her body against him, and her impressive breasts mashing against his body.

"I just know... if I'm not going to be human much longer," she looked up in to his eyes, "I need to be with you."   Her arm trailed up and down his blue fuzzy one.

Kurt's eyes went wide as he felt his body responding to hers, "I thought... you were afraid of me." He said, trying to parlay into their first encounters and to get his mind off of his crotch.

"I think I was more than likely.... attracted to you," she said with a smile, as Kurt felt his self control slipping.  Whether that was a naturally amorous nature of the influence of the Brood inside him really didn't matter.

Kitty turned her back to him.  As she rubbed her back against him and her rear in particular over his swelling manhood.  "What do you say, Kurt.  I don't think we have time left for regrets."  Her fingers slipped back, to slide off the only thing keeping their bodies apart.  The boxers fell to the floor once they'd been slipped off of Nightcrawler's waist.

God help me, Kurt briefly thought even as almost instinctually his cock found it's resting place between Kitty's ass cheeks, even as she readjusted herself, and soon the blue elf had entered her.

She quickly moved herself to her hands and knees, with Nightcrawler on his own knees taking her from behind.  He began to find his rhythm as Kitty was moaning uncharacteristically like a wanton whore.  The ride went on for several minutes, as Kurt felt himself building closer.

"Mmmm, that's perfect lover," Kitty said in a raspy voice that didn't sound at all human.  Kurt was taken back, his oncoming orgasm delayed by his distraction as she looked back at him.  The face he saw was not that of Katherine Pryde, but instead had large glowing yellow eyes, sharp rows of long teeth, and a crested head.

"Mein gott!" Nightcrawler cried out, and in a puff of smoke and a smell of brimstone he teleported to safety outside his room, and began to rush towards Cyclops' room to tell him of poor Kitty's fate.

As he got close, the door was blown off by a gust of wind, as he saw Ororo backing out of the room.  "You won't have me, foul creature." she said towards the door, as Kurt caught his look at the creature that had been Cyclops attacking her.

Terrible irony was that the Brood that had been Cyclops had been granted with a fitting crest, a diamond inside another diamond, that looked very much like a single eye, especially given the context.

"Quickly Kurt, to the comm room," Storm cried out as the German acrobat nodded and quickly grabbed hold of her, just as one of the Cyclopean-Queen's beams cut through the puff of smoke.

They arrived seconds later in the ship's communications room.  Storm collapsed backwards in to a chair, and Nightcrawler understood why.  Teleporting other people was taxing for him, but it was worse on those he teleported.

He began to quickly dial in the settings to call the Starjammers and call them to rescue them all. 

"Corsair, if you get ths," he called in to the message he was transmitting them. "You must come immediately to these coordinates," he sad as he input them.  "We are in danger, Brood have taken over the ship and several X-Men have..."

Kurt's voice was stolen from him by the pressure of a hand on his naked crotch, running up and down his manhood as he looked down to see Storm's hand was stroking it.  Her other hand turned off the comm.

"I think that's enough information," she said.  Even as Kurt felt his eyes roll back.  He had resisted his lust before, but his body was just dying to give in to it and he wasn't sure had the strength to resist again.

He lost his train of thought as Ororo's hand felt perfect where it was, and the Brood within the blue furry mutant felt it's time coming.  For that matter, so did Nightcrawler's cock.

Without thinking about it, his two fingered hand went up for his cross, and yanked the chain till it broke and fell to the floor.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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