Harley takes Zatanna to her lair

by venkman
Storyline Harley gets a new pal
Characters Harley Quinn Zatanna
Category DC Corruption Mind Control
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A dripping noise slowly awoke Zatanna. Sounded like a drip from somewhere landing steadily into a metal water bucket... The heroines eyes fluttered open. She was naked and bolted in place to a solid metal chair. Steel rings held her wrists and ankles firmly in place. A long metal collar around her neck was bolted down to the chair forcing her to stare forwards. Out of the corner of her eye she could see an intravenous drip, and some computer equipment. The red ball gag was still firmly wrapped around her mouth.

She had no idea how long she'd been here, she was so very weak. Zatanna tried in vain to mumble a simple freedom spell, but it was impossible to form anything audible over the gag.

"Oh your awake. Finally! Gee don't mind me Zee it's not like I have plans or anything! " Out of the corner of her eye. Zatanna could just about make out Harleyquinn approaching her. "Time for your check up Zee" laughed Harley as she stepped into the light. She was wearing what appeared to be a nurses uniform. A pair of thigh high boots, one red , the other one purple barely gave a glimpse of the white stockings on her legs, A tight white blouse that matched her white mini skirt was accentuated with a blood red corset and her wrist length gloves were, like her boots one purple and the other red. Above her white face, a nurses cap sat alongside her blonde pigtails.

" I know what yer thinkin' Zee. It's been one helluva long week. And you're right girlfriend, luckily we only have about ooooooooooooooh two hours of treatment remaining" She mopped Zatanna's brow in mock concern. Zatanna attempted to compose herself, she couldn't believe she had been here a week! The last thing she remembered was blacking out in the alley. No that was wrong, she remembered the voices and the pictures.....the pretty pictures that had danced through her mind.

Harley rolled an old fashioned movie projector next to the naked heroine. A small leather box sat on top of the projector. " Now then Zee " Harley grinned as she kissed Zatanna on the cheek, "Lets get this all finished up. " A pair of glasses were placed over Zatanna's eyes. They held her eyes open and she glared forwards desperately trying to find the smallest piece of strength. Harley ran her finger nails down Zatanna's chest, before placing a set of headphones over her ears.
"And now for our special hidden ingredient!" she exclaimed before removing a syringe from the leather box "Don't worry this will just hurt.......a lot! " She laughed as she injected the contents into Zatanna's neck.  The heroines eyes widened. Harleys eyes were closed as she excitedly counted to 100. "100 potatoes!" she exclaimed as she flicked the projector to life, she activated the console and the headphones screamed to life. Patting Zatanna gently on the head, Harley set an egg timer to go off in an hour, with that she sat cross legged on the floor behind Zatanna and played angry birds on her phone.

Zatanna was trying to fight the voices in her head and the images in front of her, but she was losing the fight. She couldn't make out the voices or the images completely but they seemed to be becoming clearer every few minutes, meanwhile the Joker's drug cursed through her system preparing her for a rebirth of sorts.

Harley glanced at her egg timer and careful not to make eye contact with the screen that was sucking Zatanna into it, reached for a control dial and increased the output from 50% to 75%. 

The lights around the room began to slowly strobe as Zatanna's eyes rolled back into her head. Harley yawned and stretched before continuing her game. "Not long to go now ZeeZee she shouted!"

Zatanna didn't hear her, she was becoming lost in her own mind and body, and tired so very tired...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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