Storm fucks the human maleness out of Cyclops

by DoctorMoreau
Storyline What If? - The Brood
Characters X-Men Storm Cyclops The Brood
Category M/F Transformation Corruption Mind Control Science Fiction Marvel
Previous Chapter Storm finds Cyclops all right, but he's already under the control of his Brood embryo.

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The Storm-Queen grabbed ahold of Cyclops’ face as she pulled him in for a kiss.  As she did her tongue probed the inside of his mouth.  But this was not the tongue of a human, as it snaked around like a serpent, much larger and thicker than it would have been before.

Meanwhile Cyclops moaned as his skin began to change color, becoming darker, as four additional insect-like appendages began to sprout from his sides.

Storm pulled her mouth away revealing her mouth of razor sharp fangs and her lips curling back to reveal them.  Somehow Cyclops didn’t find this unattractive.  If anything he was more turned on than he had been before.  The Brood was taking him over, and he wasn’t resisting.

“It’s just as you described,” Cyclops hissed out, his own voice already changing, becoming raspy and alien.  The new Cyclops didn’t care about Jean.  She was a filthy ape.  He only cared about his equals, his ‘sisters’ and fellow Brood.  Despite that though, his mostly human penis was hard and ready, and the slightly gender confused creature intended to enjoy it’s last moments as a male. 

Storm reached up for Cyclops’ visor, and without fear she pulled it off of his face, “You’ll have no more need of this.” She murmured, as his eyes were already round orbs, surrounded by bumpy scaly skin.  The old Cyclops might have been too weak to control his own optic blasts, but this new creature he was being reborn in to had no such weakness.

Storm's own head was pushing back, growing in to it’s crest again, as she was taking her transformation slowly, matching tempo with his.  Her eyes changed along with them, quickly loosing their humanity as she happily did away with the illusion.

Storm’s true legs, the insect like appendages that Cyclops now shared burst forth, as the lowest ones tore away the only thing between him and her waiting cunt.  It dripped like a wet and willing human’s would, but as the liquid hit the ground, it sizzled and turned to steam revealing it’s inhuman nature.

Cyclops grinned, his teeth now sharp like hers, and his lips pulling back, even as his head was stretching in to his own crest.  A Brood’s crest was unique, it revealed their identity and made it possible to tell them apart, and his was forming a distinctly eye-like pattern.

With a final, excited hiss Cyclops plunged in to her willingly, as he braced them both against the wall his side legs steadied him as he began to plunge in and out of the Storm-Queen.  The Storm-Queen hissed in response to her lover, her soon-to-be-sister.

The Storm-Queen’s mind went blank for a moment, as she was filled with pleasure.  When she recovered just part of her senses she dwelled for a moment on their actions.  This was not how Brood reproduced, this was not natural for their kind, but if there was one thing that the disgusting mammals from the planet Earth got right, by the Empress it was this.

The sounds that came from the rutting Brood-Queens would not even be remotely described as human.  Their moans were chittery and every breath was a loud hiss.  Their love making began to reach it’s crescendo as Cyclops former hands, and now tentacles wrapped around Storm.  His Brood legs kept him attached to the wall, as they did Storm, even as his formerly human legs lifted off the ground, already curling back and merging in to his two-pronged tail.

“Sister!” he cried out as his mind fully embraced is bondage to the Brood Empress, and he joined their hive of thoughts.  At that exact moment his ape-cock exploded inside the Storm-Queen.  His last vestige of both humanity and his former gender twitched as it unloaded in her warm tunnel.

The Storm-Queen, to her credit, felt her own body twitch and spasm around Cyclops, as she experienced several very human orgasms.  Their love-making had been more brutal than Storm ever had as a human, it was clearly better with a Brood lover one who showed no mercy and expected none in return.

Pain mixed with pleasure as wings exploded from the backs of the two former X-Men leaders, dripping with liquid.  They both shuddered from the combination of sensations.

When the pleasure had finished overtaking the two, Cyclops’ manhood slipped out of the Storm-Queen, as it began to shrink away entirely.  The Cyclopean-Queen had no regrets.  She looked in her sister queen, The Storm-Queen’s yellow orb like eyes and gave a wicked grin from her fanged maw, acid-like spittle dripped from it on to the floor.  The Storm-Queen returned her inhuman grin.  The Cyclopean-Queen was satisfied, both her manhood and humanity were gone, and she was happy to be rid of it.

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