Colossus gets the fucking of his life

by Hunter404
Storyline What If? - The Brood
Characters Shadowcat Colossus
Category Body Modification Chimeric Corruption Female Dom Marvel Transformation
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Colossus overwhelmed and confused by this unexpected advance found he could only lay on his back as Kitty went to work.  She helped herself to his underpants and pulled them off from his rapidly swelling member.  She cast him a quick look and smiled, brushed her hair behind her ear and opened her mouth wide her tongue slithering across the tip of his penis.  Kitty took him into her mouth her tongue continued to work about wrapping around his shaft.  He groaned and reached for her head.

"Kitty!  Slow down...what has gotten into you?"

Her eyes meet his her face stretched cheeks sunken as she drew him in.

"Kitty this isn't you...Please..."

Kitty pulled back with a loud obscene pop and wiped the saliva from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"What's wrong 'Petie?'  Am I too much woman for you?" she teased.

"Kitty no.  It just...this...you don't have it like this."

"No?" Kitty challenged her voice taking on a somewhat darker tone.  "Then how about this?"  She threw her leg over Colossus's body straddling his large frame.  Kitty wiggled her ass down his body and drew herself up below his crotch staring down at Peter Rasputin with an commanding look.

Colossus reached up and felt her legs.  "Maybe a bit more romantic..." he smiled.

Kitty returned his smile teeth bared and grabbed his cock guiding it as she lowered her body onto his. 

Immediately she began to pump her lower body the firm lines of her abs danced underneath the tight shear fabric of her once baggy nightie, her enhanced breast glided up smoothly synchronizing with the motion of her thighs.

For the second time Colossus found himself taken a back by the ferociousness of her actions but gave in willingly and joined her rhythm.

Kitty however, found herself paying very little attention to the man below him.  Her eyes were closed and head thrown back as she massaged her breasts and swam in the sensations that set her every nerve on fire.

Peter grunted as she picked up the pace moaning wantonly he could sense the disconnection.  He struggled to match her as the climax built.

"Kitty..." he breathed realizing in the spontaneity that there was no birth control.  She didn't respond beating him harder and harder as she moaned loudly and lewdly.  Colossus could not figure out what was driving the plucky and somewhat meek Kitty but it did not feel right...all the same he found he had already passed the point of no return.  He had to finish this...

Kitty's muscles tensed and he could feel her contract tight again him.  He had to pull out but it was too late.  She climaxed and took him along with her pumping feverishly as he filled her.  Kitty wailed in ecstasy as she brought her head forward and opened her eyes.

"Wow...Kitty...that was..." Colossus stopped short.  Her eyes were wide open and glowed yellow.  She grinned at him widely her teeth were long and pointed.

She exhaled a satisfied hiss and her body tensed around him.  Her fingers grew longer and her skin began to turn dark and harden.  Two pairs of secondary appendages shot out from the side of her torso tearing the nightgown.  Her lips pulled back across her lengthened fangs as her forehead began to reshape and elongate into the unmistakable broad crest of the Brood.

The hive thoughts flooded Kitty's mind twisting ever thought, memory, and emotion.  She started down on the terrified body below her with loathing.  The weakness of the creature it was mere meat!  She leaned forward her dagger filled mouth open she salivated and for a moment considered killing her former lover.  She could sense the Queen embryo inside: a rival to her own future brood.  This creature was no more suited to be a Drone than a Queen.  The Empress however forbade such culling for She wanted what these brood-fodder possessed for Herself.

Colossus broke from his shock and instinctively activated her mutant powers turning his skin into metal and drove into the Broodling with his first.  The developing Queen hit the wall and crumpled to the ground.  Colossus stood panting and dazed...he felt weak and could not hold his concentration reverting to his normal state.

Kitty stood up her yellow eyes glowed in the dark.  "Is this how you treat a Lover?" she mocked in an inhuman and raspy voice.

"K-Kitty...f-fight it..." Peter gasped.

"Fight it?" she mused.  "I embrace it!" with that her body quivered - Her fingers grew longer and twisted together replacing her arms below the elbows with long tentacles.  Her body stretched and her skins formed into scaly armor plates.  She fell to her knees as her legs fused together the two pairs of secondary legs grew and took the weight of her writhing body.  The crest upon her skull grew into full size and ridges distorted her face and erased her humanity.  Insect-like wings broke from her back wet with body fluids.  Her fused legs arc over her back like a scorpion complete with poisonous barbs.

The fully developed Shadow-Queen rose up before the shock stricken Colossus, his body control was already being influenced by the embryo within him.  She did not trust him or her sister within she knew that Queen would be physically stronger than she and at some time would threaten the future of her own Brood.  The Shadow-Queen knew that she and her broodlings would have to be devious: assassins, spies, and ambush predators...looming in the shadows and passing through any physical barrier.

Shadow-Queen reared up and spit a glob of parlaying poison immobilizing Colossus.  She could not risk him alarming the remains of his team before the Queen within consumed him.  She hissed satisfied then backed into the shadows and phased out of the room through the wall.

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