Alfred has a talk with Master Bruce

by burke_rakers
Storyline The lab of Doctor Psycho.
Previous Chapter "Doctor Bates" reaches out with his mind and draws in another victim...

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So much better. Yes, Doctor Bates had been right. This was so much better. He was a giant now. A big, tall, muscular man with an enormous cock clearly visible as he wore nothing but a black robe with "Pennyworth" stitched across the back and an "A" on the front. He'd asked Masters Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake to accompany him to his next session with the doctor under somewhat false pretext, and now...

There was a giggle - the empty headed, high-pitched peal of titters one expects from the most vapid of cheerleaders - and the tiny, cartoonish creature who wiggled into the room asked "Does yah needs any'ting else, Alfie? Cuz (giggled) I'm gonna finish washin' da dishes while Timmy puts da stuff away."

"Yeah, Alfie..." drawled his twin, as he fondled his long, thick sausage with his dainty fingers, the nails lacquered dark red "...does y'all needs anythin'...cuz ah'd be jus' as pleased as punch t' suck yuh off."

"Aw, ain't dat da truth! I'm jus' creamin' myself thinking 'bout'cha big dick, Alfie!" the first squealed, his own huge cock dripping with pre-cum. "It's jus' da BESTEST ting in da woild!"

Alfred Pennyworth smiled down at the creatures before him. They were tiny. nearly identical, cartoonishly proportioned females. Both stood about 5 foot tall, had huge projecting breasts, plump rumps, shapely legs, wide hip and narrow waists...and gigantic cocks and balls that their lacy French Maid uniforms kept on display. Alfred was gay - he knew that now - and so were Master Bruce and Tim, deep down inside. Gay and soft and girlish and so vulnerable and cute. They just needed some help letting their real selves out. Now they had wide smiles that dimpled their plump cheeks, big innocent eyes and tumbles of long, wavy black hair. They were also so very horny fpr each other...and for him. When not serving him, their massive erections were burried in each others perfect behinds or down their throats as they moaned and giggled like the sissy faggots they were. It was the voices that gave it away. Though they both now spoke differently (Brucie with a thick, New Jersey or 'Joisey' accent and Timmy with a sweet, laconic southern drawl) their voices were obviously male pitched into the female range. They wern't girls...but sissy boys who were so happy to be seen and judged by others. It had been so clear now...

Master Bruce had been a fool, and Alfred had seized control of his life as soon as possible. He'd home schooled him, taught him nothing but housework and cleaning, as well as hireing dominatrixes to drum into him his worthlessness. The poor boy had been so distraught from the deaths of his parents that he might endanger himself in some foolish stunt if not taught that he was a fool and an incompitant. The lessons were well learned, and poor, sweet little Brucie Wayne was timid, frightened thing who knew that only through being a sex object was he worth anything. Tim had been raised the same way, and as soon as it was politic...Alfred married Brucie, devorced him (taking every red cent he had) and then forced Brucie and Timmy to marry. Now thet two wedded sissies were just the happiest, sweetest little lovers and servants that Alfred could have asked for. Trained to have no idea how to handle money, they wern't even paid for their work. Instead, they recieved food, room and board...and all the devious sex toys and pretty uniforms that their sissy hearts desired.

"No, you two..." he said with a chuckle, reaching out and jerking them both off to near orgasim while they mewed and giggled like bimbos. He stopped just before they came, then checked the latex bands, and tinkling piercings that turned their massive pricks into works of modern art. Seeing they were laced in tight, he wrapped rubber bands about the balls and shafts, causing the two to moan in desperate desire. "...there you go. Now you can't cum, and you'll stay bound and tortured untill you're done with your work and I'm ready for bed. Tick-tock, boys."

With squeals of giggling, boyish exuberance, the two swished and jiggled back to the kitchen like the vapid, simpering faggots they now were...and always would be. Brucie and Timmy remembered what they had been, but they LOVED their new lives, and worshiped the very ground that Master Pennyworth walked on. They'd do ANYTHING for Alfie...anything at all.


"Who are you?" asked Doris of the voice in her head.

"Diana? It's Hippolyta. Your mother. I can sense your distress. We of Amazon Island need your aid."

Doris Queenly tried to block out the horrible voice that spoke lies to her. After all, she knew she was just a big, simple county-born gal from the midwest, and didn't know any Diana or Hippolyta, or what an Amazon Island was...but she knew she must be having an eppisode of some kind. Frightened, she stuffed a box of donuts into her mouth one at a time, then called Doctor Bates. He'd know what to do.

Dictor Psycho hadn't known that Hippolyta could contact her daughter mentally. He told Lois to wait for a momant, and he turned his machine-enhanced mind towards his target. He'd never tried something so drastic, but...he'd have to do something...if he was going to finish Wonder Woman.

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