Mary Jane use Master PC on Black Cat

by Regret
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Black Cat Emma Frost Mary Jane Watson Shadowcat She-Venom Storm
Category F/F Corruption Marvel
Previous Chapter Emma decides that a more fitting fate for Kitty is to be her apprentice. After all, it was Kitty who'd brought Emma this... enlightenment.

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"What's this?" Mary Jane said staring at the program that just opened itself in front of her. "Please don't let this be another virus, Peter will be upset if I messed up his computer." She noticed a realistic 3d rendering of herself, with every detail about her down to the clothes she was wearing, rotating on the screen. She stared at the computer blankly this had to be some sort of joke, there was no way it could know what she was wearing, and the dial labeling different parts of her body and mentality. She knew it wouldn't work but just to be sure she increased the dial for breast size and watched the chest of her on the screen change accordingly.

 "Nothing, see just some dumb joke." Mary Jane assured herself. A popup window appeared as Mary Jane tried to close the program. "Changes will not occur unless saved, save before exiting?" Mary Jane's breathed heavily as she hit 'save and continue'. MJ gasped as her breasts expanded out the inch she had added. She cupped her breasts in disbelief, they were definitely bigger. MJ stood up and walked away from the computer. She pinched herself splashed cold water in her face but it wasn't a dream.

 "Okay okay , I'll just leave it alone until Peter gets back, he's used to all sorts of crazy things." MJ said sitting on her couch. she sat waiting nervously for Peter occasionally peeking in the direction of the computer. She bit her lip, sure it could be dangerous in the wrong hands but she wouldn't do anything terrible with it. Giving in to desire Mary Jane raced to the computer. "I'll just adjust a few things on myself, I'm sure Peter will love the changes." Mary Jane said justifying her actions to herself. She increased her breasts another cup size, added a little to her already gorgeous ass and adjusted her metabolism so she wouldn't ever have to worry about losing her figure .

 "Perfect." MJ said while posing in a mirror. "Tiger won't want to run off with that Black Cat after he sees the new me."The smile on her lips faded, she knew Peter was faithful and had to go when the city needed him but that didn't stop her from feeling insecure when Black Cat was around him. " He might not cheat but I don't trust her around him." Mary Jane said walking back to the computer. She knew she was being petty but with the master PC running it was like she couldn't control herself. "It doesn't matter how sexy you are Felicia" Mary Jane said spitefully learning Black Cat's identity through the Master PC, "If your a villain Peter wont want to be around you. " She knew Black Cat used to be a crook but that wouldn't be enough she was going to change her into one of the worst villains Peter has ever fought.


 Storm moaned groggily as she came to, she felt Kitty's weight on her chest.

 "Ohh, what are you doing?" Storm asked.

"Mistress Emma is going to make you better." Kitty said cheerfully.

 "Kitty your not making any sense, whats gotten in to you." Storm demanded.

 "Oh be silent miss weather goddess, its time you learned to obey a real goddess." Emma snapped.

 Storm trashed around trying to get up but she was bound in place, tied to the bed with ropes. "Shh don't fight it, this is for your own good. Life is so much happier serving Emma and I wanted you to be the first to share this pleasure with me." Kitty said as she pressed herself tightly against Storm. She took one of storms breasts into her hands and caressed it as she kissed her ebony neck up to her lips. Emma smirked greedily before closing her eyes and reaching out psychically to penetrate Storm's mind. Kitty forced her tongue down Storm's mouth as her hand teased Storm's pussy. Emma moaned in sync with Storm their minds now linked, she felt her own pussy get wet as pleasure from Kitty fucking Storm transferred to herself. Emma concentrated through the pleasure and rewired Storm to her liking.


 "There." Mary Jane said as she turned off the computer." Peter will never look at her the same way again."


Black Cat was grappling from building to building after stopping a crime with Spider Man when suddenly she found herself dropping to the ground. She landed in a dark abandoned alleyway. She looked around nervously but couldn't make herself leave. Suddenly out of the shadows Venom approached her, he looked just as confused as Black Cat.

"whats going on I need to get out of here." Felicia thought unable to express herself verbally.

"Its all yours just like we agreed." Venom said breaking the silence.

"Excellent." Black Cat heard herself say evilly. She grabbed underneath her costume and tore it off of her leaving her naked and exposed.

The alien symbiote slithered off of Brock's skin before the host left Felicia alone with the creature.

 "Yes take me, make me yours forever!" Felecia screamed now having a harder time differentiating her thoughts from the silent commands she couldn't disobey.

 The black slime launched itself and coiled around her cold naked body. "Yes Felicia moaned as the liquid costume bonded with her skin. "More ! More!" Felicia screamed "ravish me." a tentacle launched itself and penetrated her eager pussy. "Yes harder!" Felicia begged. Felicia let out a yell of pleasure that halfway though became louder and monstrous as the symbiote and Felicia fussed together to become She Venom

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