Clark has a bad feeling after the event with Cat and needs to talk to someone he trusts.

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Previous Chapter Ivy decides to continue with Tim and her plans for the Wayne-Bat clan...

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Clark knew that he had made an awful mistake cheating on his Wife. And then it had been with Cat! What had gotten into him? But hadn’t time to think about it right now. He entered the Main Conference Room inside the Watch Tower. The Lead Members had a meeting.
He saw Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, J´onn and Wonder Woman already in their Chairs. He sat down and smiled at them.

“Sorry. Some... unexpected Delay at the Planet. What is it?”

“We are talking about Luthor!” Wonder Woman said angry. He had to admit that her Combat Dress pictured a nice Cleavage of her awesome breasts. “I don’t get it Boys. Why do you trust him so suddenly?” she asked into the round but Batman answered before anyone else.

“Who said we would trust him? But as Clark said! It is easier to look for him when we know where he is. Also I have tried to understand the Prototype of his Force Field Emitter. I don’t understand everything of it but it looks like it could work. But I wouldn’t be sure about it. We should tell the Governments of the Nations that this Tech isn’t proofed for now.”

“Also it isn’t as strong as it should be right now.” J´onn said. “The Field from Luthor is only 2% as strong as the one from Brainiac. I suggest that he has energy problems. And I think you would not like the Idea given him Kryptonite right Clark?” 

“No way. As much as I want to believe that he has changed I am not stupid!” Clark smiled and Wonder Woman relaxed a little bit as she heard him. “But let us give him a chance. But with careful observation. We have to be sure about this Force Field and we need a way to disable it if necessary. If Lex would try to attack us he will surely use this Field against us.”

“I am working on it already.” Bruce said. “But I could need help from you J´onn. This isn’t my level of Tech and I fear that only Lex truly understand Brainiac´s devices. But I have made some researches. First of all. We are not able to copy the Field fully so he had to make some interesting Design Changes. The Field will not be able to go under the Earth. He will use a kind of Synthetic Crystal to transform the Energy Input into a deflector Shield.”

“Can he use these Crystals to form it to a weapon?” Wonder Woman interrupted him and J´onn answered her. 

“I don’t think so. These Crystals, he calls them Diamond, will transform the Energy only in one possible way. He could try to transform the Energy into a blast but it wouldn´t be an aimed shot and even then it wouldn’t be very strong. But it is impossible to create an energy Beam with the Crystals needed for the Force Field.” Wonder Woman seemed calmed and nobody noticed a light reaction in Superman as he heard about the Crystal. Somehow he felt good right now and a little bit horny. But nothing that would bring him out of the concept for now. 

“What else could he do with this Field?” Wonder Woman asked and Flash moaned at her.

“Come on Di! What do you fear?! That he will Trans warp the Whole world to the Sun? That is Lex! He has never tried to get rid of Mankind! Only of us! And right now he is doing some serious good for the World! Why don’t you give him a chance! When even Superman can do it why can you not try to do it too?” 

“Why? Because Lex Luthor had tried to kill each one of us here in this room more than one time! I don’t know what he is up to but it is nothing good! Great Hera! Maybe he can use this Energy Field as a bomb? Or it produce Kryptonite Radiation to Kill Superman? Hell! I don’t trust him! Maybe he tries to brainwash the entire world! Or create an area that we cannot enter!” she almost screamed but all in the room knew that she was only curious and didn’t blame her. All of them had a bad feeling about Lex Luthor. Only one Men inside this room didn’t looked down.

Clark thought about taking her Golden Lasso, bind her and then force her to fuck him with this big hot tits. It was such an arousing Thought that his Cock was hard before he even knew it. He starred at her Chest and dreamed of Diana as she kneeled in front of him and begged him to fuck him Harder. Soon his mind was even further away and he saw Lex Luther with a Watch in his Hand. He fucked a hypnotized Lois from behind and he could clearly see Lois blank eyes, her drooling and hear her calling him Master.

“Clark? Is everything okay?” Wonder Woman looked at him and it took him some breath to understand that he was in the HQ Room. 

“Ahm… Yes. Sorry. I thought about your Suggestion. Could it be Possible that he would do something like that with this Energy Field?” he asked J´onn who also looked at him suspicious.

“I don’t think so no. But Lex is able to show us our Limits from time to time! We should be careful. But be honest. Clark. What do you really think about him?” Bruce asked him and his brown eyes fixated him.

“I don’t know what I should think of him right now Bruce! My Mind tells me that he is not trustworthy but I know that his Mind could be a great Help for the World. Who knows what could had happened if I never reached the Earth. Maybe he would be sitting right here now. But these thoughts doesn’t matter right now. I think he is trying to show the World that he is better than me. If he does it with a Force Field that could protect Millions of People I will accept my failure to him. I hope that my Feeling is betraying me but I don’t know. At least I know that we can do anything right know. As long as he isn’t doing anything wrong we should let him work and test his inventions before bringing them on the Market!” 

He felt his Cock slowly fade away as he spoke but he knew that he had lied a bit to them. He wanted to trust Lex Luthor. He really wanted to believe he was telling the Truce. 
They talked about some minor Problems for the rest of the Meeting but as they finished it Wonder Woman stood in the Door and stopped Clark.

“Do you have minute?” she asked him and he nodded.
“What is wrong with you Clark? I mean you were distracted and if wouldn’t knew you better I would swear that you starred at my Chest! Do you have Problems with Lois?” she asked him and he felt his cock tingle as she talked about her Chest. But this time he fought it down.

“Some little Problems yes. Nothing that is important. We have the same conversation about Lex from time to time.”

“Isn’t she writing about him very … optimistic?” she asked and Clark nodded.
“Yes but she has a plan by doing it. She want to see what he is really up to. You know her. Always running behind the Story of the century"

“Thought you were the Story of this Century?” She asked smiling at him and he smiled back.

“Yes but there are some little Handicaps that has shown us our Limits Diana.” 

Diana raised one Eye brow and looked at him, crossing her Arms in front of her unknowingly pressing her Tits up by it. He looked down at it and felt a little bit more provoking than before.

“Our Sex Life isn’t running so well. You know. Alien Human Problems!” he said and wanted to see how she would react.

“Oh. This kind of problem? I know that to well. Only few Men in this World are worth and capable of taking on an Amazon.” She said.

“Yes and also only few woman could take on Superman!” he teased her and he could see her eyes widen for a moment but before it could start to get a serious flirt Flash appeared and ruined the building up Erotic Situation. Both of them went silent like little kids that had been caught with their hands in the Cookie-Box. Flash looked at both and laughed

“HEY it will be all right okay? As long as you have me! I will protect you!” both of the heroes had to laugh and split up to their daily working. Superman was on his way to the Teleporter as he saw Dr. Wayland and it hit him like a Hammer. 

“Hey Doc!” he caught her attention and as he was near her he smiled. “Do you have time?” 

“Is it important? I am working on the Plans for Lex Luthor. To bui..:” she wanted to say something more but Clark hadn’t the Time for it.

“I suggest you have time for me right now.” He said and she finished her sentence after a little black out.

“What did I say? Sure I have time for you. Do you want to go to my Office?” she asked him but he said.

“We should go to the Basement. To the Power Reactor.” 

“What do you want to do there? I mean my Office …”

“I suggest your Office isn’t the right Place and we should go to the Reactor!” he said again and it felt somehow cool to have such a power. 

“Isn’t the right place. What do you think about the Reactor Room? Go ahead Superman.” She finished without thinking and followed him to the lower Stages. There weren’t any Member of the Staff and not many Cameras. Superman opened an Air-Lock and went inside. Then he closed it again. 

“I wanted to ask you something Lucy.  And I suggest you will answer me every question I have. Have you ever abused your Skills or your training?” he asked her and saw her raising an eyebrow.

“That is a very intimate Question Superman. You should know that I could lose my Job if I would do something like that.” She answered but her Mistress had ordered her to make him horny and find his weaknesses. So this was maybe a good idea. He had used the Trigger much often now as he did last time. Also she noticed his erection that he had since he had used the triggers on her. 
“But to tell you the truce Superman. Yes I did but I am not proud at it!” she said and looked at him more closely. Years of training made it possible that she could even see some reactions that others wouldn’t see. And she saw the flash in his Eyes.

“What did you do? Tell me please!” he said fast and her mind started to race. 

“Okay Lucy. What do I know about him? He has an obsession for breasts. Now he seems to get aroused to hypnosis.”

“I used a Hypnosis Session with Siren to get some Sex.” She said and had to smile as she saw the reaction. His pants bulged out that she feared it would explode any second. He took a deep breath and closed his Eyes as he moaned loud. She had a Bulls-eye with her guess. 

“You and Siren? But I thought you would only attracted by Men?” he asked and she smiled at him.

“I am not Superman. You are not the only one who loves big things. And Siren has two very big things. I don’t know how it happened. I was horny for the whole day. I saw her, she had trouble with some Partner she had worked with and hypnotized her to help her. As she laid there deep in trance I started to think about her breasts and how horny I was. I told her that we were lovers and that she wanted to get down on me. And she did! And how she did! I shouldn’t think too much about it. It was a Mistake and it was wrong! Hypnosis should not be used to fuck someone it should be.” She heard him saying something and smiled. “Used to get your cock into my mouth. Get it out Superman. Let this Hypnotized Bitch suck you dry!

As superman left the Airlock she smiled and put out her Handy.

“Mistress. Superman just came in my mouth. I told him that I hypnotized you and forced you to lick me. I think he is gaining a Hypno-Fetish too. I have to…. Yes mistress. That isn’t important for the JLA. … I should abuse you while see us…. I should generate a Situation where we three are together….I live to obey Mistress. Yes Mistress. I love the taste of his cock.

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