Sif and Thordis beat him up

by Sailor Mercury
Storyline Hive of the Wasp
Characters Wasp Pepper Potts Maria Hill Liz Allan Betty Brant Sif Lady Sif Jubilee Invisible Woman Gwen Stacy Green Goblin
Category Marvel Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Thordis and Sif fight Doc Ock.

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Thordis struck him with a lightning bolt, temporarily short-circuiting the mechanical arms. Know he would not stand a chance he tried to run but was stopped by the corrupted Goddess of War.

"Our queen has not use for you, but she doth have plans for you arms." She said, then stabbed him in the heart with her sword, killing him.

With their combined Goddess level strength, the ripped of the arms and the harness. They then took them back to the Hornet Queen.
Meanwhile Maria Hill and Iron Maiden found Shocker and attacked him.

"Iron Maiden, I have an idea." Maria said to her through the telepathic link.

She then explained it and the attacked. Iron Maiden launched two Uni-Beams at Shocker. He dodged them, but standing right behind where he had landed, was Maria Hill. She then shot him with a gun, killing him.

Maria let out a bit of an evil chuckle. "I really do like being a bad girl. So glad I chose to join the hive. Plus she was right murder is fun."

Iron Maiden took the gloves from Shocker's corpse. Iron Maiden then used the transporter device implemented into her armor to transport herself and Maria back to their queen's base.
Jubilee and Sue were sent by the Hornet Queen to retrieve at least the tail of Scorpion.

It did not take long, as Sue, using the powers of the rest of her former team mates, that had been given to her by Hornet Queen, stretched her arm, wrapping it around Scorpion, and also using her new strength to keep him from escaping.

"Look's like it's the end of the line for you, because under my queen's guidance I have developed my powers to the peak of their ability." Jubilee said as her hand were crackling with energy, as she charging up some of her 'fireworks'. She then fired them at Scorpion's exposed face, fully destroying him on a sub-atomic level, leaving only his suit, where he once stood. They then contacted their queen through to telepathic link Psylocke had set up between the hive, who had Enchantress teleport them back.
She had just finished rewriting the minds of Betty Brant and Liz Allan. She could not find any memories she could use as a base for their new selves, so she decided to just use her stings. She quickly put them through the process.

After she had finished that, she then used her Phoenix Force powers to alter Betty's genes to give her the same powers as Spider-Man, turning Betty into her hive's Spider-Girl. She was soon in her outfit, a more female shaped version of Spider-Man's outfit.

She then started to alter Liz's genes as well. She made Liz's nails into claws, like those of 'Lizard'. She also gave her the heightened senses of 'Kraven the Hunter'. Finally she altered Li's genes a bit more to make her as durable and strong as the Rhino.

It was about this time that her slaves returned with the equipment they were told to get. She had Jubilee, Maria Hill, Sue, and Iron Maiden take Shocker's Gloves and Scorpion's outfit to the lab for Yellowjacket, to make them into a costume for Liz, which Janet had already designed.

She had Thordis, and Sif attach the harness to Liz, followed by the spinal connector. When they were done, Liz Allan had the mechanical arms of Doc Ock connected to her naked body. Since Janet's sting prevents other from taking control of her slaves, the arms were unable to turn Liz against her. Soon the outfit was finished and put on by Liz. She was now Janet's own personal 'Sinister Six', all in one woman. With all the powers of 6 lesser villains: Doc Ock, Lizard, Shocker, Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion, and Rhino.

"All right, I have decided on you villainess name. You will go by the name 'Sinister Sister'."

"Excellent name, my queen. I shall proudly go by the name you have bless me with, your highness." the corrupted Liz said while kneeling down.
In the training room Gwen had already mastered using the glider in less than 10 minutes. She flew around on it, throwing Pumpkin Bombs at targets hitting the bulls eye, every time. She then tested out the missiles that shoot from her glider, mastering use of them easily. She was a natural at being the 'Gwen Goblin', and she test out her new strength as well, and her other weapons. She loved being evil. The training room's targets and other things quickly repaired themselves, and she continued to practice for a little while longer.
Janet, finally done with her 'spider' problem, was ready to start targeting all the world's remaining heroines and villainesses. As well as any male heroes and villains she considered worthy of joining her hive.

She considered who she would target next, then use the Phoenix Force to corrupt, and alter their memories to bring them to her side.

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