She-Venom, Carnage Cat, and Psylocke steal the Green Goblin equiptment from Oscorp

by Regigigas Rules
Storyline Hive of the Wasp
Characters Wasp Gwen Stacy Green Goblin She-Venom Black Cat Psylocke
Category Mind Control Corruption Marvel
Previous Chapter Janet uses her new Phoenix Force powers to make Gwen Stacy into a psychotic, laughing, lunatic.

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(Meanwhile, as Hornet Queen was corrupting the resurrected Gwen Stacy)

Psylocke used her shadow teleportation to teleport herself, She-Venom, and Carnage Cat, to get them inside the lab of Norman Osbon at Oscorp.

She-Venom used her symbiote's tendrils to move some things around. Carnage Cat looked behind many things, but couldn't find anything. Psylocke moved a large painting on the wall, and found a safe. "I think I found it." She told the others through the telepathic link, she had set up between the hive.

Carnage Cat being a former cat burglar, knew how to crack a safe, and it was quickly open. "Got it."

Inside were all of the Green Goblin's equipment. Psylocke grabbed the glider. She-Venom grabbed the case of Pumpkin Bombs. And Carnage Cat grabbed the remaining weapons.

Psylocke then teleported the group back to the base, and presented the equipment to their queen.

"Excellent work. I just finished with Gwen, and she should be ready." Janet said. She then turned back at the doorway "Gwen come on in."

"Yes, your highness." Gwendolyn said as she came into the room. She couldn't stop laughing. She only had a few shreds of sanity now. She was beyond crazy.

Janet then has Psylocke, She-Venom, give Gwendolyn the Green Goblin equipment.

"Thank you, your highness. As agreed, I shall serve as a member of your hive." she said with an evil grin, still unable to stop giggling.

"Glad to hear it. Also are their any other youthful babes close to Spider-Man."

"Well, besides me, there was that Mary Jane Watson, though you already have enslaved her, and you have some slaves going after Betty." Gwendolyn says then her giggling goes into a full cackle for a minute, before she returned to giggling. "Well, that actually does leave 1 more, Liz Allan."

"Excellent, Gwendolyn." Janet says. "Now, go to the training room, and practice using your equipment. Also take one of the 'Pumpkin Bombs' to Yellowjacket so he can reverse engineer more of them for you to use."

"Yes, my queen." the corrupted Gwendolyn Stacy-Osborn said, followed by a full psychotic laugh. She went to the lab first and dropped off one of the bombs for Yellowjacket to make more of for her. She the went to the training room to practice.

"Psylocke, She-Venom, Carnage Cat. I have another thing I need you to do."

"Whatever you want, your highness. We shall do it."

"I need you to bring me Liz Allan. While you do that I will start thinking about what I want her to become." Janet said to the, slaves. "After I decide, I will send Thordis, Sif, Iron Maiden, Maria Hill, Susan Richards (whom now also had the powers of her former team mates in the Fantastic Four), and Jubilee, to go and retrieve the necessary things for her to be able to be her new self."

"As you command your highness!" They said. Psylocke then used her shadow teleportation.

(Inside Janet's mind)

"See it is sooo much more satisfying to control others." Janet said to the Phoenix Force.

"I quite agree. Not even Emma did it, when she was my host."

"Now that I have 3 ways for me to take over people's minds: my stings, my hypnotic powers, and now you Phoenix Force. In addition to some slaves who can also enslave others. You will be my main way for enslaving others from now on, but there are some babes I just want to do it using my stings."

"Why is that?" The Phoenix Force asked it.

"Because, it is just sooooo much fun watching them put up a futile effort to resist it." Janet said followed by an evil chuckle.

"I like the way you think." The Phoenix Force said to Janet in her mind. "I am glad I have chosen someone, with such a mind as warped as yours for my new host. In fact you are much more worthy of the gift of my power than Jean ever was."

"Thank You." She said to the flaming bird.

"The reason I had went mad, and tried to kill everyone, was because of Jean's constant stupid attempts at using my power for good. But now with a host like you, one who's evil. My power can be controlled."

The both chuckled.

(Back outside of her mind)

She then walked around her base thinking, about what should she make Liz into. As she walks, her pet, Bitch (who was once the 'high and mighty' Jean Grey.) started following her. Janet gave her a dog treat, and the 'human puppy', who used to be Jean, happily ate it. After she finished Bitch let out a happy 'Woof!" and started panting. Janet gave her pet a scratch behind the ear, then continued to walk around her base and think.

After a while she knew she wanted Liz's new self as part of the hive to be based on one of Spider-Man's old foes. She was mostly considering having Liz become a member of her hive as either female version of either: Lizard, Rhino, Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion, or Shocker. "Now which one should I turn her into?" Janet said with an evil chuckle.

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