Wonder Woman

by burke_rakers
Storyline The lab of Doctor Psycho.
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Diana couldn't seem to shake the feeling...that she didn't belong. She seemed to walk around the Air Force base in a daze, and try though she might...she just couldn't seem to put her problems into words. She just felt...strangely disassociated from the people around her. When fighting crime as Wonder Woman...it actually seemed worse. Her fellow members of the JLA wouldn't understand what her problems were...she just knew it. She was about to talk with the base Psychiatrist...when she received a letter in the mail inviting her to attend a free private sitting with a new psychiatrist just opened within walking admittance of her apartment. His name...was Doctor Bates.

Little did she suspect that her old foe Doctor Psycho had finally finished constructing a machine to boost his already considerable mental powers to unheard of levels. He could affect people from great distances and influence their thoughts...drawing them to him for the REAl thrust of his abilities. For now he could more that simply alter thoughts, memories and opinions...but could induce physical changes to support his mental one. He'd reached out and induced these feeling in the mind of his old for...and now, she was walking into his office.

Dressed in her Air Force uniform, she entered the empty out room and wondered why the outer office was empty...then didn't. It was obvious. The man hadn't hired a secretary yet. That didn't seem odd at all. Nope...not at all.

"Ah, Miss Prince. Please come in and take a seat."

She followed the voice, and saw a small man with an enlarged forehead...

No. That wasn't right. She saw a tall, handsome man. So handsome that her knees went weak and she almost swooned into the couch that was provided for her. He gestured for her to lay down, and she did so. He asked her how she felt, and she started telling him about her feelings of distance and disassociation from her coworkers and friends.

"No, Diana. That wont do. Lying about your problems isn't going to help you. You have to face your problems head on."

"But Doctor, I'm..."

"Fat. You're fat, Diana. You're plump and round and wiggly and jiggly and always hungry."

She looked at him in shock. It wasn't true...but he couldn't be wrong. He had to be right. He couldn't be right. She started to shake her head, but he stopped her. "Denying it wont help, Diana. You're fat. Accept it. You're big and fat...."

She looked down, and blushed she felt so clueless and stupid. Because low and behold...she had a big, round belly...wide, plush hips...big, jiggly bosoms...she looked at her plump hands the down at her heavy cankles and fat feet. How did they ever find a uniform big enough to fit her at the Air Force? She nodded, letting him know he was correct, and that she was willing to face the problem."

"I...I'm fat. I know it, Doctor. I just suppose I've always been a nibbler. When I and Etta Candy are together, we just sort of..."

"Please, Diana...don't insult me. You won't do yourself any good playing at half-measures. You aren't fat, Diana."

"I'm not?" she said with relief.

"No, Diana. You can't simply say 'I'm fat' and expect to solve your problems. You need to accept...that you are obese."

"O-obese? Doctor I wouldn't call..."

"Hugely...ponderously...heavily...thunderously obese. A great, waddling tank of fat so rotund that you can only barely squeeze through normal doors. Think of all the times people have pointed at you. Laughed at you. Called you 'Lardass', 'Wideload' or 'Fatso' behind your back. It's happened a lot, hasn't it? Picture yourself waddling along slowly, your swollen globe-like body wobbling left...then right...then left...then right...as you trundle along, a candy bar in one hand....dabs of chocolate on your lips."

She looked stunned at his words, but...yes. He was correct. She looked down at herself and groaned in shame and embarrassment. She almost wanted to cry as she saw the smudges of chocolate on her uniform. Feeling ashamed, she lowered her head. Doctor Bates asked "Is something wrong, Miss Prince?"

"I...I'm so fat. I mean...I'm obese. I can't believe I've let myself go so much. I don't understand how the Air Force can ignore this..."

"Let yourself go? Air Force? Diana, you've got to stop building these fantasy worlds around yourself. You're not in the Air Force. That's just a little fiction you've invented for yourself. And 'Let yourself go' implies that you haven't always been so huge. Now, we both know that's not true. Why are you so fat?"

Diana was still reeling under the hammering revelation that her lies had been seen through. Stunned to remember that she wasn't and never had been in the Air Force. Shaking her head in confusion she mumbled "I don't know...why am I so fat?"

"Because you overeat, Diana. You're fat because you overeat...and you overeat because you're fat. It's a vicious circle. You can't stop overeating, because you're so fat...and you'll always be fat because you overeat...and you overeat because you're so fat...you see how natural and normal it is? Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact...you should be proud that you've come to accept yourself for what you are. You're a FAT woman. It is a wonderful thing to understand the truth about yourself. You are obese, Diana. You always have been. Accept it. Embrace it. Indulge yourself."

Doctor 'Bates' brought out a box of candy. A large box. He opened it, and inside were layer upon layer of chocolates. Diana gazed upon them, her eyes filled with longing. He smiled, and behind that knowing smile...the mind of Doctor Psycho pressed against hers...and she trembled as she raised her soft, pursey hands to the box. Her fingers were so thick and clumsy...just like they'd always been. She looked away from the box, and saw her arms. Her imaginary uniform was gone. She wore a big, sleeveless blue muumuu decorated with white stars. Her arms were thick and covered with heavy rolls of doughy, pale fat. She saw the box...and plucked a single chocolate,,,

The taste of the candy...was nearly orgasmic. She moaned and scooped several pieces from the box, stuffing them gracelessly into her mouth. She chewed with relish and indulgence, unable to imagine anything as wonderful. She loudly sucked chocolate from her fat fingers, all manners lost in the desperate desire to get food into her belly. She...she...

She was sitting in a booth, the table before her heaped with plates that groaned under the weight of many midwestern delicacies. The smells of Cincinnati-style chili, with spaghetti, cheddar cheese and oyster crackers...Green bean casserole...Chicago-style deep dish pizza...Sausage gravy and biscuits...Fried cheese curds....Pork steaks in red gravy...Battered and deep-fried Walleye...Michigan-style Cornish pasties thick with beef, pork, rutabagas, potatoes, carrots and onions...Hot rye bread sandwiches of corned beef and pastrami with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.

"This is how you eat, my dear. This is what you eat. You LOVE eating. It is your favorite activity. It is what you live to do."

She set forth with a will, shoveling the delicious, fatty foods into her maw and occasionally emitting deep moans of bovine contentment. Her life began and ended with the foods before her, and as she finished off one plate of rich, heavy foods...another was set before her. After a short while, she forgot that she had ever eaten in a different manner. She was a glutton, after all. She was a glutton...glutton...glutton...

"Miss Queenly?"

Doris Queen blinked and looked up at the handsome man, knowing he was a doctor and that she was his patient...but not certain why. She'd come here for some kind of treatment...but what sort. She was rather confused.

"Congratulations, Miss Queenly. You are cured of your delusions. You no longer suffer under the idea that you're an exciting superheroine. Instead you know - now and forever - that you're an obese, lazy glutton with no interests other than eating. Born and raised in the American midwest, you have no ambitions or interests other than eating."

Doris Queenly beamed a smile at the handsome man, and gushed "Thanks fer all th' help, Doc. I feel jus' fine. I don' even 'member whut that other me wuz like."

She rose and he handed her a huge, functional purse that held her personal information, as well as a large selection of cxandies and snack cakes. She saw her reflection in the mirror...and though she looked just as she knew she'd always looked...she paused and gaped for a momant.

She was gigantic. Gargantuan. A massive globe of thick, doughy blubber. She was almost impossibly fat, yet...she was just as fat as she'd always been. She wore a delightful blue muumuu with red trim decorated with white stars and golden birds, several rather gaudy bracelets and necklaces, dangling red earrings...her hair was puffed, teased and sprayed into a big black puffball...her jowly, multiple-chinned face was heavy with cosmetics...she looked...looked...

Just fine. Perfect in fact. She was Doris Queenly...and she was a big, loud, fun-loving woman...just like always.

She smiled, and her thick, red-painted lips looked perfect. She did wish she was eating, though.

Doctor Bates waved as the new Doris Queenly left his office, waddling along slowly as she always did. She left the building and entered the "Hometown Buffet" next door. By the time she'd filled and devoured the contents of several platters, her transformation was quite permanent. She was now Doris Queenly...forever.

Doctor Psycho sensed the final transformation in the former Wonder Womans mind, and smiled. His old foe was no more. Instead, she was just a great big, fat joke...just like she deserved to be.

Still...though he'd hated her...he also had a facination with her. It might be fun to follow Miss Queenly...when he had the time. Right now...he had another hero to humiliate.

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