Clark Kent

by BigGuy
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Previous Chapter Luthor meets Bubba

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Kent had, in many ways, been a bigger pain to him than Superman. If Lex had lost Lois lane to Superman, well, that would have been annoying, but understandable- but Kent? That bookish little nobody! On top of which, even if Lois had written a lot of damning articles about him, it was Kent who seemed to have some sort of "common touch"- his articles always seemed to be the ones to stir public sentiment against him. Yes, to see Kent made a slave would be almost as good as seeing Superman on his knees- and he knew just how to get him here!

A quick call to one of his employees- one who turned informer on Lex before to Kent. Lex found out, of course- and had quickly seen the possibilities. The man had returned to the fold, after a few well-placed threats, and promises of financial rewards- but Kent never knew what had happened. Lex instructed the man to call Kent to this location- saying there was a highly-placed scientist in LexCorp's agricultural arm who had information about falsified testing on a new genetically modified potato. (That was actually true- tests had shown the potato could cause adverse reactions to those individuals with both the meta-gene and certain other genetic anomalies, but the potential for any major incidents was well within LexCorp's margin of safety- barely 1 in 1000 would have a reaction, and maybe 1 in a 100 of those might have a severe mutagenic response -one test subject exploded- certainly not cause for alarm. Lex's lawyers assured him there were people who exploded every day.)

After the call- a plan of attack- Lex would wait in another room, listening through the intercom. Diana was sent away, while the twins kept Lex company.

Clark arrived at the apartment in a half-hour- he could have gotten there sooner, of course, but he preferred to walk when doing Clark's job, to keep himself "in character". For that same reason (plus because he knew Lex had sensors throughout Metropolis which could pick up his use of his vision powers), he hadn't checked out the building before arriving. So he had no idea what awaited him inside the penthouse.

He rang the doorbell, and a southern-accented voice told him to come in. He entered. the room was darkened, with light spilling out from the master bedroom. He could see there was a woman there, although only her legs were illuminated. She was short, and her legs shapely, wearing a short white skirt.

"Mr. Kent?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'm. And you are-?"

"My name's Bubba. But y'all can call me Mistress." 

She snapped on the light. Clark gasped. Bubba's breasts were incredible. She was clad in a thin white t-shirt tucked into her skirt, and the material stretched across them, displaying their perfect roundness. Her huge nipples threatened to break through the material. Clark had never seen anything like them. he felt his cock grow, and willed it down, using his remarkable Kryptonian powers to control the flow of blood. 

And then Bubba walked forward, and her breasts began to sway under the thin material.

His cock instantly hardened- and burst through his zipper. Bubba gasped- she had gotten a lot of reactions in her life, but that had never actually happened.

"Ooh," she purred,"so big- just like me!" Sshe ran her hands up the side of her body, and cupped (as much as she could) her breasts, jiggling them. "And red shorts- you must have hidden depths, Clarkie." She wet her lips- not that Clark noticed- all he could see were breasts, shimmering and pulsing. With his enhanced vision, he could see each pulse beat reflected in tiny waves along the surface of her massive tits. He felt short of breath. It was taking every erg of will not to use his x-ray vision to look beneath her shirt- to see what these mighty behemoths would look like naked!

"Do you like what you see, Clarkie? I can see you do. I'm going to tell you something, Clarkie- you will never, ever be satisied by any other woman once you've seen me- once you've had me. Once you've felt these soft, warm, huge tits around your cock, and in your mouth- hell, you won't even be able to get a hard-on from another woman, once you've seen my magnificent breasts. Tell me, Clarkie- do you have a woman you love- you desire?"

"Yes." said Clark. his voice sounded small, distant, like a man struggling for breath. 

"What's her name?" Bubba stepped closer- her breasts were now inches away from him, throbbing and pulsing.

"L- L-" Clark stuttered- why was he so- "Lois!" he almost yelled.

"Oh, Clarkie- you've almost forgotten her already, haven't you? Tell me- have you ever been this hard for her?' She reached out, and squeezed the end of his cock. She was impressed- it was harder than even the surgically-enhanced cocks of her personal harem. And ir seemed to still be growing!

Clark groaned. "N-N-I love her! I- LOVE- LOIS!"

"Not anymore," said Bubba. She grabbed the collar of her t-shirt, and tore. Her breasts exploded outward, even larger and more beautiful than Clark had thought. He came, and the force, even through his uniform, splattered Bubba's breasts with sperm, driving her backwards. She gasped. as Clark fell to his knees, still cumming, still staring at the most magnificent breasts imaginable,

Bubba wasn't really smart- but even she knew there was something going on. She leaned down, and her breast hung and swayed, and whispered in Clark's ear. "Who are you?"

Clark hesitated, but bubba took one of his hands, and placed it on her breast. The last of his will disappeared into the solky firmness of that breast.

"I'm Superman,' he whispered, "And i am your slave, Mistress."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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