Bubba begins

by BigGuy
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Mind Control
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(Author's note- until the return of the old threads, if that's even possible, I thought it might be fun to re-start some old favorites. This is basically a re-write of the first "Bubba" chapter, with a bit of "secret origin" added in- which I didn't create, incidentally. Apologies if the person who did thinks this is inappropriate- just leave a note to that effect, and I'll stop. Meanwhile- let's see where this goes this time, shall we-)

About 20 years ago, a girl was born in a small backwoods town in the south. For reasons unknown, she was named Bubba- a fact that she was teased for throughout her school years. She wasn't an attractive child- but at the age of 15, that all changed. 

She had a growth spurt- not much in terms of height- she was still only 5'3"- but that was enough to let her legs get toned, her ass round out, although it stayed trim. Her muscle tone improved, and her face- well, she wasn't going to be a model, but she was pretty, if severe, with a near-perpetual scowl. But none of that mattered.

It was her breasts that attracted attention- over the course of a summer, she went from and A to a D-cup- and she kept growing. At first, her mama (her father had left long before) joked about it- "We brought you a training bra, then you broke training!"- but it rapidly became clear something was wrong- unnatural. By her 16th birthday, Bubba had every man's attention- and every woman's (well, except for a few) hatred.  She reveled in it. Boys- and now, grown men- became puppets for her- along with those women who had found their desires for their own sex awakened. But nature- or whatever had done this to her- wasn't finished with her. 

her breasts continued to expand, and grow more beautiful. Now, merely walking down the street fully clothed would cause men to instantly sport boners, and women- well, they no longer could hate her- they simply felt inadequate. She learned, through a process of experimentation, that , when bared, her breasts held a hypnotic power- more than hypnotic, a primal power- men wanted her, but so powerfully that they felt subservient to her. And women- well, they felt such deep inadequacy that they would do what ever she told them to, believing her promises to show them how to be a "real" woman like her. 

She reveled in her power- her life had been so hard, she had been treated so poorly, that she wanted nothing more than to humiliate beautiful women and subjugate powerful men.  And the sex was good, too. She enjoyed it- but she did have to be careful- more than one man had died in bed with her, such was the power of the combination of their desire and her passion. She had her mother killed by one of her paramours. With the police force in her pocket (well, not exactly her pocket), she had no worries. But this town wasn't enough for her. She had already started turning women into whores for her- the most beautiful girls in town, the ones everyone wanted, would give it up- but only for the price she set. She knew it was time to grow her business.

The JLA didn't concern itself with crimes like prostitution, normally. but this new "Super-Madam" as Vicki Vale had dubbed her- who went by the unlikely name Bubba- had expanded her empire so quickly and with such audacity, that the FBI had asked them to look into it. Several undercover officers had gone missing, with one female operative turning up under the West Side Highway, turning tricks for $5 a pop. In addition, it appeared several of her client, the wealthiest of them, had started draining their accounts- blackmail was suspected, although the one man who had spoken to them had said she did it because she loved Bubba- that she was the only woman he ever wanted to have, and he just wanted her to be happy.

Wonder Woman volunteered. She knew some women turned to prostitution out of necessity- but this Bubba seemed to be able to force women into the life. And slavery was something she couldn't stand. It hadn't taken long for Batman to discover the mansion Bubba had purchased in Connecticut. She landed directly in the spacious backyard, near the pool. A number of attractive men and women were around- the men nearly naked, the women covered head-to-toe in shapeless dresses- almost burqas. Diana recognized some as various models, actors, other celebrities, who had gone missing in recent months. 

There was a woman swimming in the pool, seemingly unconcerned at the intrusion of the Amazon Princess. Wonder Woman noticed something odd- although the men and women around all noticed her, some fearful, none looked happy to see her. Perhaps they had been brainwashed- or some sort of Stockholm Syndrome had set in. Also- and this took her a moment to realize- there was no sense of the men "checking her out", as they say. Ever since coming to man's world, she had rarely been in a group of men who didn't stare.

"Wonder Woman! What brings you trespassing into my home?" It was the woman in the pool- obviously, as Diana had surmised, Bubba. She had a slight southern accent- and not that pleasant an accent, either- a bit nasal.

"I'm here to arrest you, Miss Bubba- a warrent has been issued for your arrest in the state of-'

"Oh, please do shut your mouth. I can't stand a woman who stands around flappin' her jaws. You ain't gonna arrest me- you're gonna become part of my organization. After all, it's all a pathetic stick like you deserves."

Wonder woman was startled. Not just at the brazen statement that she would become a whore, but the calm confidence with which it was said. "Miss Bubba, get out of that pool, or I will come in there-"

"I'll be happy to come out, sweetie- but you won't be happy I did." With that , Bubba climbed out of the water, body glistening.

Wonder Woman gaped. She wasn't that surprised that Bubba was naked- it fit her profile- but- Athena help me- her breasts! They were easily larger than her head- maybe twice as large! But, rather than looking grotesque, they seemed to fit her body- they were perfectly formed, capped by large, erect, dark red nipples. Diana had, to her chagrin, been celebrated for her own bosom- Black canary once told her that only Power Girl's had more web sites dedicated to it- but even if you added Power girls to hers, it  wouldn't be...

Bubba walked over to her, breasts bouncing. She smiled up at her, then grabbed the front of Wonder Woman's bustier, and pulled it down (Bubba was surprisingly strong- her muscles had to be, to hold up her mighty bosom, and keep her balanced).  Wonder woman's D-cups, the objects of desire for millions of men (and women), sprang forth.

Bubba laughed. "Look at you! Wonder Woman? it's a wonder you're even called a woman!" she caressed her own breasts, lifting one, sucking on her nipple. "Look at me,! This is what a real woman looks like!  How could any man want a flat-chested little boy like you? What are you?"

Diana couldn't help herself- she knew what Bubba said was true. "A- a flat-chested little boy."

"That's right, sweetie." Bubba moved closer, her wet breasts rubbed against Diana's abdomen. Diana couldn't help but see how small they made her breasts look- like nothing. "But I know how you can be more like a woman- I can help you become more like a woman. would you like that?"

Diana nodded. She wanted nothing more than to become more like Bubba- become a woman.

If she had been able to pull her eyes away from Bubba's breasts, she would have seen a cruel, cold smile across Bubba's lush lips.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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