Monica Rappacini, Scientist Supreme, isn't going to give A.I.M. up without a fight

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Good Girls Gone Bad (Marvel)
Category Marvel Corruption Change of clothes Female Dom Mind Control M/F Futanari/Hermaphrodite
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A.I.M. facility, California

The A.I.M. drones were more then willing to bow down to this usurper, but she was not!

"Who are you? What is the meaning of this?" Monica Rappacini, the Scientist Supreme shouted.

"I am the Iron Queen," the armored woman shouted, "And you work for me now!"

"We'll see about that!" Monica said as she pulled a corrosive vial and activated her Phasing belt.

As Monica reappeared right behind the armored bitch, a smoke grenade smashed into her face knocking her to the ground.  The armored bitch spun around clamping the claw at the end of the left arm around Monica's neck.  It clipped a collar around Monica's neck and she felt needles stick into her neck.  The chemicals started affecting her instantly.

"Monica Rappacini," The Iron Queen announced, "Just the chemist I was looking for.  You are going to help me make a better slave drone."


New York City

Ms. Menace had Goblin Queen in a clinch, the red head's mind raced.  The blonde bitch wanted her Spider slave... the Slave she stole his spider DNA from...

She held her wrists towards the whore's neck.  And tried to... the spurts of webbing wrapped around Ms. Menace's neck.  Taking advantage of Ms. Menace's shock, Goblin Queen wrapped her legs around the blonde's waist and squeezed the air out of her, then tightened the webbing around the neck.  Goblin Queen took charge of the situation, she latched onto Ms. Menace in a deep French kiss.  Goblin Queen became the aggressor and gyrated her hips causing them both to go to peaks of sexual excitant. 

Ms. Menace paniced, as she was now being raped by her own victim.  She felt her self become weaker and her eyes went wide.  The power drain that Goblin Queen used on Pete! 



Mangeto stood helpless as the two mutant villainess walked in front of her.  They were clad in leather and latex sexy villainess versions of their former costumes.  Magneto was speechless, she wanted to plead with them...  When she opened her mouth both daughters slugged their former father in the face.


Hellfire Mansion, New York City

Reed's torment was deniable.  At some point he stopped thinking of himself as a person and started thinking of himself as an object.  Lady Malace had started using him to please herself.

Johnny minced around in the ballet heels and maids dress in absolute fear of being found and used by She-male Hulk.  Ben was nothing more then her fuck toy at the moment.


Castle Doom, Latveria

Doom knew that magic's had been unleashed and had twisted people around the world.  In his own nation the Doombots were being taxed to the limit to stop and subdue the nice girls who had lost their minds.  Even in his own castle, some of the staff, like Ingrid the Cook, were now raving homicidal harpies.  Doom sighed, Ingrid was not a patriot, nor a young woman of great aspirations, she only wanted a job that would pay so she could take care of her mother and disabled sister.  The Doombots had found the sister murdered an hour ago.

"Did you kill your sister?" Doom asked the restrained cook.

"Yess!" she hissed back.

"Take her away," Doom ordered the bots.

Doom breathed heavily, this needed to stop.  His armor's sonar told him there was someone in the rafters of the main hall.  Not letting the intruder get the upper hand, Doom activated the countermeasures built into the main hall.  The blasts knocked the intruder down and then showered the hall with tiny rubber pellets.  The intruder landed on her feet.

"The Squirrel?" Doom couldn't believe what he saw.

Squirrel Girl was clad in a dark brown rubber catsuit with all the belts and straps of weapons that he expected on Punisher, Deadpool or Cable.  She hissed at him and pulled an assault rifle on the dictator.

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