Does "Queen Cindy" resist her mounting lust

by burke_rakers
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Previous Chapter Aladda knew something was wrong, and asks her Sultana what they'd be able to do?

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"I will not be this woman..." the obese, elderly vixen moaned as she clinched her pillowy thighs together. "...I refuse to be this woman. I will return to myself...whoever she is...I will resist..."


Queen Cynthia Tremaine turned and gasped in horror. Her nipples began to lek and her cunt to throb with need...as her stepson entered the room. He was so handsome...and so...

"Chamring! I told you to leave the room!" she said in cold, icy tones. Cynthia Tremaine was not in the habit of being ignored, and though she loved this boy with all her foul, old heart...she wanted to punnish him for this act of willful disobedience. She moaned again at the thought of her naughty stepson dressed in girls clothes, licking her pussy while her daughters whipped his bottom red! Such a delightful way to spend an evening...


"I know you did, mother...but you seemed so out of sorts...I worried about you. I wanted to help you. Are you feeling well? Perhaps if I snuggled close..." he did so, guiding her to her throne and helping her lower herself into the seat. He sat on the foot stool and lay against her cumbersom old thighes. a hand slid up her skirts and he slowly slipped one...then another finger into her loose, wet vage...

(We danced at the ball! No...I danced with his father, but watched him the whole time. Yes...how could I have forgotten...)

"Please, my darling boy...I need to think with a clear head..."

(Cynthia Tremaine. She was Queen Cynthia Tremaine. She knew it and accepted it...but clearly she must have been a good woman? A doting wife and loving mother? And yet...she could clearly remember smothering the king benieth her massive body - and he'd had an erection the whole time, the randy old pervert - and them she'd taken her stepson in her arms...and fuck him for the first time on top of the stiffening body of his dead father. The boy loved her so much that he'd helped cover the evidence. Such a good boy. So good to his poor, old stepmother...)

She gasped. It was all true! She was an evil, lustfull old bitch with a bottomless need for cock and a heart as cruel as any tyrant! How could she have forgotton. She looked down, and saw her darling stepson Prince Charming snuggling close, fisting her well-streatched old snatch, and she knew nothing was wrong. She smiled, and pulled him close. He removed her clothes and support garments. Without them, her great, pale flabby body looked like it might smother him. Unlike his father though, he was prepared for her sweet, dimpled cellulite and (moan) soft folds of pale, blue-veined blubber. A secret button was pressed and the throne folded and became part of a massive bed. She waddled towards it, so tiny part of her mind still screaming and begging for her to stop, but her loving son would not be denied. He helped her onto the beds soft, silky surface...and began feeding her chocolets from a box. She snatched the box from him and soothed "Mother can feed herself...but she's far too fat to reach her lower parts. Care for mothers needs, wont you dear?"

And as he did, the mind of Cynthia Tremaine became stronger. That tiny, foolish voice was fading away...losing itself in the waves of pleasure that came from her body. Accepting that she was fading into the mind of Cynthia Tremaine...and at least loving the tough of her husband (son) as he plowed her. Finally, she rolled atop him and leered like a fat, bloated gargoyle "Now lay back...and let mother dear take care of her naughty stepson."

The next day...

Queen Cynthia Tremaine relaxed upon the throne, her makeup perfect and her grey hair bound up...her darling stepson nestled between her breasts as she read over the royal paperwork. Everyone accepted that she was this way - lusty and impulsive - and nobody questioned as Prince Charming unlimbered one of her titanic breasts and started suckling like a child. The Queen smiled and stroked his cheek, but continued to work. She smiled. She was Queen. The people feared her. She had her darling Prince Charming...surely there could be no greater joys?


The Princess Ariel was far too trusting and innocent. Mulan had been too far away to hear of the strange things going on in the central kingdomes. Princess Tiana and Princess Rapunzel were too new to the kingdom to understand that something was wrong...when they recieved an invitation from a Queen Siegbertha to attend a royal function. Other Princesses would be there, they were told...


Sultana Jasmine watched as Aladda puzzled over the information she'd been given, before asking like a frightened little girl "But...what about you, Sultana? You have ruled us for so long. Agrabah needs your guiding hand..."

Sultana Jasmine was about to answer, when Iago burst in babbling about a lamp. The Lamp! Aladdin didn't exist anymore, so the lamp had never been recovered! With it...she could just wish everything back to normal. But...she'd have to send Aladda and Iago alone...could she trust them to do what had to be done?

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good chapter GAV. This chapter made me curious if Babs will join the harem or not.
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Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
Gorel - 5/13/2018 9:40 PM
There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.

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