They try to escape

by burke_rakers
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Previous Chapter Jasmine and Cinderella try to reason with them.

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   (I warn you...it gets pretty dark)

Jasmine had been an adventurer along side her husband Aladdin, so she was used to being in a tight spot and watched for a chance to escape. But Cinderella wanted to cry. She was so used to good triumphing over evil that this...perversity was beyond her. She looked with horror as her dear friends sat about, gloating over their own corruption. Couldn't they see what they'd become?

Or...were becoming. She watched with disgust and horror as platter upon platter was carried towards the table by Siegberthas slaves (she couldn't call her Snow White any more) and as they ate...oh good lord above...

Governess Pocahontas grew first plump...then stout...then fat, as the spirit of Gluttony bound itself with her Avarice, and as she grew...so did her greed. Her clothes became finer and finer as they stretched and remolded themslves about her swelling form. Jeweled rings appeared on her thickening fingers...finer and more costly lace frilled at her throat and wrists...a great, heavy chain appeared about her neck...then another...and another. As this happened, he features began to thicken and shift. Jowls...chins...

As Queen Aurora Malefora grew fatter, she also turned green and her mouth thickened and grew wider...like the maw of a frog. Her body swelled and grew rotund, as she stuffed her face. She became monstrous. Simply monstrous...and obviously didn't care.

But worst of all was poor Belle. The sweet, innocent girl had been close to Cinderella, and she struggled with her new personality. Now and again she'd pause in her gorging and seem to realize what she was doing. A look of horror would dawn on her face...then she'd stuff her mouth with food, and begin babbling about fashion and clothes and furs...always about furs. She smoked and drank and ate...ate...ate...and somewhere in the middle of all this, Cinderella saw Belle surrender...and truely become Cruella de Belle. By that time...she was massive. At least as huge as Queen Siegbertha herself, but in her more revealing clothes...

She rose and waddled towards them, a smirk of evil delight upon her wide, arrogant face. Her black dress was designed to flaunt her massive body, and her skin was as pale as milk. There was very little left of Belle in that face, with its heavy makeup and world-weary irony.

"Well, dah-lings..." she drawled, her voice dripping with amused contempt "...still think we need saving? The spell is finished...and we are as we always shall be...forever!"

Cinderella weapt and Jasmine turned away in disgust. Then they all rose and waddled towards them. As massive and fat as they were, they seemed to move with ponderous ease and grace. Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde reached out and dabbed at Cinderellas tears with a napkin, then said with some sympathy in her voice "My dear...thay are happier now than before. All of them. We all have power, influence and wealth beyond our wildest dreams. No one shall ever dominate us or control us. I have given my friends the chance to be just like me...but they are still my friends. I could have enslaved them, but instead...I gave them each the same gift I had been given. If you do not with to share in these gifts as well...I don't care...because share them I shall.."

She snaped her fingers, and her Snow White gown became again her queenly robes. Another snap, and the ropes that bound Cinderella and Jasmine vanished. In shock, they were hustled forward towads the tables, but Jasmine turned and snarled "We'll get away! We'll gather the forces of good in each land and free you from this curse!"

They all laughed, and Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde looked at Jasmine as if she were a none-to-bright child. "Our changes are quite permanent...and deliciously retroactive. You see...we have ALWAYS been the people we currently are...thanks to the last spell. Now, there never was a Snow White...save in your memories. I was the corrupy daughter of a weak king. I was yaught magic by my evil stepmother. I killed her, and now I rule this kingdom with an iron fist. The Seven Dwarves, the Prince and the Huntsman who would have rescued me are now my personal sex slaves, with no memory of any other life."

Governess Pocahontas - buldging with fat in her purple and lace finery - said "I was once a wicked, stupid and useless savage...but the noble Governer Ratcliffe took me in and showed me civilization. As I learned his ways I grew to loath my former people, and when they slew my noble patron I seized control of the colony and led the defence against those naked vermin. Then I sent to the king for more men and more guns, and after finding the gold we knew those savages were hiding, I lead the invasion that rounded them up and enslaved them all. My ugly forests are now great cities and vast, rolling farmlands tilled by my enslaved people. The king was so grateful he rewarded me with the life-long position of Governess, and half the gold goes straight into my coffers. I haven't forgotton all my old friends, and I made sure to keep several of my old girlfriends around...after teaching them the glories of fine clothes, great feasts and group sex. They are all now quite as happy as I. And don't worry about that randy buck Captain John Smith. He's still with me...though he's now quite as fat, greedy and corrupt as myself."

Queen Aurora Malefora gloated - her great, thick-lipped and froglike mouth painted red as blood - and croaked "My foolish parents insulted the grand Maleficent, then sent me to live my life as a grubbing peasant girl under the name Briar Rose, with three fairies as my captors. Eventually Maleficent rescued me, adopted me as her daughter and taught me the ways of dark magic. Those foolish fairies tried to 'rescue' me, and the wicked Prince Phillip killed my beloved protector. Enraged, I confronted both my parents and the parents of Phillip and transformed them all into hideous dragons which I enslaved to my will, then killed those three cursed fairies. Finally, I corrupted Phillip and made him my slave and dragon handler. I rule BOTH kingdoms from my black tower, and am perfectly happy with my life."

Finally Cruella de Belle sauntered forward, her pale flesh wobbling and jouncing with each movement. "Well, dah-lings...I ran away from home and abandoned my tiny town for the charms of the big cities...and soon my my fine friends here. From them I learned that the only things worth anything in this world are style, fashion, culture...and yourself. Allowing others to weigh you down with morals and obligations is foolish. I returned home and found the Beasts castle...but instead of freeing the people, I seized control and slew the Beast...making a fine and wonderful coat from his hide. Knowing that the curse was now eternal, I sought out the magics behind the castle...and used those magics to rule the land. I turned most all of my enemies into objects to serve me as well, except for that scrumptious Gaston, who I keep as my personal henchman and sex slave. I throw simply MASSIVE parties for the finest people, and tax the poor for my costly gowns, flashing jewels and expensive cigarettes. One thing you can bank on...I have no library. Why waste time reading when I could be flaunting my wealth and style before my useless subjacts?" She posed and preened...and indeed, her great coat...was the hide of the man she would have married. The Beast had been expertly skinned and styled into a wonderful coat. She giggled, showing no shame or guilt.

"So, sit....eat...and Indulge yourselves. Yield to the limitless pleasures of the table. Besides, what if you did escape? We would never again meet as friends. Our kingdoms will be your eternal enemies, and eventually...we would destroy all you know and love, as well as yourself. Where as if you join us...you will rule kingdoms and command the peoples of the world. Afraid your Prince Charming or Aladdin would be lost to you? Don't worry...you could keep them on as pets and lovers."

Jasmine gazed on the table with disgust...but also with hunger, and both she and Cinderella could feel the spirits of gluttony bonding with them...filling them both with a bottomless HUNGER. Next would be others, and them new souls. She couldn't risk it. She grabbed Cinderella and spat out a magic word she'd learned in the lab of Jafar, and the both of them began to vanish...being called home to their kingdoms.

Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde saw the spell, and she snatched at it...but it was too late. At the last momant though, she piggybacked her own magic onto the teleportation spell...and smiled as they vanished. Well, they'd have to learn the hard way...

"Mother?" cried a familiar voice as Cinderella suddenly appeared in the throne room of the castle. She looked around, and saw her stepsisters dressed in fine (if gaudy) clothes, as well as her husband looking as handsom as ever. She sighed, pleased to be out of that den of vipers and back home...when she saw a mirror...and screamed.

She...was Lady Tremaine. She was a great, fat and bloated version of Lady Tremaine. She was at least as thick, round, rotund and fat as her transformed friends. Her grey hair was bound into an updo just like Lady Tremaine wore, and her face...older and cruel...was the face of Lady Tremaine. Well...except for the grand and costly gown and the crown...on her head. And she knew...she shuddered, but...she knew.

There had never been a Cinderella. Instead, Lady Tremaine and her daughters Anastasia and Drizella had gone too the ball...and though the Prince hadn't found a bride the King had fallen in love with her. They'd been married, and soon the King had suffered a terrible 'accident'...leaving Lady Tremaine as a widow...and the new Queen. She'd placed her two daughters into powerful positions, and the three of them now ran the kingdom.

Lady Tremaine knew it was wrong, but...she couldn't remember what the name of that girl had been. The girl who'd been both her AND her stepdaughter. She tried to remember...but could grasp not a whisp of the truth. Frustrated, she coldly snarled at her daughters (No! They wern't her children! They were...something else.) and the girls left the room, used to their mothers fits of cold temper. She rubbed her temples and tried to focus. Her name had been...she had been...Cindy? Cynthia Cindy-something-or-other...

"Mother?" asked her stepson (NO! My husband!) and he came close to her. She tried to brush him away...but he reached out and touched her huge breasts...ran his thumb along her nipple...and slid the other had around her swollen, bloated ass. She gasped in shock and desire, and Prince Charming said with a leer "You needn't pretend with me, Mother. I know you killed my father...and good riddence to the old fart I say. Now that he's out of the way..." he trailed off, as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

She wouldn't accept this...this perversity! She was...Cinder-something. She couldn't be this obese, lusty old woman. Lust. She must have aquired the spirit of Lust. That made sense, as her swollen thighs were slick with juice. This fine young man obviously wanted to knpow the touch of a REAL woman...and she wanted the perverse thrill of fucking her stepson.

She moaned in horror, unable to remember what it had been like to be younger (she LOVED her mature, matronly form) and wanting to taste the sweet spunk of her stepson. She managed to say "Not, now...my son. I...I need to be alone."

He shrugged, and left...but blew her a kiss before the door closed. She wanted to eat. She wanted to fuck. She wanted to stay just as she was...and it was driving her mad!


Sultana Jasmine knew things were wrong, when she appeared as a swollen, balloon of blubber. So much fatter than any of the other woman...and feeling...she couldn't seem to get up the energy to do anything but eat. And even that she didn't do herself. Instead she - a vast, immoble blimp of fat at least 2000 lbs - simply lay and let a dozen servants feed her. They all did so in such a way that she assumed they'd been trained to do so. She opened her mouth to speak, and another pastery or sweetmeat would be popped into her mouth. She looked dowm, but all she could see was a vast pair of breasts and an even bigger, globular belly. She saw a mirror on the ceiling, and reflected back was a massive version of herself surrounded by dozens of attendants and feeders. She was dressed in Jafars robes, and her face even looked a very little bit like Jafars...but it was too much work to think about it. People came to beg her for mercy, and though she wanted to say something like "Set this man free!" or "Don't hurt that person!" she...just couldn't. It was much too much work. I mean, she was so tired from having too eat all the time. What else could they expect of her. Instead she allowed peasant after peasant to be brought up to her and she ate while the guards either exicuted them or imprisoned them. What were they guilty of? She couldn't be bothered to find out. All the wile a red parrot kept saying things like "The Sultana decides to seize that mans property." or "The Sultana commands that he be slain for questioning her rule." and as it got the problem out of her hair, she'd nod her agreement.

Iago. It was Iago. And Iago who never had to change, and who continued to be evil. She was too busy eating to bother with speaking or making decisions. Everything was so tireing. She was so lazy...

Sloth! She'd been given the spirit of Sloth, and mixed with her Gluttony...she'd become what youd expect. She was so fat she couldn't move, and so lazy she couldn't care. She tried again to do something. Anything, but all she could do was gesture with one hand towards the door. Iago (bless his heart) nodded and said "The Sultana feels that fifteen-minutes of work is far too tireing. Instead, I'll continue to issue commands in the Sultanas name and she'll be left to her busy duties."

Iago flew off and Jasmine saw that one of her attendants was Aladdin...but he was very different. He was quite fat - just like all of her attendants - and with each mouthful of food he fed her he took one himself. He looked as pampered and spoiled as any harem girl, and she noticed that he wasn't a 'he' at all...but was in fact a very fat harem girl (the huge breasts gave it away) who still had Aladdins basic features. She waved off a mouthful of food (it took all of her self control) and managed to gasp out "Al...help...me...I'm...under...a...spell..."

She managed to gasp and wheeze out the story while Aladda (that was the fat girls name) fed her...and listened....

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