One of them is suspicious

by burke_rakers
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Previous Chapter Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde shams that she's under a curse from the Evil Queen.

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"Oh, you poor little innocent things." burbled Queen Siegbertha, as she oversaw her kitchen staff. Two of her dwarves (Happy and Dopey) were directing the cooks when she came in, but she's wanted to make sure everything was just perfect. She inspected all the dishes and tasted the sauces, and then kissed Happy and Dopey. "You two have done a wonderful job. Keep it up, and I'll let you bang some Princesses."

Then she raised her thick arms over the collected pots, kettles and ovens...and spoke dark words that even her mother rarely tampered with. Smell, glowing lights filled the room...and she directed them to various dishes. Incarnates. Spiritual essences of the Seven Deadly Sins. The tiny, glowing lighes sped to their hiding places...to wait for their new homes.

Then...she opened the case her slaves carried...and withdrew the Soul Vials. Within each cut-crystal vial...floated a living soul. Siegbertha had been busy preparing for this momant, even before the Princesses had come. In her own way, she truely did love them. Thy were her friends. She wanted them to be with her. To share in her new and glorious condition. But to do that...they'd have to change. And what better way was there...than the same path she'd chosen for herself.


Siegbertha turned and saw a trio of her old friends. They'd come looking for her. How...loyal of them.

"Yes, darlings. I was just making sure that all was in readyness for the banquet."

Princess Belle, Princess Aurora and Lady Pocahontas looked about the kitchen, and blanched. "I don't think we can eat this much food, Snow. We should focus on reversing your curse. Belle has had a great deal of expierence with this subject, and you know how smart she is. She sent Jasmine and Cinderella down to Grimhildes library right now, looking for some evidence of what was done.."

That gave Siegbertha pause. If they were there...then they might stumble on some evidence of her own magical training...not to mention what she had planned for them. She decided she'd have to show her hand a very little bit...and smiled at them, saying "Oh, darlings...I'm so grateful for all of your help. But...I know what she did, and think I can show you how it was done. You see...these are Soul Vials. Each contains the spiritual essence of some being that the public hung with the name villain. For example, this one holds the soul of a fine, public servant whu would have brought civilization to a savage people...one Governor Ratcliffe. Just imagine what sort of thoughts he had...the feelings...the plans and schemes..."

She held the vial aloft, and opened it. Pocahontas suddenly felt...foolish in her buckskins and beads. She was a savage! A foolish, wandering doe in the woods...and that would not do! She must abandon all her (yuck) ratty forrest friends and get to some fine city. Ah, city life! That was for her. Civilization was a means to its own ends, and she LUSTED to be in the middle of it. But...her filthy savage people DARED to stand in the way...well, Imperial Governess Pocahontas would soon put an end to that! She'd dig out every speck of gold, cut down every tree, skin every animal. It wasm't evil...it was progress.

The lovely face of Pocahontas was the same, but the eyes grew dark and cruel...her mouth set into a bitter scowl and her body language shifted, becoming arrogant and entitled. She looked again at her clothes, and knew...she should wear purple. Yes...purple.

"And this holds the soul of a wronged and humiliated woman named...Maleficent."

Aurora stiffined as something...entered her, bound itself with her soul...and fused with it. just as with Pocahontas, she didn't change physically, but her movements became smooth and sinister. A contemptuous smile played about her lips when she thought of the foolish King Stefan and Queen Leah. Had those oafs thought she was their daughter? What a joke. After all, her spiritual mother...was Maleficent. She knew it now. She had ALWAYS sided with the queenly and powerful Maleficent, and now...she would follow her path. She knew her old friend Snow White (Siegbertha is a far better name for her) would guide her...show her how to use the magics in her soul. She looked down at her hands, and thought "Far to pale. Green. Green would be a lovely color. And black robes...enough time has been spent acting like a foolish girl...now I shall make myself known as a woman...a witch...as Queen Malefora.

Belle saw what was happening, and saw...that she'd get no help from the newly minted evil bitches she saw in place of her old friends...and she knew that Snow White had done it. She had to get back to the others and warn them. She started to run, but she was tackled by the two dwarves, who groped her as they wrestled her to the ground. Imperial Governess Pocahontas and Queen Malefora watched with amusement as Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde waddled forward and opened another vial.

"No!" screamed Belle "I won't be Gaston!"

That made Siegbertha laugh, and she said with a chickle "And I wouldn't have your soul bound with that toad anyway. Less 'Evil' than 'Oaf' in my opinion. No...I've a very special one for you, my dear...a very special...soul..."


Jasmine and Cinderella were stinned by what they'd discovered. They had to warn the others...and rescue poor Snow White from her fate, of course. They heard a scream echoing through the halls, and they both recognised it as Belle. Thay had to find her! They ran through the castle in desperate haste, Jasmine handling any guards, dwarves or others who tried to block them. Eventually thay found...

A great dining hall was lined on all sides with tables heaped with feast upon feast. Sitting at the head of the table was Snow White, and at either side of her were Pocahontas and Aurora, both dressed in...well, not what you'd expect. Pocahontas wore a suit of purple velvet and lace, cut in an almost masculine style. A black belt, black shoes and a wide brimed hat added to the almost military air about her. She looked towads them, and her hair was bound into a pair of braids set with pink bows. She raised a glass and said in very civilized tones "Ah, our wandering birds have arrived...and just in time for supper. Take a seat, ladies."

"Yes..." husked Aurora as she gestured to the chair beside her. "...please, sit beside me Cinderella." she wore a gown of black silk and purple trim...and looked positively green under these lights. Her lips wer blood red, and her movements were queenly and sweeping.

"Oh, yeas dah-lings..." drawled Belle from behind them. They didn't really know Belle very well, but this...didn't seem like the outfit she'd have chosen for herself. A black dress showed much more skin than she should be flaunting, and long red opera gloves, black hose and red heels fit the look. She wore a great, sweeping fur coat and her hair had been dyed a mix of black and white. Her eyes were wode, mad and laughing...or was it screaming? "...you simply MUST come to the table! I had misgivings before, but now...I understand EVERYTHING! It's all for the best, you know."

"Belle?" asked Cinderella, and the girl first looked horrified. She gasped out "Cinderella, help me...I...I'm..." before she sneared and laughed, lighting up a cigarette in a long, red holder. Then she purred "I'm Cruella de Belle, now. I feel sooooo much better with my new soul...and can't WAIT to make a fine coat out of my husband!' she laughed, and they could all hear madness and panic in that laugh.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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