The Queen Teaches Snowy to be Cruel.

by burke_rakers
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
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 (Sorry, but I guess I wrote this while others were moving on with another thread. I just had to finish...because nothing is as interesting as a truly evil, fat bitch ;>) 


(six months later)

The Evil Queen (whose real name was Queen Grimhilde in the script of the movie) sat at table with her step-daughter, listening to Snow White as she grumbled and snapped about raising taxes, invading their neighbors and depriving the peasents of their most basic rights, all the while a dozen terrified servants scampered about her in a desperate effort to keep her plate heaping and her wine cup filled. Grimhilde was amused that Snow Whites opinions on these subjects were even more extream than her own. But, well...this Snow White was a very different person from the one who'd first drank the 'Bitch' potion...and as for the Gluttony.

She had no idea why she had changed. Sometimes in the night, as she lay in bed...dreaming about cruelties and wicked acts that would have chilled her blood a year ago, she'd rub her belly (she always had several boxes of candies at hand) and wonder what had happened to her.

Physically, it was obvious...and while she hated what she saw in the mirror every day (she had beaten a girl who she over heard calling her "Princess Plump") she couldn't deny what she was...or puzzle over the shambles of her life. A year ago, the people had loved her...and she'd been able to love them. She'd been kind, decent and understanding. Today, she simply couldn't abide the chatter of the common rabble. Their problems were impossible to understand, and the very though that they had feelins and opinions was simply beyond her. Try though she might, she just couldn't care.

And the Queen? Grimhilde and she were thick as thieves these days. Grimhilde had been the bane of her existance, but now...she seemed so worldly and wise...a font of knowledge she loved to listen to. Grimhilde taught her all about how to lead, and she took her lessons to heart. In fact, she perhaps took them TOO much to heart. Her own opinions had become far darker and more wicked than her step mother, and she heard that the people had started calling her step-mother "Good Queen Grimhilde", while they'd stopped calling her "Princess Snow White" (an affectionate nickname) and started calling her by her given name. Even Queen Grimhilde had started calling her...

"Princess Siegbertha?"

The former Snow White stopped eating and looked up at her stepmother with eyes that flashed with hate and hero worship. Dressed in a gown that looked exactly like the Queens, yet was designed to enhance and flaunt her massive body, the only difference was that her crown was smaller. Other than that...

Princess Siegbertha couldn't have gained so much weight in just six-months...and yet she had. Dressed in a voluminous gown of black and purple silk, a high white collar, smokey eye shadow and blood red lipstick, the girl who was once so dainty, delicate and fragile was now a bloated, globular blimp of fat. She sat with keg-thick legs splayed out wide so her massive belly could rest on a foot stool the floor. All her chairs and thrones had to be resized to accommodate her gargantuan, five-foot wide hips and heaping, quaking ass. Her breasts were now great, quaking globes of pale fat that rode atop her belly and wobbled slowly as she moved. Her arms were so thick, heavy and cumbersome that she was starting to have a hard time feeding herself, and her hands so fat that she could barely curl her kielbasa-like fingers into a fist. Her face...well, the thick collar of fat, heaping chins and huge jowls had changed her face, forcing her plump lips together into a cupids-bow like a natural scowl, and her eyes now squinted from her face like the eyes of an angry pig about her fatter, somewhat snouty-looking nose...but it was the eyes that had changed the most. They once radiated peace, kindness and understanding. Now they flashed with irritation at the simplest request, and glowered like coals whenever she met a peasant.

"Yes...(grunt)...Grimhilde." she said around a mouthfull of pie and cake.

"I really do think you've flowered over the last few months, my dear. You've abandoned your childish opinions, moved on from your grief over your fathers death, and now we have finally moved closer together. Your magical studies are comming along quite well, and when I'm gone...I'm pleased that the peasants will know the strong lash of Evil Queen Siegbertha instead of the weakness of Snow White. You know I made this all possible, don't you?"

She trembled in rage and worship. Inside, she HATED being manipulated. But...she did so LOVE what she'd become. She shoveled in another mouthful of desert, and swilled back a full glass of wine. "Yes, Grimhilde. I'm much happier now that I've had your teachings. I'm so grateful for your teachings...and hope you'll understand...that I poisoned your food."

The Queen looked down, then gaped at the former Snow White. She grinned and winked at her, then went on eating...wtching her with interest.

Grimhilde tried to mumble a quick spell of cureing, but Siegbertha countered it, and smiled.

"Why..." she mumbled as she sank to her knees, and Siegbertha rose and waddled over to her. She gestured, and one of her girls scampered to pick up the crown and plave it on Siegberthas head. "Because you taught me to well, step mother. I love you, but...I can't abide having you as a stepping stone. You understand, don't you?" she chuckled evily as she posed in the mirror.

She did. She understood. Grimhilde smiled and sighed "I love you...my daughter..." as she died.

"And I love you, Grimhilde. I shall abandon my weak fathers name, and take yours. From this day forward...I am Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde!"

She had the body of her step-mother undressed, cleaned and prepared...Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde scooped out her innards to make sausage, then stuffed her cavity with breadcrumbs, chestnuts and cranberries, as well as certain magical herbs. She deboned the corpse, and ground the bones to make bread. An apple was stuffed into Grimhildes mouth, and she was baked till she was a golden brown, her flesh tender and rare. Then Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde sat down to her cannibalistic feast and ate every morsel. As she did, she chanted a spell over and over, binding what changes the old queen had made, so that they could never be reversed. When she was finished...

""Sno-...uh, Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde? A trio of royal visitors approach the castle, wishing to speak with...Princess Snow White."

"Indeed?" she snorted, her voice dripping with evil amusement. "Well, who are they?"

"The Princess Cinderella, Princess Jasmine and Lady Pocahontas."

Queen Siegbertha Grimhilde burbled evil laughter, as she raised her immense 800+ lb bulk from her throne and waddled forward. "Well, we mustn't keep my dear friends waiting. I can't WAIT till they see the REAL me! Now, perhaps a few...gifts for my old friends? My beloved mother (saten rest her sweet soul) gave me some splended gifts. A spirit of Gluttony AND a spirit of Wrath. Perhaps my friends and I would have more in common if I shared some gifts with them? For boring, loyal old Cinderella...perhaps the gift of Lust and Sloth would help her loosen up a bit? Jasmine could use a little...well, a lot of Pride and Envy to make her a perfect self-obsessed bitch. And Pocahontas? A double-dose of Greed would make her just the sort of grasping, coin-obsessed woman she deserves to be. Perhaps we can get her and Governor Ratcliffe together? She'd make a wonderful, Greedy heartless city-loving bitch...and of course there's plenty of Gluttony to go around." she laughed, and it was like the cackling of demons...as she waddled to greet her guests.

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