Bruce is lured to the 'special' Champaine Room.

by jtreat6969
Storyline The JLA's new nemesis, Bubba
Characters Wonder Woman Batman
Previous Chapter Bruce Wayne spends a night at Bubba's

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Bruce Wayne... Billionaire and playboy had the requisite one drink. He observed some of the most beatuiful people in the world dancing at Bubba's strip club. He brought plenty of money with him so he decided to spread some of his magnificent wealth on the strippers to try to gain their attention.

As he was drinking at the table a stripper came by and asked if he would like a dance. Bruce politely refused and inquired of Diana. The girl informed him she would be on stage next. Bruce went to the stage hoping to get near Diana to see for himself what was going on. 
Wonder woman stepped out in a Black sheer top matched by sheer Crotchless underwear and 6 inch clear stripper shoes that lit up in multi-colored brilliance when she clapped them together.
Wonder Woman stunned Bruce by stripping in front of him. Wiggling her perfect ass and shaved cunt in front of him like a common club whore. Bruce tipped her generously during the show. She even bent down to retrieve a fallen $50 from his lap using her teeth as she expertly bent backwards showing off her magnificent rack. 
Bruce at this time asked her why she was doing this. She replied "Because my mistress asked me to silly." 
Wonder woman at the end of her performance could see the bulge in his pants. She asked him if he would like to go to the Special Champaigne room. Bruce needed more information on Bubba. He did not want to be caught unawares however. He was far too clever for such an obvious trap. He looked around .
Bubba smiled as her doll had performed exactly as ordered. Bubba did not think to bag the Justice Leagues tactical genius so easily. She actually had her sights on drawing him back in when he noticed another sex tape in his mail starring another one of his justice leaguer friends... 
Bubba had her list on which one she wanted to use down to three final candidates
1. Zatanna
2. Hawkgirl
3. Powergirl
Now which one would she choose

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